Cyber Security Degrees in Wyoming

Cyber Security Degrees in Wyoming

Students interested in computer science may wish to pursue a degree in cyber security. This field is specific for security within the industry. The U.S. Dept of Ed’s College Score Card says there are 10 colleges in the state. However, there are just five that offer a cyber security degree program. More schools may offer it in the coming years. Students should consider all options before choosing a school. The three schools offering a cyber security degree are listed here in order of the number of 2018 graduates. This is based on information from 2018. The number of students graduating from the program follows.

  • Casper College – 1
  • Laramie County Community College – 1
  •  Northern Wyoming Community College District 
  • University of Wyoming 
  • Laramie County Community College

Online Cyber Security Programs in WY

Cyber security is all about online threats. It is about guarding data over the internet. This is one of the reasons an online degree may work well. Students can learn at their own pace. They can also learn right from home. This flexibility is important to many students. Online cyber security programs may be beneficial for many reasons. Students may learn while they work. Some students may do this to earn a bachelor’s degree. Others may start working. They may then use online degrees to help them complete their master’s degree. Some may take these courses to concentrate in various fields. There are many options to consider here. 

Not all schools offer online cyber security programs. Those that do may offer a range of options to choose from. This includes certificate programs, graduate certifications, and degrees. It is important to learn about each program option before choosing.

Northern Wyoming Community College District

Northern Wyoming Community College District offers an Associate’s Degree in Cyber Security to students. It is available fully online. Students may prepare to pursue a career in various fields upon graduation. Many may spend their time learning about important tools. This includes applications like Cisco, CompTIA, and TestOut. In addition, students may spend time working with local leaders. They helped to develop the courses based on their needs. Sometimes, internships may be available. The program also aims to help students earn the International Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 standard.

Casper College

Casper College offers a hybrid learning opportunity. That means some of the program is taught online. Students may still need to go to campus for some classes. The program is an Associate of Science Degree in Cyber Security. This option may be desirable for those who want to grow in their profession and may wish to transfer into a four year bachelor’s degree. There is also an Associate of Applied Science option. This may be perfect for those who have a strong IT foundation. Both programs aim to teach industry leading insights. Students may be able to earn their CCENT certification. Many may have the ability to intern in the field as well.

Cyber Scholarships in WY

Paying for cyber security school does not have to be too hard to do. The cost of college can seem worrisome to many people. However, there are a few ways that students can lower that cost. One of the first steps is to apply for financial aid. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. The FAFSA form, from the federal government, may help determine if you to qualify for federal loans. This is based off of your income and other factors. Some students may then apply for loans. Students may find both public and private loans. 

There may be other ways to reduce the amount of money they have to pay. There may be a few options for this. Grants may be one option. It is often possible to obtain grants from schools. Some private organizations offer them. There are also industry organizations that provide them. Another way you could reduce costs is through scholarships. Some schools offer them. These may be set up as an endowment through the school. Other options may exist like this where the school may help cover the costs for education. Other times, students may obtain a scholarship through a third party organization. These are industry experts. They are also various organizations outside of the field. Here are some of the scholarship options available to qualified students. Each one has different rules. Students may need to learn about each opportunity to see if they qualify for them.

Central Intelligence Agency – Undergraduate Scholarship Program

One of the options is the Central Intelligence Agency’s Undergraduate Scholarship Program. Students may earn up to $18,000 for each year of their education. These funds may be used for things like fees and tuition. This program is through the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA. It is for just under grad students.

Students will need to apply after being admitted into an accredited U.S. college. They will have to meet various qualifications. This includes being enrolled full time. They may need a specific GPA as well. Students will also need to submit an app with an essay. There are a few other stipulations. Students will need to work during the summer months with the CIA. They will also need to work a period equal to 1.5 times the length of the scholarships they received.

The Stokes Educational Scholarship Program (NSA)

The Stokes Educational Scholarship Program is from the NSA. This is much like the CIA program. Students will earn a scholarship for service style of opportunity. They can receive up to $30,000 for their tuition costs. They will also have to work with the NSA after they graduate. They also have to meet summer internship requirements. The good news is this program is very beneficial to those who want to work in the field. It provides a great deal of hands on training.

Students will need to work for the NSA for 1.5 times the length of their scholarship award. To apply, they need to fill out an online form. They need to submit a personal essay and statement. Students need to provide transcripts as well as other data to prove their eligibility. This program is hard to get into because of the number of people that apply. 

(ISC)2 Scholarship – Undergraduate

The (ISC)2 Scholarship is available to undergraduate students. It is a program that comes from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. Wyoming students can apply for it. This program will offer between $1,000 and $5,000 to cover the cost of education. This scholarship is available to those who are a U.S. citizen. They must be attending a U.S. accredited school. There are other requirements. First, students need to fill out an online app. They will have to have a GPA of 3.3 or higher. They also need to provide a personal statement. An essay is provided, too. This option can be available to students seeking a master’s degree or doctoral degree as well. About 20 offers are made each year by this organization. 

