Cyber Security Degrees in Vermont

Cyber Security Degrees in Vermont

Investing in a cyber security degree in Vermont may be a valuable decision. This degree aims to help people pursue careers in the computer and internet industry. They provide security services to clients. As more companies turn to cloud services, they need cyber security pros to help them keep data safe. Obtaining a cyber security degree in Vermont may be a challenge. The U.S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard says there are 18 colleges in the state. However, just two of them offer a cyber security degree. That could create some limitations for those seeking a degree. The following schools offered cyber security degrees with graduates in 2018. These are those schools and the number of students graduating that year:

  • Champlain College – 244
  • Norwich University – 25

Online Cyber Security Programs in VT

Cyber degrees focus on internet skills. They tend to be very internet based career paths. That is why learning online may be a good thing. Some cyber security degrees in VT are available online. That means students could learn from home. This type of program is not available at all schools. Online degree programs offer many benefits. Students could learn while working. Some earn advanced degrees while working full time with another employer. For example, those who have a bachelor’s degree could continue their education online. This may let them earn a master’s degree.

Students might learn online for other reasons. Some programs are self paced. That means you could learn as slow or as quickly as you like. Others with families may like being able to attend part time. These are all benefits of online education. The following schools offer online cyber security degrees. It is important to consider what is available before making a decision. Online cyber security options include these.

Champlain College

At Champlain College, students could earn an online bachelor’s degree in cyber security. This program is available fully online. Students could learn 24 hours a day completing coursework when they want to. Students may pursue careers in various fields once they earn it. The school offers other online cyber security degree options as well. This includes a Cyber Security Fundamentals undergrad certificate. There is also a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations. These are related programs. Some students may benefit from taking courses in both fields.

Norwich University

Norwich University is another college. This school also offers several types of cyber security programs. Students may be drawn to the B. S. in Cyber Security. This is the main offering here. It is a full program available online. Some students may complete this program in just 18 months. Students may be able to learn the latest trends on cyber security risks.

Norwich University also offers several graduate certificates. This includes certificates in vulnerability management and computer forensics. It includes cyber crime and cyber law certificates as well. Finally, the school also offers a master’s degree in cyber security. This degree typically takes 18 months to earn. It is a small program. Students may complete most of it online.

Cyber Scholarships in VT

Earning a degree is very important in this field.

Yet, for some, school may seem hard to afford. There are a variety of ways to help pay for education. There are also some ways to help reduce costs. Many students will be able to apply for federal financial aid. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. They can find out by completing the FAFSA form. Many students also use private loans to help cover the costs of education. Some may also benefit from access to private loans. Many often do not require repayment right away.

There are also ways to reduce costs. Students will want to ask their college about scholarship options. Many schools have endowments and grants that could help reduce costs. These are funds that students typically do not have to repay. Scholarships are another option. Some schools offer them. There are also third party companies and organizations that offer them. These are funds students may use for many needs. These are a few of the available scholarships in VT. Students may find others available through their school. Apply to them directly. All of them are unique. Some require applications every year. Others do not.

Central Intelligence Agency – Undergraduate Scholarship Program

The Undergraduate Scholarship Program from the Central Intelligence Agency is one option. Students who are interested in working with the government after graduation can apply. This program offers up to $18,000. Students can use those funds for tuition, fees, and books. They can apply for this amount each year. This scholarship opportunity has some rules. Students have to go to an accredited college. They also must be enrolled full time. It also requires students to work for the CIA during the summer months. This is also an internship opportunity. Students will need to work for the CIA after they complete their education for a set number of months. This is a very competitive scholarship. Limited options are available. 

Students will need to formally apply. There are several requirements. This includes letters of recommendation. It also includes transcript information. Students must meet GPA requirements. A personal statement is also necessary. 

The Stokes Educational Scholarship Program (NSA)

The NSA offers The Stokes Educational Scholarship Program. This program allows students to receive up to $30,000 each year. They may use these funds for tuition costs. Students will need to work for the NSA during their summers. They also have to work for the NSA after they graduate. They must work for the NSA for 1.5 times the length of time they received funds. This program is available to students attending an accredited school. They must go full time. This program requires students to apply. They will need to meet specific GPA requirements. Students also need to provide letters of recommendation. An essay is a requirement, too. The topic can change. Students will need to apply each year for this program. 

