Cyber Security Certifications

Cyber Security Certifications 

Earning a cyber security certification may be a smart way to prepare for a new career path. Which is good news, because cyber security experts are in need. 70% of businesses worry that a shortage of skills in this area will be a problem for them. And, cyber security careers like Information Security Analyst are growing. According to BLS, analyst jobs should increase 32%, from 2018 to 2028. 

Some cyber security pros say earning a cyber security certification is essential. But what is it? For one, it may be a way to show employers you have the skills and knowledge you need for your role. Cyber security pros could earn a general cyber security certification, like CISSP. That stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Or, they could certify in one or more in demand skills. Like, risk control, systems auditing, or ethical hacking. 

Many employers prefer to hire candidates who are certified. You may even see a higher paycheck. Take someone who earns the CISSP cert. They could earn an average salary of over $93,000. That’s over $17,500 more than the average salary of someone without the cert.  

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