Cyber Security Degrees in Wisconsin

Cyber Security Degrees in Wisconsin

Cyber security degree programs aim to prepare students to pursue a career in this field. Many students may get to focus their learning path. The US Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard says there are 88 WI schools. Of them, 8 offer degrees in cyber security. The cyber degree programs in WI based on graduating students are:

  • Madison Area Technical College – 24
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College – 18
  • Fox Valley Technical College – 5
  • Waukesha County Technical College – 4
  • Blackhawk Technical College
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • Purdue University Global-Milwaukee
  • Rasmussen College-Wisconsin

Online Cyber Security Programs in WI

Cyber security is an internet focused career. That is why some schools offer online programs. Students may benefit in many ways. They could learn when it works for them. Self paced learning makes earning a degree more flexible. Students who have more time many move through these programs faster. An online master’s degree could let students work and study at the same time.

Many students could earn their degree in under two years. Online cyber ed programs are just as valuable. They tend to be top quality programs. These online cyber security programs are available to students in Wisconsin: 

Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College offers an Information Systems Security Specialist program. This is completely online. It allows students to take courses part time, too. There is an in person program in Appleton as well. Students could earn an associate’s degree in this program. They may use this as a stepping stone towards a bachelor’s degree as well. Some students may wish to complete a Computer Support specialist (AAS) program as well. This is an online certificate program. There is also an AAS Network Specialist and Network Systems Administration program available here. All are available online.

Purdue Global University

Purdue Global University – WI offers a number of computer science programs. This includes several info tech degree programs. The B.S. in Cyber Security is the main program. It is available 100 percent online. Students take courses on a 10 week schedule. Hours are flexible. This program requires 180 credits. The college offers other options, too. An Ass. in Info Tech is one entry level option. Students could go on to earn a B.S. in Info Tech, too. There is also a Computer Forensics program available. Many courses are available through the school’s fast track program.

Rasmussen College – WI

Students may earn a cyber security degree at Rasmussen College – WI. This school offers several options. It is available through a Flex Choice path. This could allow students complete the program in just 18 months. There are post grad certificates available, too. The school also offers industry certifications. These industry exams are available as a part of the program. Some students may wish to take the Information Tech Support degree program. This is an online certificate. It could complement a cyber security degree. Other options exist at this college.

Cyber Scholarships in WI

Earning a cyber security degree in Wisconsin starts with applying to schools. Some of them offer financial support for students. There are many types of financial aid available. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. That includes grants and loans. Students could reduce what they have to pay with scholarships as well.

Students typically do not repay scholarships. This is a way to reduce the cost of education. Many programs will require specific steps to receive the funds. Many are limited. Only a certain number of people will get them. Applying early is important. It is also important to apply annually in some cases. These are some of the available scholarships for cyber security in WI:

(ISC)² Undergrad Scholarship

This is one option for many cyber security students. It is available as a way to reduce the cost of education in the field. Students must be in a cyber security or info assurance program. It is available for accredited schools. Students can apply if they are in an associate or bachelor program. There are requirements. This includes a GPA of at least 3.3. Transcripts are used to choose those who will earn the scholarship. A letter of recommendation is necessary. A resume or CV is as well.

There is also an essay requirement. Students must talk about what makes them stand out. They also can discuss why they need the scholarship and their background. It is also important to discuss volunteer work in the field. Those who earn the (ISC)² Undergrad Scholarship will earn $1,000 to $5,000. There are 20 awarded each year.

ESET Women in Cyber Security Scholarship

The ESET Women in Cyber Security Scholarship offers up to $5,000. It is available to undergrad and grad students. Students need to enroll in a cyber security field. They need to be seeking a job in the industry. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA. They also need to be a citizen or permanent resident. Applicants will need to complete a formal application. Letters of recommendation are necessary. Transcripts are as well. Essays will discuss topics related to the field. There is also a phone interview requirement.

Harmony Tech

Harmony Tech is a leader in its field. It offers a $1,000 scholarship to students entering into a grad program. They should be studying some area of Info system security. This is an annual scholarship. Students must apply each year. It is available to U.S. citizens. Students have to have a 3.0 GPA. They also must attend a regionally accredited school. Applicants must provide three letters of recommendation. They need a resume or CV.

A cover letter is also necessary. It should offer educational and personal background info. It is also important to talk about why you choose this major. Students should describe their goals. 

Raftelis Charitable Fund Scholarship

Another scholarship comes from the Raftelis Charitable Fund. This scholarship is for up to $5,000. Students in the fields can apply. There are numerous application requirements. This includes an interest in the industry. Grad and undergrad students can apply. An interest in the industry is important. Students must want to work in the industry as it relates to water. This unique scholarship aims to focus on students in tech who wish to work in the water industry in some way. Only one student earns this award each year.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Wisconsin

Stay up to date on education. Grads and students need ongoing education. Cyber security is always changing. New threats happen often. This puts pros at risk if they do not keep up their skills. Conferences and workshops could help. They work to help improve skills. They also help with networking. Students who attend cyber conferences meet other pros in the industry. This may open the door for job opportunities later. Many people will attend workshops annually. There are numerous options.

These are some of the workshops available in WI: 


This event happens over two days. It is an annual event. It takes place in Milwaukee. Those who attend can choose from numerous speakers. Topics are diverse. In the past, they included IoT and cryptography. There is a lot of networking in this event. Students will also work in labs and groups. Topics are diverse. Espionage and hacking are two options. A must for cyber security pros, this event is hands on.

Milwaukee Tech – Security Conference

This is an annual conference. Students and pros come together. There are product vendors available. Various speakers attend. Group events happen as well. There are sponsored events. Speakers often include industry experts. Cyber defense is a topic, too. New software releases may happen. There are many networking events, too.

Lockdown Technology & Cyber Security Conference

This is an annual event. It takes place at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. It has occurred since 2001. Each year, new speakers are added. It is designed for security pros. It teaches strategy. The latest cyber threats are discussed. Students and pros learn industry solutions. There are various tracks provided. It is a networking event as well. The latest insights are the focus. This includes threats to companies of all types.

Cyber Security Meetups

Meetups are groups that come together often. They provide networking support. Many programs are less formal. People come together to talk about security. This may be a good option for students looking to grow. Groups form with members. Some meetups have a fee for membership. Others do not. All are dedicated people who want to share info. They want to support each other. This makes it a good place for learning. Some examples include: 


This is a DEFCON group from Milwaukee. It meets once a month. The group talks about hacking. The benefit is to keep each person up to date on threats. It is a casual meeting. This is a good networking event.


Another meetup takes place in Green Bay. It meets one time a month. These people talk about hacking and security issues. It is a private group that welcomes new junkies. This is an informal group, too. 

Madison Information Security Group

This group meets each month. Security pros make up most of the members. It is informal and welcoming. The goal is to discuss network security. 


This event is a monthly meetup. It takes place in Milwaukee. It has a strong group of attendees. They talk about industry threats. Hacking events and concerns are common. It is a membership group. It is a good networking opportunity. Those in this meetup are a part of the Open Web Application Security Project. 

IAM User Group

A more formal event is the IAM User Group. Members provide presentations. There are guest speakers often. There are no sales pitches here. Rather, the topics are informational. The group wants to aid in cyber security across all industries. There is a lot of ongoing discussion. Networking is easy to do here. 

OWASP Madison

This is another Open Web Application Security Project chapter. It happens in Madison. This is a member led event. There is a great deal of insight provided. There are various security focused talks provided. The group discusses recent hacks. It also talks about industry solutions. Students will find it is a good networking opportunity for them. Many pros in Madison come to this event. It occurs monthly most of the time.

Cyber Security Jobs in Wisconsin  

Pursing a job is cyber security is the goal after earning a degree. It may be possible to find positions in Wisconsin. Many companies use cyber security pros to help them keep their businesses safe. Government agencies do as well. In Wisconsin, the mean annual wage for a cyber security pro was $81,050 in 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. There may be many WI employers who need cyber security pros. This may include private and gov’t positions. Here are some of the options currently. 

General Electric

A recognized leader, General Electric hires cyber security pros. This company has offices in the state. It is a world leader in power generation. It focuses on utilities. There are many other fields of focus here. The company employs people who provide security for these areas. It serves manufacturing and industry. GE is a federal contractor. 

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

This company is an insurance provider. It works with personal and business clients. It hires cyber pros to help with protecting data. It also employs data analysts. The company is in the finance sector. It needs cyber security pros capable of minimizing risks. Protection and mitigation is important here. It has other divisions in WI as well. 


Humana provides health insurance products. This includes private and company policies. It also offers Medicare plans. Humana is a large, U.S. company. It hires cyber security pros for many tasks. It needs data analysts. It also needs cyber security for its networks. It has over 13 million members. This company has numerous offices in WI. 

T-Mobile USA, Inc.

T-Mobile is a mobile communications company. In addition, it has a large tech sector. It works to develop new tech. It offers phones and plans to meet the needs of U.S. customers. It hires cyber security pros to provide security solutions. It develops its own solutions. It also hires pros to manage large banks of data and consumer info. It is based on Germany. It has offices in WI. 

BMO Financial Group

BMO is an international financial company. It is based in Montreal. It has divisions in WI. This company offers personal and commercial banking services. It has a large tech focus. It uses cyber security pros to manage data. It also uses them to secure operations. Cyber pros working here may also aid in risk management. This is a federal contractor. 

M. C. Dean

This company designs and builds solutions for the cyber industry. It has a focus on creating buildings that are intelligent. This includes securing environments. It operates and maintains these areas, too. This company needs cyber pros for every application. That includes creating new solutions. People work in a range of offices in WI.

Cyber Security Degrees in Wisconsin by College

Students should seek exceptional cyber security programs. Some cyber security degrees are more expansive than others. Comparing each college is important for most students. Here are some of the schools in WI ranked by the number of graduates in 2018.


Madison Area Technical College

1701 Wright Street, Madison, WI 53704

Ass. in Information Technology – Cyber Security Specialist

The IT – Cyber Security Specialist degree program focuses on computer system management. It also includes network security. Madison College puts a lot of focus on security awareness in the courses offered. Students may learn in hands on labs. They may gain practical skills. This includes in areas such as firewalls and operating systems. Students may also learn info security for numerous industries. Some of the courses available include:

  • Enterprise client
  • Cisco networking
  • Intrusion detection
  • Web app security
  • Penetration testing 
  • Wireless topics 
  • Security design 

More Cyber Security Degrees: 


School Features: 

  • CAE-2Y 2019-2024
  • Some certificate programs 
  • Part time learning

Milwaukee Area Technical College

700 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

Assoc. in Info Tech Systems Security Specialist 

Milwaukee Area Tech offers an associate’s degree in the field. The Info Tech Systems Security Specialist program is a two year degree. It offers some flexibility in classes. Students may qualify for jobs in internet security and computer network. They may be able to provide risk analysis. Some may work to create info security strategies. The coursework is hands on. Students may also learn Cisco networks. They may learn Unix and Linux as well. Classes include:

  • Network security
  • Cisco 
  • Technical reporting 
  • Linux
  • MS Server Admin 
  • Security systems 
  • Perimeter security 
  • Computer forensics 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Some online classes
  • Cert. courses 
  • Exam ready for MCP, MCSA, Security+ 
  • CISSP 
  • I-Net 
  • Network+ 