The Snort Scholarship

Students may want to take on a scholarship from an industry leader. The Snort Scholarship is available from Cisco. It provides students with up to $10,000. They may use the funds at any accredited college. Students will need to be pursuing a degree in an IT field. Cyber security may qualify. This is available to undergrad and grad students. The program is available to more than one person each year. Students need to show info on their future education plans. They also need to provide transcript info. GPA and other data may also be necessary. A formal application is a must. It can be done online. An essay is a part of this process.

KnowBe4 Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship and Internship

The KnowBe4 Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship and Internship is another option for qualified students. This program aims to help encourage women to enter into the field. Students can earn up to $10,000 to use for their school costs. This includes books, tuition, and fees. Also important is the internship. Students will be able to work for three months in an intern position with KnowBe4. This is done during the summer months. Students may gain hands-on experience.

Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security

The Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security program, or SWSIS, is another option. This is for just women interested in the field. The program aims to encourage women to move into the cyber degree field. Those who earn this award could receive up to $10,000. It is available to those who are earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Students will need to meet specific requirements. It is available to only those in an accredited U.S. college. Students will need to be permanent U.S. residents. They also must meet transcript and GPA rules. The program requires a formal app. There is a personal essay to complete. Students will also need to provide letters of recommendation. 

SMART Scholars

Both grad and undergrad students m apply for this one. It is the Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship. It is a scholarship for service program. Students will work with the Department of Defense when they finish their degree. This program may cover the costs of college fully. It also guarantees employment with the DoD after graduation.

There are numerous requirements. A full application is necessary. Students need to complete a personal statement. They need a recommendation letter. They also have to complete a personal essay. It requires official transcripts. Students also need to provide info about their awards or honors, interests, and goals. There is also requested information about volunteer work and instances of teamwork. Students can apply for this up to five years. 

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program is available from the National Science Foundation. This scholarship offers up to $34,000 as a three year stipend. It is also possible to earn up to $12,000 a year for educational costs. These must go to a U.S. institution providing graduate education. This program is available to those working towards a master’s or doctoral degree. They must be in a field of science. Cyber security may qualify for this. Students must attend an accredited school as well.

Students are able to research anything that is of interest to them in the field. They will need to apply formally for this program. They will need to provide transcripts. They must demonstration leadership skills. This program also requires GPA requirements. Students will need to complete a personal statement and essay.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Vermont

Learning is so important in this industry. The problem is, the industry is always changing. It becomes important to find a way to stay on top of these changes. Students and pros could do this in various ways. Cyber workshops are one way. These may offer hands on experiences. Students might get to learn and work on various tasks. Workshops tend to be smaller. They offer more opportunities to work with vendors and industry leaders.

Cyber conferences are another option. These allow industry experts to come together. They often include speakers. Demos and panels are available. The goal is to update and keep everyone up to date. Vermont offers a few cyber workshops and conferences. Students may also wish to travel out of state to nearby options if they like. Here are a few options.

Norwich University Cyber Security Summit

This event happens each year. It is just one day long. It aims to bring mid- and executive level managers together to discuss risks. It is sponsored. Students and pros in the industry are welcomed. The goal is to update on the latest threats. It aims to provide solutions, too.

Shields Up! Protecting Your Organization Against Cyber Threats

The Vermont state government sponsors this event. It is free. It is just one day long. It is designed to provide individuals with info about cyber threats. It also offers best practices in areas of response, defense, and lessons learned. It is a hands on workshop for those working on developing professional skills.


AirGap is a virtual conference for those in Vermont. It allows for people to come together to discuss cyber security risks. There are numerous presentations provided. Industry experts attend. This is a good way to learn about new risks. There is a security panel for questions about risks available as well. There is also a hack a thon available through this workshop.

GitHub Satellite

This is a conference that brings people in from around the globe. The event was virtual in 2020. Other times it occurs in person. There are vendors present with new products. Numerous presentations are provided. There are also various group panels and discussions taking place. There are also expert led workshops available.

Blacks in Cyber Security

The Blacks in Cyber Security conference was also virtual in 2020. This is a type of meetup that aims to encourage people to discuss cyber security risks. There are numerous speakers and panels put together. There are also innovative solutions present. The event is designed to cover new and emerging topics.

