Cyber Security Colleges in Tennessee

Cyber Security Colleges in Tennessee

Cyber security degree programs aim to help people learn key skills in tech and security. However, not all schools offer these degree programs. The United States Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard says there are 141 schools in the state in Tennessee. Only 6 schools offer this degree program in Tennessee. Here are the programs. They are ranked by the number of students graduating from the program in 2018.

  • Christian Brothers University – 6
  • University of Phoenix Tennessee – 3
  • Lipscomb University – 1
  • Strayer University Tennessee – 1
  • Nashville State Community College
  • Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Crump

Online Cyber Security Programs in TN

One way to learn is through an online program. Cyber security focuses on the internet. They could allow students to learn while they work. Some students with families may benefit from these programs. They offer flexible schedules. Some are self paced. That means students may take programs when they want to and take time off, too. Each program is different. Not many schools offer online education for cyber security. These are the schools offering online degrees in cyber security in Tennessee.

University of Phoenix – Tennessee

The University of Phoenix – Tennessee is one option. This school offers a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security. Students may take courses at their own pace. They may do so from anywhere. This is an accredited program. The courses may be challenging. Students may complete this program in four years. It requires 120 credits to earn.

Lipscomb University

B. S. in Technology Management is the degree available from Lipscomb University. This program is designed to provide students with numerous options. Some may complete a shorter version. This allows students to earn a professional certificate. It is also possible to take this course for professional studies. The program offers 8 week terms with the SetPACE program. Students may earn the certificate in four months through FlexPACE as well.

Strayer University – Tennessee

Strayer University – Tennessee offers another option. This school offers a B. S. in Information Technology – Cyber Security. This is a very specific program. Students may complete it fully online. It is designed for some flexible learning. It has 11 week courses. There are 40 classes in the program. This could allow students to earn their degree sooner. All content including labs are online.

Nashville State Community College

Nashville State Community College works with industry experts locally to create courses. The Computer Information Technology A. A. S. program is one option. This is a cyber security degree option. Students can focus it to this field. The program is a hybrid format. That means most of the learning is done online. Students will come in to the campus for some of the program. This is common for labs. It offers a lot of flexibility for students, though. This program requires 61 total credits. It can be taken part time.

Cyber Scholarships in TN

Paying for school may be a concern for some. There are various ways to cover school costs available. Some students may benefit from federal financial aid. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Other students may qualify for loan programs. Some may find grants to use. Scholarships may be another option. There is typically no need to repay the funds from a scholarship. This may be a good way to reduce costs significantly in cyber security.

Some schools offer in house scholarships. These may come from funds and endowments. Another option is to look for third party scholarships. These come from a range of organizations. Some are industry leaders. Some cyber security scholarships to consider include these:

Electronic Security Association Youth Scholarship

Tennessee students may wish to consider the Electronic Security Association Youth Scholarship. This provides between $2,500 and $7,500. Students can use the funds for any school related costs. There are some key aspects of this scholarship. Students need to be between 15 and 20 years of age to qualify. They must be a senior in high school ready to graduate. They must be accepted into a university or college. It must be an accredited school. Students also need to be working in security or safety industry positions. Cyber security qualifies. They should also be the son or daughter of a person that is working as a public safety employee. To apply, students need to complete an online app. They need to provide a personal statement. They will need to submit transcripts. They also need to demonstrate their interest in cyber security clearly.

James K. Goldston INFOSEC Scholarship

The James K. Goldston INFOSEC Scholarship is available to U.S. citizens. It awards eligible students with up to $1,200. Those funds can be used for most school costs. Students must be a full time undergrad student. They must be majoring in cyber security. Some information security degrees may qualify. They must be enrolled in an accredited school. The school must be in TN. Also important, students must have a 2.5 GPA. They also have to have a demonstrated financial need for help.

Students who are the first in their family to attend college may be given special attention with this scholarship. To apply, students need to complete an online app. They need to provide transcripts. They also need to answer essay questions.

Dept. of Defense SMART Scholarship

Some students may qualify for the Dept. of Defense SMART Scholarship. This provides funding for students in STEM fields. These are positions in demand in the Dept. of Defense. Cyber security is a qualifying field. Those who earn this award, receive full tuition costs. They also earn other benefits. This includes health insurance, stipends, and allowances for books. They also gain access to summer internships. This provides them with hands on learning. It also creates key opportunities for jobs later.

To qualify, students need to be at least 18 years old. They need to be a grad or undergrad student. There are ACT and SAT score requirements for undergrads. There are GRE score requirements for doctoral students. There are essay requirements. Transcripts and a resume are important.

Graduate Cyber Security Scholarship

Another option is from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education in the ISC department. This scholarship helps to reduce costs for grad level students for cyber security students. Students can also be pursuing an information security degree. Both doctoral and grad students can apply. The award amount is $1,000 up to $5,000. Those who apply must be working on a grad degree in an accredited school. They must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

This scholarship requires a resume. Transcripts and proof of educational plans is also important. Students will need to complete an essay. An app will outline the specific topics and requirements. A letter of recommendation is also necessary.

