Cyber Security Degrees in Utah

Cyber Security Degrees in Utah

A degree in cyber security allows people to pursue careers in both tech and security fields. Company data and customer info may be at risk. Computer connections and cloud computing make this possible. More companies are moving to online communications. These pros work hard to protect data from threats. They build solutions for risks. They also monitor for breaches. However, there are few schools offering this degree. The U.S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard states there are 65 colleges in the state. Yet, only 7 of them offer a cyber security degree in Utah. The following schools offered this degree. This is the number of grads they had in 2018. 

  • Western Governors University – 980
  • LDS Business College – 9
  • Southern Utah University – 5
  • Utah Valley University – 1
  • Salt Lake Community College
  • University of Phoenix – Utah
  • Weber State University

Online Cyber Security Programs in UT

Cyber security is all about online communication. That is why online cyber security programs in Utah may be a perfect option. They may work well for many students. Students are able to pursue their education at their own rate. They may learn and still work at the same time. They may also care for their family. Some pros in computer related fields use online programs to further their education. Some of these programs are self paced. Online education can be just as good as in person studying. Each person needs to choose the style of education right for them. Not all schools offer online programs. The following colleges offer cyber security degrees in Utah that are online: 

Western Governors University

Western Governors University is one college in the state in this field. It has a range of computer science degree programs. The school offers a fully online degree option for cyber security. This includes a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Information Assurance. This is often a perfect starting point for student who wish to pursue this field. From there, some students may move on to a Master of Science in Cyber Security and Information Assurance. This aims to further enhances the student’s skills.

Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University offers another option. It offers two master’s degree programs. One is a M. S. in Cyber Security and Information Assurance with a cyber operations emphasis. The other is an M. S. in Cyber Security and Information Assurance with an information assurance emphasis. Both programs are available fully online. They may work for those with a bachelor’s degree.

University of Phoenix – Utah

The University of Phoenix – Utah is a fully online school. Students may spend their time learning enhanced insights right form home. Students may study at their own pace. Many may start at different points through the year. The degree options are flexible, too. This school offers a B. S. in Cyber Security. It also offers an Associates of Science in Cyber Security. These programs typically range from four to two years. They are also accredited.

Cyber Scholarships in UT

Paying for education may seem daunting. Some may see this as a limit on earning their degree. That does not have to be the case. There are various ways to reduce costs. Some people apply for federal financial aid. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.This may reduce out of pocket costs. It may alleviate some of the tuition and fees. Others may wish to choose loans. Low interest loans may help cover all costs. That includes grad and undergrad degree programs.

Scholarships are another option. They are like grants. Both types of support often do not require the student to repay them. They may be used for varying types of expenses. Scholarships come from various sources. Some schools offer them. These tend to be endowments. They may also be grant programs in schools. There are also third party organizations that offer them. These tend to be available if a student follows the application steps. Most scholarships award savings to one or more people. The following are some scholarship options for Utah students. Each has different requirements. Some require applying every year. Others provide full coverage for costs.

The Daniels Fund Cyber Security Training Scholarship

The SANS Cyber Security Training Program is one option. It offers the Daniels Fund Cyber Security Training Scholarship covers full tuition for those attending the program. It is also very limitedly available. It is only available to veterans. Students applying for the program must have a bachelor’s degree. They also need at least one year of experience in the information technology field. Other students can apply. Those with an associate’s degree and three years of experience may apply. Those without any college degree can apply if they have three to five years of experience. Students need to have an interest in the field. They also must have some skills in cyber technology. It is hard to get but can be worth it.

Electronic Security Association Youth Scholarship

The Electronic Security Association Youth Scholarship may help some. It provides an award between $2,500 and $7,500. These funds will vary. It is eligible to those under the age of 20. It generally is available to high school seniors. These students must be accepted into a college or university. They must be planning to obtain an undergrad degree. They also should be dedicated to working in a safety or security field. This includes cyber security. In addition, only those who are a son or a daughter of an active public safety employee can apply. This includes those in Utah.

To apply, students must complete an online app. They must also complete an essay. Transcripts are necessary. 

ISACA Utah Chapter Scholarship

The ISACA is one of the largest information technology organizations. It offers the ISACA Utah Chapter Scholarship. This provides up to $500. It may be awarded to more than one person. The award goes to a high school senior. He or she needs to be planning to obtain a degree in cyber security. Students must be an undergrad or grad aiming to study information security. Only some schools are applicable. Students need to fill out an online app. They also need to complete an essay. They need to provide transcripts as well.

