Cyber Security Degrees in Oregon

Cyber Security Degrees in Oregon

Earning a cyber security degree allows a person to pursue a career in the tech field. Cyber security jobs often require degrees. Students who want to work to help secure networks and protect data will find a range of program options. The problem is, not many schools offer it. The quality of education matters, too. The U. S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard says there are 76 colleges in Oregon. Just 5 offer a cyber security degree in Oregon.

Choosing a school and seem confusing. Comparing schools is always important. These are the top programs available based on the number of graduates. Only one school had graduates in cyber security in 2018. 

  • Mt Hood Community College – 17 graduates
  • George Fox University
  • Linfield College – Online and Continuing Education
  • Portland Community College
  • Portland State University 

Online Cyber Security Programs in OR

There are several ways to earn a cyber security degree in Oregon. Many students attend in person classes. These happen at all of the colleges offering cyber degrees in the state. Other students may wish to consider online cyber security degrees. These courses let students learn from home. Students complete all or many of the classes at home like this. There are numerous benefits to online programs. Students may learn and work at the same time. Students may also learn at their own rate. Self paced learning allows for a lot of flexibility. Online ed courses like this could allow students with children to go back to school, too. This flexibility is always a good thing. The following schools offered an online cyber degree in OR Students may wish to check out all available programs for online offerings.

Linfield College

Linfield College offers a number of certificate programs. One of them is a Cyber Security program. They also offer a digital forensics program. Students can learn at their own pace. Some people with a computer science degree may use these certificate programs to enhance their education further. Students will be able to use these courses to work as a security analyst. Some may work as a cyber security engineer as well.

Portland Community College

Portland Community College offers an online degree program. Students may earn an Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security. Another option is to earn a Cyber Security Fundamentals certificate. Both programs may take under a year to complete. Both programs allow students to earn their degree or certificate online. It is also a self paced program. That means students may earn their degree or certificate at their own pace.

Cyber Scholarships in OR

Finding the perfect cyber security school is important. Paying for it does not have to be hard. There are various opportunities to help cover the costs of cyber education. Many students may use student loans. There are private and federal loan options available. Some may qualify for federal student aid. This may reduce how much you pay. Many schools also offer grants and assistance to students. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

Cyber security degree scholarships are another option. Many options exist. The funds often do not get paid back. Some schools offer in house scholarships. There are some cyber scholarships options available for students in OR. These are some of the scholarships for students in OR. Students should apply each year. New opportunities may become available over time.

Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service

The Scholarships for Service program may provide a significant benefit to students. It is available to cyber security students working on their bachelor’s degree. Some master’s and doctoral students may apply, too. This program lets students gain hands on experience. They are also able to be a part of various competitions. An internship is necessary. Each summer students work in the program. The award is for up to $25,000 for under grad students. Grad students may earn up to $34,000 per year. Only U. S. citizens may apply or permanent residents. Applicants must be within three years of earning their degree. The application process includes essays. Other requirements are possible.

Center for Cyber Safety and Education

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education offers a scholarship. Students can earn up to $5,000 each year. The group releases 20 of these each year. Applicants must have a 3.3 GPA. Only those studying cyber security or information assurance can apply. They will need a letter of recommendation. Complete the app. Submit the essay. All recent transcripts must be provided. This is a competitive opportunity. 

Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security

This scholarship is another option. This group aims to support women in tech degrees. That includes both bachelor and master programs. The key is that students must learn information security. Cyber security fits into this requirement. The student will need to formally apply. They can do so in their third or fourth year as an undergrad. They can apply at any time during grad school. It is available to U. S. citizens and permanent residents. Only U. S. schools qualify. A full estimate is required. Students also need a result and letters of recommendation. This is for up to $10,000. 

Ralph W. Shrader Grad Diversity Scholarship

The Ralph W. Shrader Grad Diversity Scholarship aims to help more minority and women students enter the field. It is available for many STEM programs. Students who enroll in grad programs may qualify. Only education at an accredited school qualifies. Students must have a 3.5 GPA or higher. To apply, students fill out an online app. They need to provide their official transcripts. A resume and two letters of recommendation are necessary. A formal application essay is needed. This scholarship provides $3,000 for the student.

Microsoft STEM Scholarship

A popular scholarship for cyber security students in Oregon is from a leader in the industry. The Microsoft STEM Scholarship is aimed to help promote student education in computer science degrees. Most STEM fields qualify. This includes cyber security. It aims to help many students. It is for undergrad students. They must be full time students. They must be attending a four year institution. That school needs to be in the U. S., Mexico, or Canada. They must have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Cyber Conferences in Oregon

Continued education is essential. There is no doubt maintaining up-to-date knowledge is important. Many students pursuing a cyber degree may seek out additional education over time. Some do this by enhancing their education. That could include master’s degrees in cyber security. Certificates may help, too. Learning consistently is key. Cyber conferences could help. They are events in which people meet up to share info. Many conferences exist. These are excellent resources for several things. First, many allow students and pros in the industry to get up to date info. They also let students see new products and services. Some conferences also provide vendors. They offer networking options, too.

