5 Cyber Security Lessons You Can Learn From Superheroes

Every single person out there experiences the affects of superheroes – whether they know it or not. As children, we see the cartoons and read the comics. As adults, we follow all the Chris’ (Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt) through the Marvel series of movies. We see the moves and watch the adventures unfold. Superheroes are everywhere. Heroes come in many forms from the Power Rangers to Superman and Wonder Woman. 

All of these superheroes act as the protection that the world needs – even when the world doesn’t ask for it. You can watch these characters for hints about what you need in terms of cyber security. In superhero movies, mistakes are made and then fixed. 

For example, Tony Stark works with Bruce Banner closely to protect the planet. In doing so, they create a whole new cyber enemy to fight. This is a smart enemy; he used the information he stole from the network against the earth. It all sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? Hackers and cyber thieves reach inside our networks. They take what they want and use it to cripple our businesses. This is why we have to highlight the importance of cyber security as much as possible. There is no real life Tony Stark and Bruce Banner putting their heads together to save the world; that we know of, anyway!

Currently, children are among the most informed consumers of consumer technology that exist. Adults are doing well with understanding the way that technology works. But children are growing up with it as much as they are the Batman and Superman movies of today. Without proper cyber security, we’re in a situation where we are vulnerable. If we load all of our information onto a network somewhere, it’s susceptible to hacking and can be stolen. 

There are a great many issues when it comes to security online. We need to learn as much as possible to avoid any enemy threats. According to IBM, human mistakes cause over 95% of cyber security breaches. We set common passwords, and we don’t download the latest antivirus, which leaves us open to attack at all times. We are clumsy with our own security. 

Why? Well, it’s not because Tony Stark is absent from the education we need in cyber security. Training and education are as important as anything else. We have to do as much we can to educate consumers so that we can have the tightest security possible. If we learn the best way to protect ourselves online, we may feel more confident and comfortable.

Children today are as comfortable with technology as they are watching the latest in the Avengers movie series. Their access to technology and networks is astounding, with youngsters learning HTML and coding at a rapid rate. It’s a language as familiar as English. Children as young as 11 or 12 can hack into their own school systems to adjust their grades.

This isn’t a malicious, but it proves that if a child can do this, schools are not ready for a larger attack. It teaches us that underestimating the technology and cyber skills of the next generation is a foolish thing to do!

Technology that we develop is not going to keep us safe if we don’t stick to the basics. However, the inspiration that we get from our favorite superheroes can make all the difference. With this in mind, let’s take a  look at five cyber security lessons that you can learn from your favorite superheroes.

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