Symantec Software Scholarship

Some students may qualify for the Symantec Software Scholarship. It provides up to $10,000 to students. It is available to high school seniors. Students must compete in a regional science fair in Utah. The project involves writing computer software. The goal of that software is to solve some type of problem. Cyber security fits that area. Students will need to apply for this program through their school.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Utah

Staying on top of the cyber industry is important. All students need to do so. Yet, that is hard when working in the industry. One option is to attend cyber security conferences. Several occur in Utah. It may be possible to find others nearby. Students and pros come together in these conferences to discuss trends and threats. Sometimes vendors with new security solutions are available. Other times, there are industry leaders speaking. Some have hands on labs. Workshops tend to be more hands on too. Here are some cyber workshops and conferences in Utah to consider: 

BSides SLC

This is a large organization that has conferences and workshops throughout the country. They aim to keep the conversation growing. Students and pros can attend. The goal of these annual events is to keep earning about new threats and solutions.

Hack West

Hack West is a smaller event. It is designed to be more community oriented. It brings locals together to talk about threats and solutions. It is a three day event. It takes place every spring.

Data Connectors – Salt Lake City

This event is annual. It has a number of keynote speakers. Groups can share topics and advice in panels. There are some vendors on site. It also is a good opportunity for networking. Students can talk to companies and industry leaders. Many local business exes attend.

Red Sky IT Security Conference

This is put on by a security consulting company. It is a single day long. It is aimed at IT managers in all types of companies. The programs has a number of speakers. They discuss topics such as network endpoint, cloud, and social media security. IoT is also a topic. There are vendors at this event.

ISSA Utah Chapter

This organization has members. They plan workshops throughout the year. They meet 4 to 8 times each year. They host guest speakers. They also host networking events. The goal is to open the door on the conversation about security risks. Students can join.

OWASP Salt Lake Chapter

This is a nonprofit organization called Open Web Application Security Project. They come together each month to discuss web app security. It is very local oriented.

Cyber Security Jobs in Utah

Earning a cyber security degree in Utah is all about finding the perfect job later. There may be many public and private sector options available. Many larger companies may now hire these pros to help them. They use them to minimize threats to operations. They use them for data research. The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the annual mean wage in Utah was $84,090 in 2018. The following are some companies that higher cyber pros in Utah.


Leidos is a technology company. It aims to create more efficient and safer tools for companies. It develops problem solving software and hardware solutions.

Northrop Grumman

This is a federal contractor. It is a leading company in cyber and logistics industries. It develops a range of tech solutions. This includes autonomy systems. It is a leader in the most advanced cyber security fields.

The MITRE Corporation

This company provides technology support for a range of other business and government. It is a not for profit organization. It manages research and development centers. These help support the U. S. government. The organization is a federal contractor.


Humana is a large, national health insurance company. It provides insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. It is a Medicare partner as well. Humana uses cyber security pros to protect business data. It also works to minimize company data breaches.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has offices in Utah. It uses cyber security pros to back up is financial organization. This includes solutions to protect its clients and customers. Wells Fargo is a large financial organization. It is a federal contractor.

Booz Allen Hamilton

This company is a leading technology company. It does engineering work as well. It works in the public and private sector. It is a federal contractor. It does a lot of consulting work to help secure computer systems. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Utah by College

Earning a cyber security degree may help you pursue a job in the field. Jobs may be competitive. Some jobs require additional training or education. Others require concentrated education not all schools offer. Also, some schools are more well respected in the community than others. All of this plays a role in jumpstarting your career. Here are the cyber security degree colleges in Utah. They are ranked based on the number of graduates they had in 2018. These programs change often. New options may be available. Some programs are more in demand than others. Consider looking into them all.


Western Governors University

4001 S. 700 E Suite 700, Salt Lake City, UT 84107

B. S. of Cyber Security and Information Assurance

The B. S. of Cyber Security and Information Assurance at Western Governors University is one option. The school is one of the most important options for students in Utah. It graduated 980 students in the field in 2018. This specific degree program may be a perfect starting point. It is an accredited program. It is available online as well. Students will learn the latest in the cyber security industry. The school reports that 74 percent of its students graduate from the program in just 18 months. That is for a full bachelor’s degree. This is one of several cyber security degree programs available here.

The program was designed with insight from the Dept. of Homeland Security. The National Security Agency (NSA) guidelines were met as well. This program offers certifications. That includes ISC2, EC-Council, and CompTIA. Some of the courses students will take include: 

  • IT applications
  • Networks and security
  • Business of IT
  • Web development sciences
  • Information systems security

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Industry certifications
  • National Institute for Cyber Security Education alignment
  • DHS and NSA guidelines
  • Certificates available
  • Fully online degree
  • Ranked #12 in Most Innovative Schools by U. S. News & World Report

LDS Business College

95 North 300 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

A. A. S. in Cyber Security

LDS Business College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security. Students may be able to pursue careers in various jobs with it. That could includes as analysts or network admin positions. Students may learn to use various tools. This includes hacker tools used in the industry. Students may learn how to prevent cyber attacks. They may be able to conduct a network traffic analysis. They may conduct vulnerability assessment scans. Students may also conduct penetration tests.

