Web Development Bootcamp

A web development bootcamp is a program that aims to teach how to make websites and apps. You may dive into skill areas like writing code and creating databases. These programs are usually short term, striving to cover new skills in as few as a couple of months. So, they may be perfect if you’re dreaming about a career change.

Why consider pursuing a web developer career path? For one, this field projected to grow faster than average between 2020 and 2030. The number of web developer roles are projected to grow 13% between 2020 and 2030. This may be due to the growth of industries like e-commerce. Online retailers may need developers to build out their websites – and ensure customers can shop from any device, like mobile phones.

Competitive candidates for web dev career paths may include those who know multiple programming languages. (A web development boot camp may be a good place to brush up on languages from Python to SQL!) In addition, about 17% of web developers earn a post-secondary certificate. While a boot camp is not a certificate program, you may find that web development certificate programs offer an even more extensive curriculum than boot camps.

What could I learn in a web development bootcamp or certificate program?

You could learn the basics of full-stack web development. That means knowing how to build both the front end – how a site looks – and the back end, which is the site’s technical framework. Some programs may focus on one area or the other. But, many cover the full stack.

Topics you could cover may include:

  • Coding skills. You could learn how to code in JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and more. Different languages are used for different languages. For instance, SQL is used to code databases. HTML is a markup language used to structure and show web content. Many boot camps strive to teach students how to code in several languages.
  • Web development basics. Simply knowing how to code is just step one to creating a web site or app. You’ll likely need to explore the process of building your web project from the ground up. That means using a variety of different tools. Like Git, which lets you store code and maintain version control. Or MongoDB, a database program for apps.
  • Deployment and delivery. Learn how to deploy a website or web application and bring it to the world. A commonly used platform you could learn about is Heroku. This lets developers build and run applications in the cloud.

Will web developer bootcamp help me pursue a career change?

Boot camp could potentially be a step toward a web developer career path. That is, if you meet potential employers’ educational requirements. These can vary a lot. Many web developers need to earn at least an Associate’s degree. But some may only have a high school diploma. And others seeking more technical roles may need to earn a Bachelor’s degree. One thing these pros have in common: the skills to develop websites and apps! You could potentially learn many of these skills through a web development bootcamp or certificate program.

Is previous experience necessary for coding boot camps?

No, in many cases, boot camps are aimed at those with little or no coding experience. Of course, it helps if you’re already somewhat familiar with the basics. And you should have general computer literacy skills. But many programs welcome beginners. That’s the whole idea behind boot camp: a training program for newbies.

Web Development Bootcamps and Certificate Programs

1. Framingham State University

Program: Certificate in Web Development Bootcamp

Framingham State is a public university in Massachusetts. Its history dates back to 1839, when it was a teachers’ college. Today, Framingham State offers 39 academic majors. Just 20 miles from Boston, it offers a New England-style college experience close to a cultural and business hub.

The Certificate in Web Develop program at Framingham State takes an immersive, bootcamp approach. This part-time program is taught by instructors who are also practitioners. Students discover what goes into building web apps and will even create their own Amazon Alexa voice app.

Length: 18 weeks
Curriculum: Coding fundamentals, JavaScript, Node.js, SQL, APIs, Git & Github, and more. You’ll explore the technical tools skills needed to build web apps.
Career Prep/Certification: In this program, you’ll pursue a continuing professional education certificate. You could prepare to pursue career paths like Web Developer, Junior Software Engineer, Experience Developer, and more.
Location: Framingham, MA

2. Rutgers University

Program: Coding Bootcamp

Rutgers University is the state university of New Jersey. Founded in 1766, it’s also one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the U.S. Today, Rutgers serves almost 69,000 students in everything from traditional undergraduate to continuing education programs. 

The Rutgers Coding Bootcamp consists of a Full Stack Flex web development course. So the program moves through all the phases of web development. These include writing code, engineering the back end of an app or website, and optimizing for performance. Choose from part-time or full-time programs. 

Length: 12 or 24 weeks
Curriculum: Computer programming tutorials in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, and more
Career Prep/Certification: You’ll learn coding and other essential skills needed to pursue a web development career path. And, career services like mock interviews could help you plan your next steps.
Location: Virtual; Somerset, NJ; Jersey City, NJ

3. University of Arizona

Program: Coding Boot Camp

University of Arizona is a public, doctoral university based in Tucson, AZ. Known as a top research university, the UA is at the forefront of discovery in medicine, science, and programs with a technology focus.

The Coding Boot Camp offers an immersive program that covers front-end and back-end web development. Students start with computer science basics. Then, they work through the steps and technical skills needed to create website and apps. Students also create a portfolio of web projects. Choose from part time or full time.

Length: 12 or 24 weeks
Curriculum: Full-stack web development skill areas, including HTML5 CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, React.js, and more
Career Prep/Certification: You’ll pursue the skills needed to potentially jumpstart a career in full-stack web development. Career services are available.
Location: Virtual; Gilbert, Tucson, and Chandler, AZ

4. University of Pennsylvania

Program: Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp

University of Pennsylvania is a private, doctoral level university. Founded in Philadelphia in 1840, it is America’s first university. Today, Penn’s focus on research, scholarship, and innovation continues. Along with traditional programs, the school offers ways to pursue continuing professional education.

Like Coding Boot Camp. This program is offered through University of Pennsylvania College of Liberal and Professional Studies (Penn LPS). It covers the main aspects of full-stack development. That includes everything from browser based tech skills like HTML and CSS to deploying apps via a platform like Heroku.

