Cyber Security Degrees in Washington

Cyber Security Degrees in Washington

Cyber degrees may open the door to various of career options. Students who graduate with a degree in cyber or information security may be prepared to challenge the risks in the modern digital world. Not all schools offer cyber programs, however. The US Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard shows 97 schools in Washington state. Of those, only 12 had cyber grads in 2018. These are the 12 schools for cyber:

  • Columbia Basin College: 59 graduates
  • Clover Park Technical College: 56 grads
  • Central Washington University: 53 grads
  • Green River College: 43 grads
  • University of Washington Tacoma Campus: 26 grads
  • Highline College: 23 grads
  • Whatcom Community College: 23 grads
  • Edmonds Community College: 14 grads
  • Peninsula College: 14 grads
  • Western Washington University: 6 grads
  • University of Washington Bothell Campus: 4 grads
  • City University of Seattle: 3 grads

Online Cyber Security Programs in WA

Studying online seems logical when studying cyber security, but not all schools offer online degree programs. In an online program, a student may pursue an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree in cyber without setting foot in a classroom. Students who need a flexible course load should consider one of the online programs at these schools:

Central Washington University

Among the three programs in Washington is Central Washington University. This school offers a BS in Information Technology and Administrative Management with a Cyber concentration. This degree may be completed fully online. The school also offers an MS ITAM in Cyber with an online option. The online programs follow the same curriculum as the on campus programs, so students could get a quality education in a flexible environment.

Whatcom Community College

Even though it is a community college, WCC offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in IT Networking Cyber Security. This selective admission degree has embedded certs in a number of areas, so it aims to ready students to take industry exams. It’s a Center of Academic Excellence program from the Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency. It also is a Cisco Networking Academy and NCYTE Center. This degree is available online and in a hybrid format with evening and weekend classes. In addition to the BAS in Cyber, Whatcomb offers an Associate in Applied Science Transfer program in Cyber.

City University of Seattle

City University of Seattle has an online BS in Cyber Sec and Info Assurance and an online MS in Cyber. The bachelor’s degree is an accelerated, flexible degree program that students may complete in as little as two years, depending on how many credits they take each semester. This is an NSA National Center of Excellence.

Peninsula College

Peninsula College offers an AAS in Cyber Sec and Computer Forensics that students may complete online. This program aims to teach students the basics of cyber, and the capstone project is taking part in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. The focus of this online associate’s degree program involves quite a bit of hands on learning.

Cyber Scholarships in WA

Many groups offer scholarships for IT students. These may include students seeking cyber degrees. Some awards to consider include:

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship
This award is for low and middle income students in Washington looking for a bachelor’s degree. It is only open to those studying STEM topics. The award amount is up to $22,500.

Washington Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship

This award is offered to students who transfer to an ABET-accredited BS program in engineering, including cyber engineering programs. Each year, the WSPES awards four $4,000 scholarships to qualified students.

Association of Computer Pros in Ed Scholarship

Each year ACPE awards up to five $2,000 scholarships to students in OR and WA. This award is open to high school seniors who have shown an active interest in tech in high school. Students must plan to pursue a tech degree, like cyber or info assurance.

Greater Spokane Valley Career Tech Ed Scholarship

Students pursuing a tech degree or cert and who are in high school in Central Valley, East Valley, West Valley, Freeman, or Spokane Valley Tech school districts can apply. This award is up to $3,000 a year.

WSOS Career and Tech Scholarship

This award is up to $1,500 a quarter for students attending a community or tech school. They must be in a health care or STEM program to apply.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Washington

Attending workshops and conferences in WA may give students the chance to mingle with others in the cyber and IT field. This can help open job options and grow a student’s knowledge base. The state of WA has many regular events worth adding to the calendar.

Annual Cyber Workshops in WA

Some large conferences bring together cyber pros from around the state. These events happen on an annual basis: 

Cyber Sec Summit

This summit meets in the fall in Seattle. It brings C-Suite and Senior execs together to discuss all things cyber. Guests can attend to hear keynote speakers and interactive panels.

SecureWorld Seattle

SecureWorld Seattle brings the latest IT issues to light. Speakers are industry experts who discuss all things cyber. Vendors are on hand to display products and software.

Washington Digital Government Summit

This yearly event touches on best practices in the tech world. It focuses on keeping things secure and finding and avoiding risk.

BSides Seattle

BSides Seattle is the Seattle area version of the popular BSides conference. One highlight of this event is Lighting Talks, which are short 15 minute talks about specific areas of cyber.

Cyber Meetups in WA

In addition to yearly events, students can find local groups that meet to discuss cyber. Some local meetups include:

Info and Cyber Sec Issues in Healthcare Settings

This group meets to discuss cyber risks and issues that affect the healthcare industry. It meets in Seattle.