Students completing this degree program will complete a minimum of 63 credit hours. Part time options are available. Some of the classes include:

  • Data warehousing
  • Advanced Linux with LAMP
  • Cyber security fund
  • Pen testing and detection
  • Intro to networking

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Certificates available
  • Flexible learning path

Southern Utah University

351 W. University Blvd., Cedar City, UT 84720

M. S. in Cyber Security and Information Assurance

For those with a bachelor’s degree, the Southern Utah University is an option. The school offers a M. S. in Cyber Security and Information Assurance. It has an emphasis on Cyber Options option. Some students with a computer science degree may wish to use this program, too. It lets them focus their skills. This degree offers up to date training. It includes courses in the latest trends in security. Students may complete a capstone in the program as well. Several capstone experiences exist. For those who want an advanced degree, this master’s degree may be the perfect choice. Students may pursue careers in a range of jobs including as information security analysts and other cyber security professionals.

The course requires 33 credits for the cyber security master. It can be completed all online. Students can also complete it on campus. Some of the classes include: 

  • Cyber law and investigations
  • Security DevOps
  • Digital forensics
  • Cyber operations

More Cyber Degree Options:


School Features:


Utah Valley University

800 W. University Parkway, Orem, UT 84058

M. S. in Cyber Security

The M. S. in Cyber Security from Utah Valley University is another option. Students may qualify for it with a computer science bachelor’s degree. This is an accredited degree program. It is designed to allow students to gain more insight into the field and let them expand existing cyber security degrees. The program focuses on technical and managerial components of the field. Students will work through case studies. They will also have hands on labs. Learning real world skills is important here. 

This program requires 30 credit hours of student. Classes range widely. There are numerous elective options. Some of the classes available include: 

  • Advanced network forensics
  • Security coding
  • Reverse engineering
  • Malware analysis
  • Web and mobile application security

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Advanced degree options
  • Graduate certificate
  • Flexible learning path

Salt Lake Community College

4600 S Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84123

Cyber Security Certificate

Salt Lake Community College offers students a Cyber Security Certificate. Some may go on to earn an associate degree. This program is hands on. It is designed to be a beginning step into the field. Students may learn a great deal about the program. They may also be able to choose some course options to concentrate. It is typically shorter then a degree program. Yet, it packs a lot into it. It may be perfect for those unsure about the field. Students may use it as a way to start exploring this field. This program is designed alongside the Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense. It is sponsored by NSA and DHS as well.

This course takes 12 weeks to complete. There are 6 credit hours required. Students can use it to get their foot in the door in some jobs. The classes available include: 

  • Ethical hacking
  • Forensics
  • Cyber defense
  • Network defense

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Certificates available
  • NSA and DHS approved

University of Phoenix – Utah

5373 South Green St. Salt Lake City, UT, 84123

B. S. in Cyber Security

The University of Phoenix – Utah offers a B. S. in Cyber Security. This program may be completed fully online. Self paced options are available. Students may spend four years completing this degree. Yet, they may slow it down to learn at their own pace. Those who earn this degree may be various job options including pursuing a career as an IT security analyst, IT specialist, or information systems supervisor. Some may work in the public sector. Others may work in the private sector. The degree program offers a wide range of course options. This lets students focus their degree.

The bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits. Up to 90 can be transfers. The program includes professional certifications. This includes Microsoft, EC-Council, and CompTIA. Some of the classes include: 

  • Cyber domain
  • Object oriented security scripting
  • Computer network defense
  • Foundations of security

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Fully online degree
  • Master’s level degrees
  • Certificates available
  • Certifications available

Weber State University

1103 University Circle, Ogden, UT 84408

B. S. in Computer Science

Weber State University does not offer a specific cyber security program. Rather, it allows students to learn some of these topics in its other programs. This includes the B. S. in Computer Science. This degree program is designed to be comprehensive. It teaches students about computer design. There are many ways to focus it. That includes in cyber security. What makes it unique are the elective options. Students may choose to pursue a range of concentrated fields.

The program requires 126 credit hours to graduate. It takes about four years to complete. A few classes may be available online. Many are done on campus. Some of the classes available here include:

  • Java
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Neural networks
  • Software development
  • Computer and network security
  • Computer forensics for security assurance

More Cyber Degree Programs:



School Features:

  • Flexible learning
  • Some online classes
  • Advanced degrees
  • Graduate certificates available