Cyber Security Degree in Rhode Island

Cyber Security Degree in Rhode Island

While the smallest state, earning a cyber security degree in Rhode Island places you in a very central area. Close to NYC and Boston, this may open up avenues once you graduate. Cyber security programs cover the tools, tech and skills that keep information systems safe. That said, not all schools in Rhode Island offer it as a major. According to the U.S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard, there are 20 colleges in RI. Of them, only 5 awarded degrees in information assurance (IA)  in 2018. In order of the number of graduating students, these are: 

  • New England Institute of Technology - 35
  • Brown University – 26
  • University of Rhode Island - 20
  • Roger Williams University - 17
  • Johnson & Wales University-Providence - 14
  • Community College of Rhode Island - 1 (Certificate programs, not degree)

Online Cyber Security Programs in RI

With growing concern about cyber threats, some RI schools offer online cyber security degree programs. These bring the coursework to your computer. As a result, the format may provide an easy to access format. Especially for the at work student. For those who seek this flexibility, here are a few colleges in Rhode Island with 100% online learning options. 

New England Institute of Technology

New England Institute of Technology is a private, nonprofit technical university in Rhode Island. Their main campus is in East Greenwich. Here they offer a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Network Engineering.  But if you are looking for a next step, they do offer online cyber security programs.

One is a Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity Defense (MSCD). It offers four start dates per year – in January, April, July, and October. The classes, fit into four academic terms per year, are each ten weeks long. This may allow you to earn your master’s degree in 18 months. 

A broad study plan also stacks two key areas. Computer science and leadership. Technical areas include digital forensics and ethical hacking. While managerial classes frame the skills needed to oversee disaster recovery plans.  

Brown University

Brown is a private research and Ivy League university. They are in Providence, Rhode Island. At this location, offer a bachelor’s degree in computer science. It aims to prep grads to pursue entry level information technology jobs. For professionals who want to take a next step, Brown offers an online master’s degree.

The Master of Science (ScM) in Cybersecurity may be earned in16 months. It aims to broaden your vision of the defense industry and position you to lead. Some of the key topics of the study plan are information security and data privacy. It also dives into cyber intel and current issues. 

University of Rhode Island

URI is a public research university with its main campus in Kingston, Rhode Island. At the undergraduate degree level, they offer a cyber security minor. It is part of an on campus Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program. If you are not ready for a four year degree they do have an option. URI offers a certificate program in cyber security and is fully online. As a grad student, there are a few online options as well. One is a graduate certificate in cyber security. It is designed for those who already have a bachelor’s in hand. Another is an online Master of Science in Cyber Security. It covers incident response, cyber defense and is tech focused.

Roger Williams University

RWU is a private liberal arts school. Located in Bristol, the school has a robust menu of cyber programs. Of them, there are two cyber security degrees for undergrads. Both are computer science focused. But you may major in network security or IA. That said, both their MS and MA in cyber security degree programs are fully online.

The MA covers the legal, managerial, and policy impacts of cyber security work. It also entails research prior to completing the program. Distinct, the MS aims to build the security skills set related to information technology. It makes use of virtual labs so is part hands on. While not fully online, there is also a joint degree. It is a MS in Cyber Security and Juris Doctor from the School of Justice Studies.  

Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University is a private career school with its main campus in Providence, RI. They offer distance programs through JWU Online. One is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. For cyber curious students, there is a major in enterprise risk management. 

It comes with three start dates and generally takes from 2 to 4 years to earn. Classes are also in 11 week sessions.  A key aim of the program is to help grads know how to make plans for risk recovery. Including terrorism, cyber attacks, and natural disasters. 

For those who seek a next step, there is also an online MBA. As you might guess, it covers marketing, strategy, finance and other business basics. Cyber students may tailor studies with an information security focus. This may help you navigate the field of cyber security management.  

Community College of Rhode Island

CCRI is the largest community college in New England. The school is also National Center in Cyber Defense 2 Year Education (CAE CD2Y). As such their Associate in Science Cyber security program meets NSA/DHS standards. It is available online as well as daytime or evening on campus. In it, there are a wide range of computer focused classes. These aim to help grads understand malware and how to guard networks and systems. 

Cyber Scholarships in RI

One way to make a cyber security degree in RI more affordable is to secure financial aid. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Scholarships in particular are like grants. So, you don’t usually have to repay the funds as you do with a loan. Providers of scholarships award them on the basis of need and merit. Or, a blend of the two and perhaps, other criteria.  