SeaSec East

This info sec group has nearly 600 members and meets in Bellevue. Each month they discuss all things cyber. Both professionals and enthusiasts are welcome.

Women in Info Sec Seattle

This group is for women looking to connect with other females in the info sec world. They meet in both Seattle and Bellevue on a routine basis.

Spokane 2600

Every first Friday this group meets to talk cyber at a local coffee shop. 

Cyber Security Jobs in Washington

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an annual mean wage for cyber jobs in WA of $107,800 in 2018. Some companies to consider when searching for cyber jobs include: 

Pacific Northwest National Lab

This Richland company is a federal contractor. This is a Dept. of Energy national lab that performs research. Much of that research is on the energy found in the ocean.

Mission Support Alliance

MSA is working with the US Dept. of Energy to clean the Hanford Site. It also helps create infrastructure and bring new energy-reducing tech to the field.

General Electric

GE is a power company with a location in Redmond that sometimes employs cyber professionals. This company is a government contractor.


With a location in Richland, AECOM works to create energy efficient infrastructure. This includes clean water, eco friendly skylines, and energy efficient power sources. This is a federal contractor and sometimes needs cyber pros.

Avanade Inc

Avanade Inc. is a federal contractor with a location in Seattle that helps businesses manage their IT strategies. They provide digital and cloud services, and cyber pros are essential to their work. 


CLA is an investment adviser with a location in Bellevue. They often need cyber pros to help keep their software secure. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Washington by College

Cybersecurity could open many doors for students in Washington. Several schools offer cyber programs, including options for an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree. These are the programs based on the number of grads in 2018.


Columbia Basin College

2600 N 20th St. | Pasco, WA 99301

Bachelor of Applied Science in Cyber Security

The BAS in Cyber Sec at Columbia Basin College is a 180 credit hour program that includes 115 credits in cyber and tech. The school had 59 grads in 2018, making it the top program in the state. It is an NSA Center of Academic Excellence. Course examples include: 

  • Wireless Security – Explores how to secure wireless networks
  • Ecommerce Sec – Teaches the risks and risk management for online stores
  • Network Security – Intro to network sec
  • Database Design – How to design secure database structures

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 


Clover Park Technical College

4500 Steilacoom Blvd. SW | Lakewood, WA 98499

AAT in Computer Networking and Information Systems Security 

The AAT in Computer Networking and Info Systems Sec at Clover Park Tech College aims to preps students to pursue entry level positions or transfer to a four year program. The program requires six quarters to complete. Students choose between Cisco Network Design and Security or Computer and Communications Security focuses. With 56 grads in 2018, it was our second ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Digital Forensics – Explores using forensics to solve digital crimes
  • Intro to Linux – An intro to the popular open source Linux platform
  • IT Essentials – An intro into the IT world
  • Server Sec – How to keep servers and server tech secure. 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 


Central Washington University

400 E University Way | Ellensburg, WA 98926

BS Cybersecurity Specialization 

The BS Cyber Sec Specialization from Central Washington University is available as a fully online program or on campus program. CWU had 53 grads in 2018, making it our third ranked program. This program includes 74 to 78 core credits in IT and 20 credits in cyber. Course examples include:

  • Digital Forensics – Explores using forensics in a digital world to find and fight risk
  • Cyber Crime – Teaches how to fight common cyber crimes
  • IT Risk Management – Shows how to manage risk in the IT world
  • Cyber Attack/Defense – Teaches defense mechanisms for common cyber crimes

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Online Cyber Degrees: BS and MS 

Green River College

12401 SE 320th St. | Auburn, WA 98092

BAS in Network Admin and Security 

The BAS in Network Admin and Sec at Green River College is a 180 credit degree program that preps students to pursue jobs as network admins, computer support specialists, and computer security analysts. With 43 grads in 2018, it was our fourth ranked program. Coursework examples include:

  • Network Sec and Firewalls – Explores keeping computer networks secure and the use of firewalls
  • Threat Analysis -Teaches how to analyze and mitigate threats
  • Cloud System Ops Microsoft Azure – Explores the popular Microsoft Azure platform
  • Wireless Security – Instructs students on critical wireless security issues

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


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University of Washington Tacoma Campus

1900 Commerce St. | Tacoma, WA 98402

MS of Cyber Sec and Leadership 

The MS of Cyber Sec and Leadership from UW Tacoma focuses on developing leaders in cyber. With 26 grads in 2018, it came fifth on our list for the state. Course examples in this 40 credit program include: 

  • Networking and Internet Sec – Teaches how to keep the Internet and other networks secure
  • Principles of Cyber – Intro to the basic principles of cyber security
  • Information Assurance, Risk, and Sec Strategies – Covers how to strategize to manage risk in the IT world
  • Cyber Sec Management – Management skills for cyber