Deputy Scholarship for Women in Technology

Each semester, the Deputy Scholarship for Women in Technology is awarded to one student. It is always given to a female student. This scholarship is worth $1,000. It is specific to those studying in an IT field. This includes cyber security. To obtain this offer, students need to be enrolled full time. They must be attending a U.S. university. They have to maintain a 3.0 GPA. They also must be studying to earn an IT degree of some type. Students will need to fill out an online app to get started.

ISSA Education Foundations Scholarships

This scholarship offers between $2,000 and $3,500. The ISSAEF scholarship is specific to those studying information security. Cyber security degrees qualify. They are students who plan to work in some area of cyber security. The scholarship aims to reduce the financial burden of education. It is available to grad and undergrad students.

To qualify, students have to be enrolled full time. They must be in an accredited U.S. university. They also must be in an information security field. Applicants must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher. Grad students must meet a 3.0 GPA or higher. Students also need to submit other information to qualify. This includes any security type work experience they have. List all volunteer work they have done. A personal letter is also important.

Women in Defense HORIZONS Scholarship

Another woman specific scholarship is this one. The Women in Defense HORIZON Scholarship encourages women to seek out careers in national security. They award various amounts to students based on the field of study. They offer this scholarship to both grad and undergrad students.

To qualify, individuals need to provide a full application. The selection is based on financial need. It also is based on academic achievement for the student. Their field of study is also considered. It is also beneficial to be involved in national security activities. Students must provide a statement of objective essay. They also need letters of recommendation to qualify.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Tennessee

Learning is very important in a cyber security job. The threats in this industry are always changing. It is very important for students to stay up to date. Many pros may work to enhance their current degrees. This could include working to earn a master’s degree in cyber security. Yet, in the meantime, they may use conferences to help them.

Cyber security conferences in Tennessee provide a way to learn more about current risks. They also address key trends in the industry. It may be useful for students to attend these whenever possible. That helps you keep up with the info available. This includes new solutions and skills. Also, students may benefit from attending during their education. This creates new networking opportunities for those students.

Virtual Cyber Security Summit

This is an annual event. It brings together individuals in C-Suite and Senior Executive positions. The goal is to discuss cyber threats. There are keynote speakers. Interactive panels are also common. Product demos are available.

Middle Tennessee Cyber Conference

This event is also an annual one. Students and pros come together to learn about cyber threats. There is a focus on the most up to date risks. New solutions are discussed. Industry leaders are present.

Nashville Cyber Security Conference

This annual vent centers around new threats. It aims to bring leaders in the industry together. There are open discussions. There are vendors. This is also a good event for local networking.

Data Connectors Memphis Tech – Security

This event provides connections with local industry experts. It aims to offer up to date info to local business leaders. Demos are available. Keynote speakers are available.

Nashville Cyber Security Conference

This is an annual event. It has the goal of educating company leaders on the latest industry risks. Students can attend as well. This event includes demonstrations and an interactive panel.

BSides Nashville

This is a smaller and local meetup. It brings people together to discuss the threats in cyber security. It happens more often. Individuals can learn about new concerns and solutions.

Cyber Security Jobs in Tennessee

Pursuing a career in cyber security in Tennessee is the goal after completing a degree program. There may be job openings in the private sector or in the public sector. Working for federal and state agencies may be a career goal for some. Other people with a degree want to work to help private or nonprofit organizations. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states the annual mean wage in Tennessee in 2018 was $82,160. Here is a look at some available jobs. These are some companies that hire cyber security pros in TN. 


Deloitte is a federal contractor. This company provides consulting services in various fields. It works to support the Dept. of Defense. It also aids in research and product development. This includes in the cyber security industry. Deloitte hires cyber pros for many positions. This includes designing solutions and for threat protection.


Humana is a large U.S. insurance provider. The company offers a variety of health insurance plans. It works with consumers mainly. It also helps businesses to create health insurance plans for their employees. Humana also has a Medicare division. This is one reason it is a federal contractor. Humana uses cyber security pros to help with data security. They also use them for network protection and admin.


Leidos is a global organization. It has offices in Tennessee. The company provide tech solutions for businesses. It also works in some government organizations. It develops custom tech solutions. It also works to help companies communicate safely. They use cyber security pros to minimize data risks. They also use them to help with data admin.

UBS Financial Services

This company provides financial solutions for companies. It offers banking and lending solutions. It is an international company. It has offices in TN. It uses cyber security pros to reduce risks to data and client info.


Cigna is a federal contractor. It is also a health insurance company. It offers a range of health insurance policies to consumers. It also provides Medicare products. Cigna uses cyber pros to help with data security and penetration testing.

American Express

A U.S. based financial lender, American Express provides a range of services to clients. This includes lending, banking, and credit. It operates offices in TN. It uses cyber pros to help minimize risks to data and networks. They have offices in Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville.

