Cyber Security Degrees in Pennsylvania

Cyber Security Degrees in PA

Cyber security degree programs aim to prepare students looking to work in tech and security. Students curious about this field will find that not all schools offer it. The US Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard lists 308 PA schools. Of those, only 26 offer a cyber security degree in Pennsylvania. Of those, the 10 schools with the most graduates earning cyber degrees are:

  • Pennsylvania State University – 292 grads
  • Carnegie Mellon University – 88 grads
  • Robert Morris University – 82 grads
  • Temple University – 52 grads
  • Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania – 49 grads
  • Community College of Allegheny County – 21 grads
  • Drexel University – 21 grads
  • Northampton County Area Community College – 19 grads
  • Community College of Philadelphia – 12 grads
  • East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania – 11 grads

Online Cyber Security Programs in PA

Because this field focuses on the computer and mobile world, many programs are online. Online programs may offer the freedom to work a full-time job or care for children while going to school. These programs typically provide flexible options to students who want a cyber degree:

Penn State University – World Campus

Penn State University’s World Campus is the online part of Penn State. Their cyber degree is available completely online. The school offers both online BS and online MS programs in cyber security. The BS in Cyber Security Analytics and Operations focuses on risks. It covers computers, computer networks and mobile devices. This school also has a 33 credit MPS in Cyber Security Analytics and Operations. This graduate degree expands on the topics in the undergrad program.

Robert Morris University

Robert Morris offers an online BS degree in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. This degree combines tech and business studies with insight into law and behavior. This addresses all aspects of cyber security and forensics. It is an ABET accredited program. A rolling deadline to apply lets students enroll in the program when they’re ready. 

Temple University

Temple offers an MS in IT Auditing and Cyber Security degree. This degree is open to both in person and online students. It provides hands on training in the cyber field. The MS in IT Auditing and Cyber Security program lets students specialize in one of two areas. They choose between a focus in cyber sec and IT auditing. The cyber focus preps students for industry exams. 

Drexel University

Drexel offers both a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in cyber security online. The BS in Computing & Security Technology is a hands on program. It uses work in the field to add to the classroom studies. The program is designed for those who are working in IT and need more training. The school’s MS in Cyber Security is also available online. 

Drexel University is one of the six schools in the US Army Private Public Partnership Initiative in Cyber. This means it was chosen to train US Army Reserve students. Drexel is an NSA/DHS Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education. The school has held this honor for over 10 years. 

Community College of Allegheny County

CCAC’s online Associate of Science degree program prepares students for entry-level careers. The program follows the National Initiative for Cyber Security Careers and Studies plan. It is designed to teach students to identify security risks, plan protection and analyze problems. This four-semester degree program offers its credits online.

Cyber Scholarships in PA 

Students considering pursuing a cyber security degree in Pennsylvania may be eligible to receive financial aid. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Some scholarships specific to this degree and available to students in PA include:

Electronic Security Association Youth Scholarship

The Electronic Security Association Youth Scholarship awards between $2,500 to $7,500 each year. It’s open to a high school senior entering the security field. This includes the field of cyber security. This program is open to children of active public safety employees. It’s only offered in states that have local ESA chapters, including PA. To apply, students must submit an essay about what it means to have a parent working in the security field. 


The AT&T STEM Award is open to students who are residents of PA. It’s awarded through Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education Foundation. Applicants need to be in their junior or senior year at one of the Foundation’s 14 schools. 

The AT&T STEM Award benefit is capped at $1,000. Only students actively pursuing STEM degrees can apply. They must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. All applicants must have proven financial need on the FAFSA. Students must submit essays explaining how their STEM degree will impact the industry. 

Women in Defense Mid Atlantic Chapter STEM Education Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship is available to female high school students. To apply, the student must be enrolled in a public undergrad program. Applicants must live in Lancaster or York Counties. The Women in Defense Mid Atlantic Chapter STEM Education Scholarship requires a GPA of 3.0. Students must have a financial need shown in the FAFSA. 

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Pennsylvania

Cyber conferences and events in PA help students learn about the latest industry trends. Attending these events gives a look at the current trends in the industry. It will also help students gain insight into the current risks in the cyber and tech worlds.

Annual Cyber Security Conferences and Workshops 


PATechCon is the state’s largest government tech conference. Each year over 500 government and education leaders come together at Harrisburg University. They discuss government tech products and services. This one day conference connects tech vendors and thought leaders. 

Annual Information Technology Conference

The Annual Information Technology Conference brings together leaders like Cisco, Verizon and Microsoft. At the event, these leaders discuss systems security and tech advances. Industry leaders walk guests through case studies that show how risks occur. This annual conference takes place at the Hershey Country Club. 