SENEDIA Scholarships

The Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance is SENEDIA. Their interests are to support national security and the defense sectors. SENEDIA grants at least two scholarships of $1,500 each to eligible STEM students. Which means a science, tech, engineering or math related area. To qualify, you must be both a U.S. citizen and resident of Southeastern New England. So, RI, MA or CT. You must also be about to enter your 4th semester of study (or its later equal) in the 2020 / 2021 academic year. And, attend an accredited U.S. school. 

United States Senate Youth Program

USSYP was set up in 1962 by U.S. Senate Resolution. It is for high school students with exceptional talent. And, who want to pursue public service careers. The program is for U.S. citizens who are also RI residents. One must also be a high school student active in student gov’t (class president, VP, treasurer). 

If selected, two winners must take part in a week long trip to Washington DC. As delegates, they go to experience their national gov’t in action. The other part of the program is a $10,000 college scholarship. It is for undergrad studies with strong prompts to take history and political science. 

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Scholarship

The Rhode Island Chapter of the ACFE offers an annual scholarship. It pays $2,000 to an eligible student. Criteria to meet include academic merit, an application essay and references. Preferred majors are accounting, criminal justice, criminology, law, or law enforcement. But the committee looks at other majors if they relate to anti fraud areas.  

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Rhode Island

Attending an event is one way to keep learning outside class. It is also a way to meet other cyber security professionals in the Ocean State.

Rhode Island Corporate Cybersecurity Initiative

RICCI is part of the Pell Center’s Cyber Leadership Project. The project goal is be a source of research and knowledge in cyber security. It also aims to develop senior business leaders and decision makers who can affect change and make Rhode Island’s business community. And make key industries more secure and resilient to cyber crime. Events take place at Salve Regina University. A past topic was about cyber risks and each one tackles a new theme.

Providence Business News Cyber Security Summit

This summitcalls in cyber security experts. Together they discuss up to date info on the kinds of threats that exist. Another thing they do is give advice on how to secure network perimeters. And, on how to prevent hackers from stealing company data.   

Cyber Meetups in RI

Meetups are informal. Some start with a brief networking segment. Then follow up with a member led talk.  

ISACA Rhode Island Chapter

The RI Chapter of ISACA offers trainings for local members. Trainings are in the areas of information systems audit, security, governance, and risk. Attending a training may count towards credit for ISACA certifications.

Providence 2600 Meetup Group

This public group has over 200 members. They meet monthly and talk tech including about computer security.

Cyber Security Jobs in Rhode Island

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage in May 2018 was $109,580. When looking for a cyber job in Rhode island there may be opportunities for a range of talents. The defense industry is a big in the state. Both Navy and Coast Guard have bases there.  

Raytheon Technologies

An aerospace and missile defense company for the gov’t, commercial clients and the military. They may hire in Portsmouth and Middleton, RI.

Humana Inc

A health insurance company and gov’t contractor. They may hire for jobs in Newport.

Quick Services LLC

A service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) They work in Intel and cyber and may recruit in Newport.

Sea Corp

Systems Engineering Associates Corporation is a veteran owned business based in Middletown, RI. They contract for the U.S. Navy.

Citizens Financial Group, Inc

An American bank with their HQ in Providence, Rhode Island.

RLM Communications Inc

An SDVOSB that provides cyber services and support. They may hire in Newport. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Rhode Island by College

Public, private, community and career colleges offer cyber security degree programs in RI. In some cases, these accredited schools are also National Centers. A National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) earns this title from two gov’t agencies. The National Security Agency (NSA). And the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). To give you a head start on your search, we compiled a list of colleges in RI with cyber programs. We listed these schools in order of the number of cyber grads they had in 2018.


New England Institute of Technology

One New England Tech Boulevard, East Greenwich, RI

BS in Cyber Security and Network Engineering

NEIT had the highest number (35) of cyber grads in 2018. This program entails roughly 120 credits and is available on campus. It is for those who already have an AS in network engineering or related area. The classes provide a more in depth view of Local Area Networks (LANs), intranets, Wide Area Networks (WANs). Plus, go into the design of secure web servers. Sample classes are: 

  • Ethical Hacking – Learn how to probe a system to find flaws before a malicious hacker can
  • Digital Forensics - Study the tools, tech and tasks that investigate cyber crimes
  • Incident Response - A class about what to do if there is a threat including disaster recovery
  • Network Security – An overview of how to secure LANs, WANs, and intranets

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • MS in Cyber Security Defense


  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Project Lead the Way Scholarship
  • FIRST® Robotics Tech Challenge Scholarship
  • New England Tech Merit Scholarships

School Features:

  • Online / Hybrid Cyber Degrees – MS 

Brown University

One Prospect Street, Providence, RI

MS in Cyber Security

Brown had the second highest number of cyber grads (26) in 2018. This program entails 7 classes and a capstone. Mapped into 16 months or 4 terms it is available in an online hybrid format. The program seeks to broaden your knowledge of cyber security and privacy issues. At the same time, helping grads to build the tactical skills needed to keep an org resilient to cyber threats.  Sample classes are: 

  • Computer Security – This class looks into blockchain tech, cloud computing, pen testing and other advanced security topics
  • Privacy and Personal Data – Learn how to identify, assess and treat privacy and personal data issues
  • Global Cyber Challenges – Study cyber security law and policy to understand how they apply to cyber conflicts
  • Human Factors – Probe into the ways people and software interact (workflows, usability) and how the two often create risks

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • BS in Computer Science


  • Brown Scholarships

School Features:

  • Ivy League School
  • Online / Hybrid Cyber Degrees – MS

University of Rhode Island

One Old Ferry Road, Bristol, RI

Professional Science Master’s in Cyber Security

URI had  the third highest number of cyber grads in 2018. This program entails 36 credits and is available online. Included in this is an internship (as opposed to a thesis). The classes are tech focused and aim to build professional skills. As a result, there are several courses in digital forensics. You also learn about pen testing and incident response. Sample classes are:

  • Digital Forensics - Diagnose and investigate cyber security events or crimes
  • Network and Systems Security – Learn how to protect and defend computer systems and networks
  • Incident Response - Study the ways to identify breaches, defend systems and plan recovery measures
  • Secure Programming – A look into programming and whether it helps or harms security practices

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • BS in Computer Science
  • Graduate Cert in Cyber Security
  • Professional Cert in Cyber Security
  • Minor in Cyber Security or Digital Forensics


  • URI Scholarships 

School Features:

  • Online Cyber Degrees – MS, Certs

Roger Williams University

Green Hall, Kingston, RI

BS in Cyber Security and Networking

Roger Williams U had the fourth highest number (17) of cyber grads in 2018. This program entails 120 credits and is available on campus. It starts out with a deep study of the computing and tech related to TCP/ IP networking, telecomms, and security. Routers, switches and the like. Then adds on a security focus to build the skills needed to deal with hacking, internal threats, error and audit. Sample classes are:

  • Firewalls and Defense- The course uses Cisco IOS, Linux Based IP Tables and Shorewall, as platforms to build firewall rule sets
  • Digital Forensics - Learn to recover, examine and bring to court electronic clues of digital crimes
  • Intrusion Detection – About the hands on use of various types of devices from IDS, IPS, to firewall logs, and wireshark traces
  • Mobile Device Forensics – The course includes work on actual cell phones and PDA and official ways to handle evidence

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • MA, MS in Cyber Security
  • MS in Cyber Security / Juris Doctorate
  • Graduate Cert in Cyber Security
  • Undergrad Cert in Cyber Security


  • RWU Scholarships

School Features:

  • Online Cyber Degrees – MS, Grad Cert, Cert

Johnson & Wales University - Providence

8 Abbott Park Place, Providence, RI

BSBA in Enterprise Risk Management

Johnson & Wales University had the fifth highest number of cyber grads in 2018. This program entails 120 credits and is available online. It melds business classes with cyber to build an understanding of risk and how to lessen it. The classes address common activities that disrupt normal business ops. Like fraud, information theft, hacking, workplace violence, terrorism and economic crime. Sample classes are: 

  • Managerial Accounting – Looks at accounting data and how a business uses it to plan, control and make decisions
  • Finance – Learn about financial statements, budgets, the time value of money, risk and return
  • Intro to Cyber Security Ops – This class studies what cyber security and operations are from a technical and non tech lens
  • Emergency Planning – A deep look at business continuity during a crisis situation

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • MBA in Information Security Assurance


  • JWU College of Online Education Academic Scholarship

School Features:

  • Online Cyber Degrees – BSBA, MBA