Cyber Security Degrees in Tennessee by College

Getting a quality education is important. Many students look at the degree options available. Some students also spend time comparing school rankings. It may also be important to find a cyber degree program with classes that interest you. Cyber security degrees in Tennessee offer a lot of range. Students may find a variety of options to choose.

To determine which program is a perfect fit, it is important to know about the schools. This includes info about available degrees. It also includes insight into the range of scholarships available. These schools are ranked based on the number of grads they had in 2018.


Christian Brothers University

650 East Parkway S, Memphis, TN 38104

B. S. in Computer Science – Cyber Security

Christian Brothers University offers several computer science degrees. It lets students concentrate in various areas. This includes business, engineering, and cyber security. Each program is a bit different. All offer some of the most up to date info and skill training. The B. S. in Computer Science – Cyber Security program is one key option. Students may learn programming languages. That includes Java, C, Python, and others. They may learn about math and science in cyber security. They may later pursue a career in areas such as database administrator and information systems manager, or as a cyber security consultant.

This degree program typically takes four years to complete. Some flexibility is available. Coursework includes resource guides in:

  • Data structures
  • Computers in problem solving
  • Network security
  • Database security
  • Information assurance
  • Capstone

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Industry certifications
  • Certificates available
  • Graduate certificate available

University of Phoenix – Tennessee

3157 E. Elwood Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034

B. S. in Cyber Security

The University of Phoenix – Tennessee offers a B. S. in Cyber Security degree. This program focuses on math and science in the cyber domain. It teaches problem solving skills. It also provides skills and techniques for evaluating cyber security risks. The school continues to offer new classes. Students may focus their degree. They may later pursue a career as an IT security analyst, an information security specialist, or a data security admin pro. This course requires 120 credits. It takes about four years to complete. It is available fully online. Some of the classes include: 

  • Cyber domain
  • Object oriented scripting language
  • Security scripting
  • Foundations of security
  • Network defense

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Fully online degree
  • Specialized courses
  • Advanced certifications
  • PhD options exist

Lipscomb University

1 University Park Drive, Nashville, TN 37204

B. S. in Technology Management

Lipscomb University offers a B. S. in Technology Management. This program offers many of the same courses. Students may choose several options. A certificate program is available. Many students may want to complete the full bachelor’s degree. The program is available fully online. The basic certificate may be completed with 30 credits in four months. Self paced learning is an option here. This program is approved by the Department of Homeland Security. The courses are diverse. Those available depend on the student’s desired degree program. Some of the classes include:

  • Data management
  • Trends in technology management
  • Database admin
  • Networking concepts

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Fully online degree option
  • Certificates available
  • Industry certs available 

Strayer University – Tennessee

2620 Thousand Oaks Blvd Suite 1100, Memphis, TN 38118

B. S. in Information Technology – Cyber Security

Strayer University – Tennessee’s B. S. in Information Technology – Cyber Security degree program aims to teach key concepts for cyber domain. Students may learn how to maintain security networks. They may learn to manage data. They may also study hacking methods. They may learn to perform penetration tests. They also may be able to detect threats. This program has some flexibility in it. There are various elective courses students may choose from if they wish. Some students may work as information security analysts. This program is available online. It has 40 classes. Each one is 11 weeks long. Some of the classes include:

  • Network server admin
  • Computer forensic technology
  • Perimeter defense techniques
  • Network penetration testing
  • Information systems security

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School Features:

  • Fully online degree
  • Available master’s degree
  • Certificates available

Nashville State Community College

120 White Bridge Rd, Nashville, TN 37209

A. A. S. in Computer Information Technology – Cyber Defense Concentration

The Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology – Cyber Defense Concentration may be a perfect option for many students. The program is from Nashville State Community College. Students may complete a variety of classes. This includes cyber security and digital forensics. Students may learn about network protections. They may gain skills to pursue a career as an IT specialist. Some may go on to earn a bachelor’s degree. Those who have a computer science degree already may use it to enhance their skills. This degree quires 61 credits. It is available in a hybrid format. Some classes are available online. Some require on campus learning. Students will complete classes such as:

  • Cloud essentials
  • Penetration testing
  • Network defense
  • Tactical perimeter defense

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School Features:

  • Hybrid learning
  • Certificates available

Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Crump

1449 White Avenue, Henderson, TN 38340

Computer Information Technology Certificate

Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Crump offers a certificate program. The Computer Information Technology Certificate is a simplified program. It aims to teach key topics in a short amount of time. The school has a solid number of courses in up-tp-date cyber domain topics. Students may wish to use this degree as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree. The program teaches hands on. That means it is all on campus. It also partners with local businesses. This may provide students with opportunities for internships. This program takes 20 months to complete. Students can enroll as full time students. They will take classes such as:

  • Networking fundamentals
  • Advanced networking
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer concepts

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School Features:

  • Certificates available
  • Certifications provided