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 


Highline College

2400 S 240th St. | Des Moines, WA 98198

BAS Cyber Sec and Forensics 

The BAS in Cyber Sec and Forensics at Highline College takes a two-year IT degree and adds cyber specific courses. This program had 23 grads in 2018, making it our sixth ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Advanced Database Sec – Explores advanced topics in keeping databases secure
  • Advanced Router and Switching – Teaches switching and router tech and now to protect from risk
  • Cloud Security – Cloud based tech has many risks, which this course teaches
  • Database Install and Config-  Intro to how to install and configure databases

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School Features: 


Whatcom Community College

237 W. Kellogg Rd. | Bellingham, WA 98226

BAS IT Networking Cyber Sec 

WCC offers a Bachelor of Applied Science in IT Networking Cyber Sec. This program is available online and in a hybrid format. IT has several certs embedded in the degree. With 23 grads in 2018, it was our seventh ranked school. Course examples include:

  • Mobile and Wireless Tech – Delves into the tech that runs mobile and wireless networks
  • Cloud Computing – Teaches cloud computing tech and how to keep cloud based tech secure
  • Web Dev. – Instructs in secure web development strategies
  • Enterprise Linux – A closer look at Linux and how to use it

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • National Cyber Defense Resource Center
  • Cisco Networking Academy
  • NSA CAE-2Y 2014-2021

Edmonds Community College

20000 68th Ave. W | Lynnwood, WA 98036

ATA Info Sec and Digital Forensics

The Associate of Technical Arts in Info Sec and Digital Forensics at ECC allows students to work on real world cyber risk case studies. The program is a hybrid program, with a combination of online and classroom work. It had 14 grads in 2018, making it our eighth ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Digital Forensics and the Law – This class looks at how digital forensics applies to current laws
  • Intro to Network Sec. – An intro to the basics of network sec
  • Managing Network Sec. Teaches how to manage secure networks
  • Cisco Networking. Multiple classes look at Cisco networking tech

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

  • Undergrad Certs available 


School Features: 

  • NSA CAE-2Y 2017-2022 

Peninsula College

1502 E Lauridsen Blvd | Port Angeles, WA 98362

AAS in Cyber Sec and Computer Forensics 

The AAS in Cyber Sec and Computer Forensics at Peninsula College is available online or on campus. This degree prepares students to pursue entry-level positions in the field. With 14 grads in 2018, it was our ninth ranked program in the state. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Cyber Sec and Cyber Crime – An intro to the field and major concepts in it
  • Ethical Hacking – Teaches the skills, steps, and concepts of ethical hacking and penetration testing
  • Computer Forensics I – This course is an intro to computer forensics
  • Risks, Control, and Encryption – A basic look at modern risks and how to control them

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Western Washington University

516 High St | Bellingham, WA 98225

BS in Cyber Sec 

The BS in Cyber at WWU teaches students how to protect data and apply cyber sec skills in real world environments. This program partners with some community colleges to allow eligible students to transfer. Once they transfer to WWU, students complete 61 to 60 credits in the major field. With six graduates in 2018, this was our tenth ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Computer System Admin. Shows how to head up computer systems
  • Computer Forensics. An overview of criminal investigation with computers
  • Pen Testing. Ethical hacking techniques to test cyber risk
  • Adv. Network Sec. An advanced look at network sec issues

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School Features: 


University of Washington Bothell Campus

18115 Campus Way NE | Bothell, WA 98011

BS in Computer Science and Software Engineering with Cyber Option 

UW Bothell Campus offers a BS in Computer Science and Software Engineering degree that has an Information Assurance and Cyber Sec option. This degree teaches core CSSE classes alongside cyber classes. It had four graduates in 2018, making it our eleventh ranked program for the state. Course examples include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management – Examines the risk associated with IT and how to manage it
  • Secure Systems – Teaches how to create and operate secure IT systems
  • Computer Tech and Public Policy – Looks at the politics and economics surrounding computer tech
  • Computer Networking – Explores data networks, packet switching, routing, and other networking topics

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City University of Seattle

521 Wall St. Ste. 100 | Seattle, WA 98121

BS in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance 

The 180 credit BS in Cyber Sec and Info Assurance at CityU offers an online learning experience for students in cyber. The accelerated program may take as little as two years to complete. It had three grads in 2018, making it our twelfth ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Web Design – Teaches how to securely design websites
  • Justice and Ethics – Teaches ethics as it relates to criminal justice
  • Cyber Crime, Tech, and Social Change – A look at how cyber crimes and tech affect society
  • Information Systems – An intro into info systems and management

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features: 

  • Online Cyber Degrees: BS and MS
  • NSA CAE-CD 2019-2024