Length: 12 or 24 weeks
Curriculum: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Database Theory, MongoDB, MySQL, Command Line, Git, and more.
Career Prep/Certification: Study the skills to pursue a web developer role. Career guidance and portfolio help is available. That includes mock interviews, soft skills training, coaching, and more.
Location: Online

5. The University of Texas at Austin

Program: Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin

The University of Texas at Austin is proud to be the leading research university in Texas. Home to 18 colleges and schools, UT Austin offers an array of programs that serve over 51,000 students. Its Center for Professional Education offers tech programs.

The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin is the first university-backed program of its kind in Texas. It teaches full-stack web developer skills needed to make web applications and mobile apps. Expect to start with computer science basics like coding and data structure. As you move forward, you’ll dive into more complex technical subjects.

Length: 12 or 24 weeks
Curriculum: JavaScript, jQuery, PHP frameworks like Laravel, MySQL, Security and Session Storage, User Authentication, and more
Career Prep/Certification: Work on the programming skills you need to pursue career paths in web development. Plus, receive portfolio and career guidance.
Location: Online

6. Austin Community College

Program: Software Developer Bootcamp

Austin Community College is a two-year college serving Central Texas. ACC’s Continuing Education Division offers 172 programs and 41 certifications. That included programs covering web developer and coder skillsets.

ACC’s Software Development Bootcamp focuses on the skills to build web apps and more. While software developers are different from web developers, there is a lot of crossover. This program uses these titles interchangeably. It could help you pursue coder skills like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more.

Length: 24 weeks
Curriculum: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery, and more
Career Prep/Certification: JavaScript Certification; you could learn the skills to pursue web developer or even software engineering roles.
Location: Highland Business Center in Austin, TX

7. eCornell

Program: Web Design and Development Certificate

eCornell is an online division of Cornell University. It offers a variety of certificate programs and courses to help hone new skills in tech and beyond. Choose from programs in everything from Python programming to data science.

The Web Design and Development Certificate at eCornell focuses on front-end web development. That includes creating the look, feel, and function of the site. In six courses, you’ll learn everything from responsive design to how to collect data with forms.

Length: Varies
Curriculum: Structuring Content with HTML, Styling Web Content with CSS, and four other courses.
Career Prep/Certification: You’ll learn the skills to pursue career goals in front-end web development.
Location: Online

8. University of Redlands

Program: Fundamentals of Full-Stack Web Development (Coding) Boot Camp

University of Redlands is a small, four-year college founded in 1907. Based in Redlands, California, it serves students from diverse backgrounds in a welcoming environment. Redlands offers over 50 programs of study and many ways to get involved on campus and beyond.

The coding boot camp at University of Redlands covers how to build websites and web applications. You could learn programming basics and the technologies needed for web development today. And, help you build a portfolio to showcase your work!   

Length: 12 weeks
Curriculum: HTML5, CSS3, Command Line, JSON, MySQL, Node.js, responsive web design, and more
Career Prep/Certification: Explore the skills needed to pursue a full-stack web developer career path.
Location: Redlands, California

9. University of Kansas

Program: KU Coding Boot Camp

The University of Kansas is the state’s flagship university. It has over 150 years of history. The school offers more than 400 degree and certificate programs. Its school of Lifelong & Professional Education is home to career focused programs and boot camps.

The KU Coding Boot Camp covers front end and back end web development. An experiential program, it offers the chance to dive right into the world of coding. Along with computer science and programming basics, you may learn about progressive web apps, agile methodology, database theory, and more.

Length: 24 weeks
Curriculum: You’ll study the basics of data structure and coding – including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and MySQL.
Career Prep/Certification: Study full-stack developer skills to pursue goals in this field. Career services can help you explore potential paths.
Location: Online

10. University of Delaware

Program: Coding Boot Camp

University of Delaware is a research university based in Newark, DE. The school was founded in 1743 and chartered by the state in 1833. Today, it is a vibrant community for over 24,000 students. Besides traditional programs, UD offers professional education programs – like Coding Boot Camp!

The Boot Camp offers two tracks: .NET/C# or Java. No matter which you choose, you could move through four badges, or skill levels. Each builds on the last to teach the skills you may need to pursue a full-stack developer career path. You could earn badges one after another or take breaks in between.

Length: As few as 10 weeks
Curriculum: Programming basics, object-oriented programming, server-side web development, and full-stack web development
Career Prep/Certification: Study the skills you may need to program in .NET/C# or Java and potentially jumpstart a coder career path.
Location: Online courses

11. Northwestern University

Program: Coding Boot Camp

Northwestern is a private research university located near Chicago. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to education and focuses on a mix of theory and practice. Over 8,000 undergrad students and 13,000+ grad students attend this renowned school.

Northwestern’s boot camp for aspiring web developers teaches the full stack. You could learn fundamental programming skills. Plus, tutoring, portfolio review, and career services round out the program. Choose from part-time and full-time tracks.

Length: 12 or 24 weeks
Curriculum: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bookshelf.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Command Line, Git, Python, and more.
Career Prep/Certification: You’ll learn the skills to pursue a full-stack web development career path. Career services are available.
Location: Online

12. The University of Utah

Program: Coding Bootcamp

The University of Utah is a public doctoral university in Salt Lake City, UT. It is known for its research and diverse array of academic programs. These include continuing education programs and courses – like U of U’s Coding Bootcamp.

The bootcamp teaches multiple languages and design programs used for web development. You may also learn algorithms, data structure, and a lot more. Plus, immersive projects help you bring together the new skills you’ve learned. U of U also offers a web development certificate program, along with other programs and bootcamps in tech related subjects. Like, user experience design. 

Length: 24 weeks
Curriculum: Full-stack developer skills, from HTML5 and CSS3 to database theory and MySQL
Career Prep/Certification: This intensive bootcamp covers the fundamentals needed to pursue a web developer career path. Career guidance is available to help you prep!
Location: Online