SecureWorld Philadelphia

In late summer, Valley Forge Casino Resort hosts SecureWorld Philadelphia. This annual conference brings critical IT risks and issues to the table. Attendees can listen as industry leaders discuss these concerns. This conference also brings leading edge products and new insights to light. SecureWorld also hosts web based conferences every three weeks. 

Philadelphia Cyber Security Summit

Cyber Security Summits have been named one of the top 50 “must attend” conferences in the industry. The Philly Summit is popular with industry execs. 

Philly Tech Week

Philly Tech Week is a tech festival with over 100 events throughout the city. Attendees explore upcoming products or see the latest industry research. A cocktail party combined with a tech expo brings together industry leaders to discuss the future of IT. For many, this is the highlight of the week. 

National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance Cyber Crime Forum

NCFTA meets each year at the Cyber Crime Forum. The Forum highlights the year’s biggest security threats. It also offers networking chances. Attendees can explore industry case studies at this Pittsburgh forum. 

BSides Philly

BSides Philly is a security industry conference. It focuses on networking within the local community. Industry leaders come together at this annual conference to meet and network. 

Cyber Security Meetups and Events 

These regular events and meetups are excellent chances for networking and learning: 

OWASP Philadelphia

The Open Web Application Security Project is a cyber security group. It has a chapter in Philly that meets to discuss software security issues. Non members are welcome to attend the meetups and learn from local IT professionals. 

OWASP Pittsburgh

This is the Pittsburgh chapter of OWASP. It offers the same benefits as the Philly chapter in a different location. 

Philly Security Shell

This Philadelphia based group that meets at least once per month. These meetings provide hands on learning and networking in the IT security field. 

Steel City Information Security

This group hosts regular meetings in Pittsburgh. These meetings provide hands on training and chances for networking. 

Cyber Security Jobs in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the annual mean wage for cyber security careers in May 2018 was $97,620 per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This varies depending on the company and the role. Students may find cyber industry jobs in many companies throughout PA. The state’s location near the nation’s capital means many of these businesses may be federal contractors. Some companies to check when looking for cyber jobs include:

Lockheed Martin

This federal contractor located in King of Prussia, PA, offers many IT jobs. Lockheed Martin is a tech company working in aerospace, defense and security. 


This federal contractor has its headquarters in Newtown Square, PA. SAP is a business software company that creates enterprise app software. SAP also develops Internet of Things software and machine learning programs. 


Excelon is a FORTUNE 100 company that works in the energy sector in 48 states. This federal contractor has a location in Philly that employs cyber security workers. 

PennState Health

PennState Health is the health care provider at Penn State. Its main campus is the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey. This medical center is a federal contractor and often needs cyber pros. 


Deloitte is a federal contractor that offers business consulting services. They work with and mergers and acquisitions from their location in Philadelphia. Services include audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advising help. 

Bank of New York Mellon

BNY Mellon has locations in both Philly and Pittsburgh. This banking and wealth management company often needs cyber professionals. These jobs help the company maintain secure banking systems. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Pennsylvania by College

There is a lot that goes into choosing a cyber security degree program. Quality of education matters. Take a look at the schools based on graduates and available programs for the 2018 school year.  


Penn State University

201 Old Main | University Park, PA 16802

BS in Cyber Security Analytics & Operations 

Penn State graduated 292 cyber security majors in 2018. This makes it the top program in the state. The BS in Cyber Security Analytics & Operations degree program requires 126 credit hours. It teaches students how to find and eliminate threats through technology. Course examples include: 

  • Intro to Security and Risk – Discusses security and risk in government and business 
  • Cyber Defense Studio – Hands on class in four cyber defense skills 
  • Threat of Terrorism and Crime – Shows the threats terrorism and other crimes pose 
  • Computer and Cyber Forensics – Discusses digital forensics and cyber crimes 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:


Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Ave. | Pittsburgh, PA 15213

MS in Information Security 

The MSIS program teaches networking, security and mobile security. The customizable program discusses both business issues and IT security policy. With 88 graduates, this was the second program in the state. The degree requires 122 credits, including 48 industry specific units. Class examples are: 

  • Storage Systems – Explores storage systems within IT networks 
  • Intro to Info. Sec. – Intro key info security topics 
  • Info. Sec. Risk Management – Teaches how to manage risk in the IT world
  • Operating System Design and Implementation – Teaches how to design and launch a new OS 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • Online Cyber Degrees – MS 
  • NSA CAE-CD 2014 – 2021 
  • NSA CAE-R 2014 – 2021

Robert Morris University

6001 University Blvd. | Moon, PA 15108

BS in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics 

With 82 graduates in 2018, Robert Morris was the third best school in the state. The school has a BS in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. This degree includes the study of tech, law, behavior and business. The degree’s 123 credit hours include 66 information science credits and 18 electives. Class examples are: 