The Renaissance Cyber Series

This event draws in people from around the world. It aims to provide insight into the latest software and solutions. It aims to teach about cloud strategies and solutions. Students will also have networking options here.

Cyber Security Jobs in Vermont

After school, many students plan to work. Getting a job in this field may be easy for those with a good degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the annual median wage in Vermont is $84,680 a year. These are some of the companies that may be hiring in Vermont. 


Humana has headquarters in Montpelier. This organization provides health insurance plans. They work with consumers and companies. They also have a Medicare plan offering. This is why they are a federal contractor. Humana uses cyber security pros to handle sensitive data. They also use this for data mining and research.


TekSynap is a technology company. They work with businesses of all types. They provide tech management services to their clients. Some of their clients are state and federal government offices. The organization provides security solutions including cyber security services. They hire cyber security pros to help them to meet client needs. This company is a federal contractor.

American Express

Many know of American Express as a credit card lender. This U.S. company is also a financial institution that works with consumers and businesses. It provides a range of financial services to them. American Express uses cyber security professionals for many services. This includes safeguarding information and data. They use in house pros to help with information security. They also use them for data research. 

CDM Smith

CDM Smith is a large organization. It has offices in Vermont. It provides engineering and construction services in the region. It works with government agencies. It also does work for private companies. It helps to provide solutions for energy, transportation, and water. The company has a large focus on smart solutions. It uses cyber security pros to help it secure its information. It also uses them to help with safeguarding company data.

CACI International

CACI International is a tech company. It provides professional and information tech services to its clients. Many of its clients are in the federal government. It provides IT solutions for all aspects of network security. This includes in areas of defense and healthcare. It has homeland security branches. It also provides intelligence services. This company uses cyber security pros for all of its operations. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Vermont by College

Choosing the perfect school matters. Many factors play a role in determining which school is to attend. Students should compare their options carefully. A student who wants an advanced degree should find a school offering it. Not all offer the same concentrations. Many schools do not offer the same electives either. These programs may be of interest to some. In all cases, they can be valuable for enhancing skills and creating opportunities.

The following are some of the options available to students. These schools offer cyber security degree programs in Vermont. Each is a bit different. Keep in mind this could change over time. More programs may be come available in the years to come. Students should aim to look for the latest program options. Even degree paths can change. Here are the schools offering cyber security programs. 


Champlain College

163 S. Willard Street, Burlington, VT 05401

B. S. in Cyber Security

Champlain College offers a variety of cyber security educational options. This includes a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security. On campus options exist as well. The program offers two, seven week terms each semester or three semesters per year. Students will need to complete 120 credit hours to earn this degree. This school is a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education school. That is a designation given by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). It is also provided to the school by the U. S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Also, the school is a National Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellent school. This is a unique designation from the Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3).

The bachelor’s degree aims to provide students with a range of skills. Students may be able to pursue a career as a security engineer, a security auditor. Some may work to prevent cyber attacks. Others might work in criminal justice. Others may pursue a career as an incident responder. Some of the classes offered include these.

  • Security scripting 
  • Information technology 
  • Cloud computing security 
  • Digital forensic investigations 
  • Ethical hacking
  • Emerging threats

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • CAE – CD 2017 – 2022
  • Fully online degree programs 
  • Certificates available

Norwich University

158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, VT 05663

B. S. in Cyber Security

Norwich University offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Cyber Security. This program is available through the Computer Security and Information Assurance (CSIA) program. Students could earn the qualifications to pursue a career in fields such as health services and law enforcement. Some may go on to work in government positions or in private industry. Computer networking is another field. Some may pursue positions as an information security analyst. Students may learn a great deal in this program. This includes learning things like cyber investigation and malware. The program also has a computer network security focus. Students may wish to focus in an area. They could do that through concentrations and electives. Some students may benefit from the Advanced Information Assurance and Digital Forensics specialization. This may help students enhance their careers.

The B. S. in Cyber Security offers a wide range of options. This is a program designated by the DHS and NSA. The bachelor’s program may be completed in 18 months. It is available on campus and online. They may go on to complete a master’s degree. Classes include: 

  • Linux administration 
  • Information systems 
  • Ethics in the modern world 
  • Intro to Information Assurance 
  • National Security Policy 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • CAE-CD 2017-2022
  • Online bachelor’s degree 
  • Online master’s degree 
  • Graduate certificates 
  • Language certifications