Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition

What is the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition?

The Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition is a cyber security competition for college students. College students form teams to compete in a simulated, real world environment. The goal of the competition is to help students develop cyber security skills. In the simulated environment, student teams identify problems. Then, they address the cyber security issues in the network. Finally, they deal with any vulnerabilities.

This unique competition aims to give students real world experience. The competition seeks to mirror the security network of an actual organization. It shows students how to identify and report risks. It gives them a chance to address the problems they have discovered. And, it forces them to complete these tasks in real time. The process is similar to any professional environment in the cyber security industry.

Ultimately, the competition breaks down into three components. Those include:

  • Technology — Competitors must show that they have technical skills. They need to put their knowledge to the test.
  • Communication — Competitors must be able to communicate effectively. They need to relay complex information to those in the industry. They also need to provide relatable information to those outside of the industry.
  • Collaboration — Competitors have to work together in teams. They need to collaborate. They have to come up with a solution together. Also, they have to combine their knowledge to finish the competition.

Students who participate will likely first attend the regional competition. There are five regions in the United States. The winners of the regional competition may attend the national competition.

The competition is recognized as one of the top cyber security events in the country. Winners will be proud to add these awards to their resumes. It is sponsored by some of the top technology companies in the world.

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