(ISC)2 Women in Information Security Scholarship

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education also offers the (ISC)2 Women in Information Security Scholarship. This program is similar to the previous. It is available to just women. It provides between $1,000 and $6,000 to those who earn it. The program is designed to help encourage women to enter into this field. This scholarship is available to grand and undergrad students. A formal application is necessary. Students must have a GPA of at least 3.3 to apply. They will need to indicate their goal is to work in a cyber security field. They must be in a U.S. accredited college. This organization offers 10 of these scholarships each year. 

VIP’s Women in Technology Scholarship

The Visionary Integration Professional organization offers the Women in Technology Scholarship. This is an award of up to $2,5000 for tuition costs. It is available to just women. The applicants will need to be obtaining a degree from a computer science, information technology, or cyber security field. Other fields may apply as well. They must be working to earn a two year or a four year degree. They will need to provide key information about they plans to obtain this offer. A formal essay is a requirement. Students may also need to meet GPA requirements. The program is only available to those who plan to have a career in these fields. This include information assurance. 

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Scholarship

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Scholarship is designed for those looking to earn a graduate degree. They can be studying in a range of science related fields. This includes technology and computer science. Students can earn up to $34,000 for their tuition costs. This is spread over three years. Additional funds may be available. The goal of this scholarship is to help grad students to conduct research in the field. They can do this from any accredited U.S. school. There are requirements. A formal online application is necessary. 

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Wyoming

Education is a very important part of this field. It is always a changing industry, though. That is why both students and professionals need to keep up on their education. They can do this through cyber workshops and conferences. Workshops may offer hands on opportunities. They tend to be smaller. They typically include industry experts. They often include real life scenarios and finding solutions to them. Conferences for cyber security tend to be larger. They usually include more industry experts. Sometimes global experts attend. Panel discussions may be provided. There are also networking opportunities provided. Students may learn a great deal at these. Here are some options in Wyoming.

CyberWyoming Conference

This conference is done through Casper College. All are welcome. It includes speakers and presentations. Discussions help to open the door for insights into the industry. This is a solution-based conference.


Another high level conference is this one. It invites business owners and C-level executives to come together. It focuses on reducing the risk of cyber attacks. Students will hear from panels. They will also get to interact with others around the world. Demos of new technology are often available, too.

Know Identity

The Know Identity Infosec conference is another option. This is a one day event. It takes place each year. Students and pros will learn about cyber security risks on a national and state-wide level. They will learn about privacy law, regulations, and other areas.

ICS Lockdown

This is a virtual conference held in 2020 (other years it is in person). It provides students with a look at the industrial cyber security industry. It offers insight into tech that can protect companies. This includes a range of speakers. There are also some vendors there to showcase their products. Students will learn hands on information about how to minimize risks. Many businesses in need of cyber security pros attend this event.

Utility Cyber Security Forum

This is a virtual conference. It provides a way for people to interact and discuss the risks they are facing in cyber security. It aims to shed light on new threats in a faster way. It can provide a lot of insight that is brand new.

Wyoming Cyber Security Symposium

This formal event is a good way to network. This event brings people together to talk about threats. Numerous industry leaders are present. There are presentations and panels discussing risks. Topics range widely. The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security is a component of it. The focus tends to be on what businesses can do to be safe. Vendors and demos happen here, too.

Cyber Security Jobs in Wyoming

The goal of earning a degree is to jumpstart your career. Wyoming businesses may need cyber security professionals. These pros may work to help safeguard key information. They provide prevention services. Many may work to help secure sensitive data passing through the internet. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the average person working in the field in Wyoming earned $71,400 in 2018. The following are some of the employers in Wyoming in the cyber security field. They may need these workers for various tasks.

M. C. Dean

This company is a federal contractor. They provide smart building solutions throughout the country. They work in areas of design building, communications, and energy. They also focus on automation. They hire cyber security pros to help with communications. They also use these to help safeguard sensitive data. Many work in electronics positions for their clients.

CDM Smith

CDM Smith is another federal contractor. They provide a range of engineering and construction services. This includes providing smart solutions. They help private and public organizations to create safe environments. Some of that comes in the form of cyber security. They hire cyber security pros to handle positions in research. They also use these pros to develop new solutions.


Humana operates as a health insurance provider. They sell insurance plans to consumers and companies. These plans provide people with health insurance coverage for their medical bills. They also sell Medicare supplemental plans. This makes them a federal contractor. Humana uses cyber security pros to help minimize risk to their clients’ info. They also use these professionals for data mining and other key services.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems aims to be at the cutting edge of cyber security support. The company provides federal defense solutions. They work with the NSA and DHS. They also work with companies. They create creative solutions for protecting air, land, and electronics. They also provide formal cyber security and intelligence services to their clients. Their cyber security employees work in these fields.