Many benefits exist. Students could learn key insights from industry pros. They may have hands on events. Many offer labs to test new solutions. Enhancing their education is important. Networking may help some to pursue new jobs. It may also help students to learn about various career paths. In many ways, all students should try to attend cyber conferences. Options exist in Oregon. Some students may benefit from conferences in other states. The ones in Oregon include these. All may be a good opportunity. They also may change each year. 

Secure World Seattle – Bay Area – Portland Conference

This conference is virtual for 2020. Other years, it is in Portland. It brings together numerous people. That includes dozens of exhibitors. They offer new cyber security products and services. There are several expert speakers. Many come from large computer companies in the region. Some are world known. The program has lots of networking opportunities, too. Students are welcome. This program provides a range of different topics on a consistent basis. 

ExploitCon Portland

This IT security conference is one of the best options. It brings people together to discuss cyber security. The event takes place in Portland. It is an annual event. Many speakers attend. Most are from local industry experts. The presentations provide info. There is also an interactive village. It allows people to test their skills. This provides hands on experience. There are many opportunities to connect with peers, too.

ExploitCon Oregon Virtual

Many people are busy. Even students are. This event is a virtual conference. It offers a range of speakers. Question and answer sessions are available. Students learn in depth insights into the industry. IT security is the main topic. Those working in the industry attend this event. It offers demos, too. There are some networking options here. Students can attend while in school. This can provide a more up to date education with real world skills.

Cyber Security Collaboration Forum Portland

This event is annual. It brings together people in the field. The goal is to encourage communication. Industry experts are present. Hands on workshops happen. Most of what is taught is for businesses. Those in government IT may also benefit. Vendors sponsor the event. Attendees will gain industry leading info. Numerous sessions occur each day. Each offers different topics. It aims to meet the needs of cyber security leaders. New insights and perspectives help everyone to improve.

Data Connectors Portland Tech – Security

This event is a larger workshop. It has presenters and speakers. The goal is to bring people together to talk. The event happens annually. Virtual courses are available. There is an international feel to this. While a large event, there are smaller group sessions provided. The key is to open the lines of communication. This allows pros in the field to share knowledge about what is happening. It can help prevent risks. Networking is a bit opportunity here. 

Cyber Security Workshops

Workshops are a bit different than conferences. Many meet more often. They bring together people for hands on learning. Many workshops are designed to be relaxed. Yet, they are critical to fostering continued education in the field. Workshops differ based on region. Many offer the latest insights into threats. They also talk about solutions. Workshops solve problems. They help bring people together. They may also provide real life help. In Oregon, there are a number of workshops available. Those include the following. 

Portland Blockchain and Cyber Security Meetup

This event is for a smaller group of people. It meets online. Some are in person. Individuals share info. They share issues. They pool ideas. They also talk about features. Many focus on tools and projects.

CSNP – Portland Cyber Security

This meetup is available to anyone. Members share the latest on cyber threats. They talk about cyber threat intelligence. There are some cyber security educational opportunities. Guest speakers may be available. They share security best practices.

OWASP – Portland Chapter

This is an important group for many people. It is a larger group. There is no cost to join. The topics related to all aspects of computer security. Demos are provided. The goal is to discuss risks and vulnerabilities. They also focus on solutions. Students may fit right into this program. It opens the door for new connections.

Cyber Security Jobs in Oregon

Pursuing a career and working in the field is the goal. In Oregon, the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the annual mean wage for cyber security pros is $92,620.Here are some companies in Oregon that may cyber security pros. These are just a few options to think about when earning a degree.


Humana is a health insurance provider. It offers plans to businesses and individuals. This includes various types of coverage. It also offers Medicare plans. Humana is a large company. It uses cyber security pros to help safeguard key info. That includes patient info. It also uses cyber pros to hep with data analysis. They work in various aspects of computer security. Humana is a federal contractor.

Wells Fargo

Financial companies need cyber security pros as well. Wells Fargo is one of them. It works to provide loans and financial services to individuals. It also has a commercial division. It has offices in Oregon. Wells Fargo is a large mortgage lender. It needs cyber security pros to analyze risks. It also has a need for cloud security protection. This company also uses industry experts to help with advanced protections. It does research, too. The company is a federal contractor. 


Nike has headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. It is recognized internationally as a clothing manufacturer. This sports company is known for its shoes and sports apparel. Nike uses cyber pros to help with understanding risks. It has analysts work on penetration detection. It also uses these pros for data analysis. Nike is a federal contractor. 


Known for its computer products, Dell is a leader in computer tech. It uses cyber defensed pros to minimize risks. It uses them to help develop cyber security solutions. Researchers are often a part of their company. Dell works to ensure client info is secure, too. It offers online security tools to companies and individuals. Many cyber security pros work in this field. Dell is a federal contractor. 


Intel has offices in Portland, Oregon. It is a large computer software and hardware developer. It aims to stay on the cutting edge of computer security. To do that, it employs many people in cyber security. That includes to work in research and penetration testing. Intel is a federal contractor.


Deloitte is a federal contractor. It works as a business consulting company. Some of its work is in government defense and safety. The company is a leader in cyber threats detection. To do that, it needs pros. It hires cyber security pros for research and development. It also uses them for national defense projects. It has offices in Portland. It also offers security networking solutions. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Oregon by College 

The more info you have, the better. Choose a cyber security program in OR based on what is available. Look at the school’s curriculum. Learn about the school’s degree options. It helps to learn about scholarships, too. Some offer information technology. Others concentrate in cyber tech. Look at the following schools. These are ranked based on the number of graduates for 2018. Each one offers a variety of program options. 


Mt Hood Community College

26000 SE Stark St, Gresham, OR 97030

Assoc. of Applied Science – Cyber Security

Mt. Hood Community College graduated 17 students in 2018 in cyber security. The main program is an Assoc. of A. A. in Cyber Security. This program focuses on networking and security operations. Students may learn the latest trends in the industry. They also earn certifications such as CompTIA, EC-Council, and CCNA. The program teaches both hardware and software maintenance. It aims to teach students to be a computer security pro. They may use computer forensics. They may also learn disaster recovery skills. They may work in networking environments.

This degree program requires 96 to 98 credit hours. Students can customize their education. This is done through various electives. Classes available in this degree include: 

  • Wireless security
  • Ethical hacking
  • Cyber operations
  • Mobile app security
  • SQL
  • A+ Essentials

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • CAE – 2Y 2019 – 2024
  • Certificate programs available
  • Industry certifications

George Fox University

414 N. Meridian St., Newberg, OR 97132

B. S. in Cyber Security Concentration

George Fox University offers a Cyber Security Concentration B. S. degree option. This is a component of its computer science program. Students who earn a computer science degree may earn a cyber security concentration. Students may learn digital logic and computer security. They may have classes on computer forensics. The goal is to help students to work as network analysts. They may also work in other cyber security fields. The program is recognized by the Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Ops. This could allow students to earn a National Security Agency and Central Security Agency certification.

This degree program has 29 credit hours. That is in addition to the credits for a computer science major. The course options are numerous. They include: 

  • Mobile tech
  • IoT tech
  • Cyber defense
  • Data communications
  • Networking
  • Penetration testing
  • Ethical hacking

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School Features: 

  • NSA recognition
  • CSA recognition
  • Industry certifications

Linfield College – Online and Continuing Education

900 SE Baker St, McMinnville, OR 97128

Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Certificate 

Students who wish to pursue online education should consider Linfield College. This school offers a Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Certificate Program. It may be earned 100 percent online. Students may learn industry insights. This program lets students concentrate. They may earn a Cyber Security Forensic Analyst (CSFA) certificate. They may also earn a Security and Certified Ethical Hacker certificate. The program typically takes one year to complete. Course requirements range. Some courses include:

  • Computer security
  • Digital forensics
  • System admin
  • Networking concepts
  • Info System Tech

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School Features: 

  • CSFA
  • Complete online
  • Flexible course schedules
  • Certificates available

Portland Community College

12000 SW 49th Avenue, Portland, OR 97219

Assoc. of Applied Science – Cyber Security

Portland Community College offers two options for cyber security. Some students earning a computer scient degree may find the cyber security certificate option to be the perfect choice. Many students may want to complete the Assoc. of Applied Science – Cyber Security program. This program focuses on concentrated studies in cyber security. It also offers access to new tools and resources. There is a strong modern focus to this program.

This degree is available online or on campus. The course fits the National Security Agency as well as the Department of Homeland Security requirements. It is a two year program. Classes include: 

  • Java
  • Linux
  • System analysis
  • Network admin
  • Ethical hacking
  • Computer forensics

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School Features: 

  • CAE – 2Y 2018 – 2023
  • Online program
  • Flexible learning path

Portland State University

PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207

Cyber Security Grad Certificate 

Students completing a computer science degree may wish to earn a cyber security certificate. The Portland State University offers a Cyber Security Grad Certificate. The course requires students to complete their computer science grad program. They may then apply for this component. Students learn enhanced cyber security. This includes network security. Many may pursue a career in security positions in businesses after they graduate. They learn up to date info in the industry. Some students may complete this as a part of their master’s degree.

This degree program is short. It requires 21 total credit hours. The courses are numerous. They are also often evolving. New content is always available in this field. Classes include: 

  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Network security
  • Internetworking protocols
  • Digital forensics
  • Web security
  • Cloud security

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School Features: 

  • CAE – R 2020 – 2025
  • Some online classes
  • Advanced training