Fox Valley Technical College

1825 N Bluemound Dr, Appleton, WI 54912

Info Systems Security Specialist

The Info Systems Security Specialist degree program is available at Fox Valley Technical College. This cyber security program aims to prep students for new world challenges. It focuses on computer systems. It also has a network system focus. Students may learn to manage digital files. They may help with security breaches. They may also handle tasks in fraud detection. Graduates may pursue careers in risk assessment, as risk analysts or network security analysts. Some courses include:

  • Fraud detection 
  • Electronic infrastructure 
  • Computer networks 
  • Security control 
  • Cyber threats 
  • Cyber response 
  • Virus threats 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Fully online 
  • Part time or full time 
  • Transfer out credits 

Waukesha County Technical College

800 Main Street, Pewaukee, WI 53072

Ass. in IT – Cyber Security Specialist 

Waukesha County Tech has a Cyber Security Specialist degree program. This is an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science. Students may learn data protection. The focus is on vigilant security. It aims to teach awareness and prevention. Students may learn how to spot security threats. They may learn how to minimize risks. They may also learn to response to threats. This course is taught with real world tools. This is a 63 credit program. It offers ample flexibility. Courses include:

  • Computer systems 
  • Ethical hacking 
  • Linux 
  • Security architecture 
  • Python 
  • Cisco networks 
  • Business strategies 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • CAE-2Y 2017-2022 
  • Some online classes 
  • Flexible evening courses 
  • Dual degree option 

Blackhawk Technical College

6004 South County Road G, Janesville, WI 53547

Ass. in IT – Network Specialist 

Blackhawk Tech offers an Associates in IT – Network Specialist degree. This program aims to teach students skills in network design. It also focuses on admin and security. Students may learn about network support and solutions. Cyber security is a component of this program. Students may concentrate in it. This allows for industry specific education. This degree requires 60 credits. Courses include:

  • Network admin 
  • Computer network security 
  • Data security 
  • Network design 
  • MCSA ed 


School Features: 

  • On campus learning 
  • Flexible schedule 
  • Can start in high school 

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

2740 W Mason St, Green Bay, WI 54307

Ass. in IT – Security Technologist Degree 

Northwest WI Tech offers an Associates in IT – Security Technologist program. It teaches cyber security. Students may learn network security. They may learn security app software. They may also learn how to handle security monitoring. Grads may work in support positions. Grads may pursue careers as analysts Students may take classes like:

  • IT Network
  • Linux
  • Cisco
  • IT Support 
  • Network Monitoring 
  • Microsoft Security 

More Cyber Degree Programs:  


School Features: 

  • On campus only 
  • Networking Pathway Cert. 
  • Transfer ready 
  • Flexible learning 

Purdue University Global – Milwaukee

201 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53203

B. S. of Science Degree in Cyber Security 

The Purdue University Global Milwaukee location offers cyber security classes. It offers a B. S. in Cyber Security. A total of 180 credits are required. Students may learn in 10 week terms. That allows for 15 to 18 hours each week. Classes start often. This is a fully online program. The student may learn best practices in IT security. This includes threat detection. They may learn to use modern tech. They also may learn to prevent risks. A part of their education focuses on threat detection. They then could learn network design. Courses include:

  • Ethical hacking 
  • Network security 
  • Python 
  • Intrusion detection 
  • Digital forensics 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


  • None available 

School Features: 

  • Excel track for fast completion 
  • Cert. available 
  • Industry certifications 

Rasmussen College – Wisconsin

904 South Taylor Street, Suite 100, Green Bay, WI 54303

B. S. in Cyber Security 

Rasmussen College – WI has an online B. S. degree. It offers B. S. in Cyber Security. It could be earned in 18 months. This is done with the Flex Choice program. Students could take longer to complete it as well. Students may learn about modern cyber threats. They may gain insight into forensics. They may concentrate their degree, too. Many grads go on the pursue careers in info assurance and IT security. This degree requires 120 credit hours. Classes include:

  • Linux
  • Cisco
  • Malware
  • Hacker techniques 
  • Network security 
  • Virtualization

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Online program 
  • Industry certs. 
  • Flexible learning 
  • Fast learning option