CenturyLink provides digital solutions for homeowners and business owners. This includes providing access to phone, internet, and TV services. They also provide managed IT and cloud services to business customers. It is in these areas that the company focuses on its cyber security solutions. They hire cyber security professionals to keep data safe. They also use them to enhance security for their own operations.

Varient Systems Inc

This company is a federal contractor. They provide customer engagement services. They also provide cyber intelligence solutions. They work with a wide range of private and public organizations. They provide information and solutions for companies especially in protecting personal data. They also aid with compliance requirements. They work with cyber security pros to minimize risks. This includes providing solutions for their clients. Some also work in research. They develop solutions for actionable intelligence to improve security around the world. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Wyoming by College

Learning the skills of cyber security is important. Students need to choose a school to do that. Few schools are available in Wyoming. Still, where a student attends may matter. It may influence where they work later. It may also determine what type of skills they learn. Cyber security students with advanced degrees may qualify for additional opportunities. The following are some of the options available ranked in order of the number of 2018 graduates. New options may be available. Students may also find new programs added later. Comparing options carefully is very important.


Casper College

125 College Drive, Casper, WY 82601

A. S. in Cyber Security

The Associates of Science in Cyber Security at Casper College may help enhance their skills. Students may spend 18 months to 2 years completing this program. The program may be perfect for those who wish to transfer into a four year college. That could allow them to earn their bachelor’s degree and, later, master’s degree. This program is one designed to help students jumpstart their careers, too. Students may pursue various entry level positions in information technology, or as an entry level security analyst.

The courses in this program are often changing. Concentrations are available as well. The classes include programs such as:

  • Advanced Internetworking 
  • Computer forensics
  • Network defense
  • Network attack
  • Internet ethics
  • Cyber law 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • Some online courses 
  • Hybrid learning option 
  • Internship option
  • Certificates available 

Laramie County Community College

1400 E College Dr, Cheyenne, WY 82007

A. A. S. in Cyber Security

Laramie County Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security. It allows students to begin their education in this field. Many will work in internships in private companies. Some will go on to earn a bachelor’s degree. The focus is on hands on learning. Students will learn about security and defense options. They will be able to use Cyber Range simulated electronic warfare environments. This allows them to learn in a real world like experience. They will also get to work in a Microsoft Datacenter Academy working lab. There is also a NERDS skillset development opportunity. Many students will work to help support local companies that need cyber security support. This programs typically takes 18 months to 2 years to complete. Students can learn at their own pace. Some of the classes include: 

  • Forensics
  • Anti-malware
  • Network protection
  • Enterprise environment protection
  • Defense 

More Cyber Security Programs: 


School Features:

  • Certification options 
  • Certificates available 
  • Flexible learning program 

Northern Wyoming Community College District

1 Whitney Way, Sheridan, WY 82801

A. A. S. in Cyber Security

The Associate of Science degree in Cyber Security is the primary option at Northern Wyoming Community College District. The school also offers a Certificate of Completion in this field. This program teaches up-to-date standards. The classes are developed with industry experts in the local field. It is designed to prepare students to pursue a career as analysts and auditors. Students may learn hands on about the industry. This includes learning about system integrity. It also includes insights into cyber security operations. This program follows the International Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)² standards. That means students are learning best practices to work in these challenging fields.

The courses generally take about two years to complete. They are done through Gillette College or Sheridan College. Students may also take the fully online course if they desire to do so. Students may have an internship option. Classes may include:

  • Cyber security analyst+ 
  • Cisco 
  • Network defense 
  • Cloud computing 
  • Ethical hacking 

More Cyber Security Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Certificates available 
  • Fully online degree program 
  • Flexible learning paths 

University of Wyoming

1000 E. University Avenue, Laramie, WY 82071

Cyber Security Certificate Program

Some students may wish to enroll in the Cyber Security Certificate Program at the University of Wyoming. This program could be a stepping stone into other IT programs here. Many students may complete this program as a component of their computer science degree. They may learn key insights. More so, this program aligns with the National Security Agency (NSA) as well as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) goals for cyber security training. This falls under the school’s Cybersecurity Education and Research Center (CEDAR). This program teaches students key skills to work in the field. They may gain access to advanced programs that they may focus in.

A range of courses are available through this program. This includes coursework such as:

  • Computer systems defense 
  • Cyber attacks prevention 
  • Information technology 
  • Information systems

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Recognized as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity by DHS and NSA 
  • Ranked #109 in Top Public Schools by U. S. News & World Report 
  • Certifications available