  • Intro to Computer Forensics – Intro to digital forensics 
  • Computer & Network Security – Studies the basics of security and defense for computers networks 
  • Mobile Forensics – Studies the tools used in forensics relating to mobile devices 
  • Systems Analysis – Covers analysis and design for computer information systems 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • ABET Accredited 
  • Online Cyber Degrees – BS, MS 
  • NSA CAE-CD 2019 – 2024 

Temple University

1801 North Broad St. | Philadelphia, PA 19122

MS in IT Auditing and Cyber Security 

In 2018 52 people graduated from Temple University with cyber degrees. This made it the fourth most popular program in the state. This 30 credit MS program aligns with the ASACA Model Curriculum. Class examples include: 

  • IT Governance – Studies the structure and management of IT organizations 
  • IT Audit Process – Intro to IT auditing 
  • Data Analytical – Data analytics study that relates to IT auditing 
  • Protection of Info. Assets – Teaches how to protect IT assets through improved security 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:


Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

400 E Second St. | Bloomsburg, PA

BS Digital Forensics 

This is the state’s only undergraduate degree in digital forensics. Bloomsburg had 49 graduates in 2018, placing it fifth on the list. Of the required 120 credit hours for graduation with the BS Digital Forensics, 48 are in forensics or IT fields. Course examples include: 

  • Intro to Networks – Explores computer and IT networks
  • Security – Intro to the basic ideas of IT security 
  • Small Devices – Intro to mobile devices and the security risks they pose 
  • Database Design – Students learn the basics of designing databases 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • NSA CAE-CD 2016-2021 

Community College of Allegheny County

800 Allegheny Ave. | Pittsburgh, PA 15233

AS Cyber Security 

With 21 graduates in 2018, CCAC falls sixth on the list of top cyber schools. Its AS Cyber Security program covers 60 to 67 credits over four semesters. It follows a National Initiative for Cyber Security recommended course schedule, which includes: 

  • Intro to Criminal Justice – Intro to the criminal justice concepts behind cyber security 
  • Computer Forensics – Intro to the basics of the foresnics field 
  • Network Security – Studies both wired and wireless network security 
  • Principles of Info. Sec. – Intro to the technical and legal sides of this field 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • Online Cyber Degrees – AS 

Drexel University

3141 Chestnut St. | Philadelphia, PA 19104

BS in Computing & Security Technology 

With 21 graduates, Drexel stands seventh in the list of top cyber schools. This degree provides hands on training in this needed field. Students take 188 credits as well as 21 concentration area credits. Concentrations include computing security or computing technology. Class examples: 

  • Server I & II – Explores the Windows operating system 
  • Ethical Hacking Testing – Hands on training in preventing cyber attacks 
  • Computer Forensics – Acquaints students to the legal and practical side of computer forensics 
  • Network Security – Outlines the basics of keeping wired and wireless networks secure 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • Online Degree Programs – BS, MS 
  • NSA CAE-CD 2017-2022 

Northampton County Area Community College

3835 Green Pond Rd. | Bethlehem, PA 18020

AAS Computer IT: Security 

NCACC falls eighth on the list of top cyber security schools. The school graduated 19 from this program in 2018. This degree spans 64-65 credit hours. It gives hands on training in ethics and security. Class examples include: 

  • Desktop Op. Systems – Discusses Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix 
  • Intro to Network Sec. – Intro to core concepts in the field 
  • Cyber Sec. Essentials – Teaches essentials needed to start working in cyber security 
  • Ethical Hacking – Teaches the software used to hack for ethical reasons 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 



Community College of Philadelphia

1700 Spring Garden St. | Philadelphia, PA 19130

AAS Cyber Security 

With 12 graduates in 2018, this school is number nine on the top 10 list. The 60 credit program teaches students the skills to pass cyber security exams. Class examples include: 

  • Cyber Investigation – Hands on technical training in cyber investigation 
  • Ethical Hacking – Teaches students how to use hacking software to find and stop risks 
  • Intro to Cyber Sec. – Intro to the field of cyber security 
  • Network Tech – Helps students prep for the CompTIA Network + exam 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 



East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

200 Prospect Street | East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

BS Computer Security 

Graduating 11 students in 2018, East Stroudsburg falls 10th on the list. The 120 credit Computer Security program includes 60 credits in computer security. Class examples include: 

  • Programming Principles and Practice – Takes an intense look at programming 
  • Database Systems – Shows students how to manage data in database software 
  • Computer Sec. Admin. and Policy – Provides an overview of computing systems and their security 
  • Intro to Computer Cryptology – Intro to encryption, ciphers and other key concepts 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: