Cyber Security Degree in Oklahoma

Cyber Security Degrees in Oklahoma

Those looking for cyber security degree programs in Oklahoma may find degrees at all levels. Through these programs one may learn about digital forensics, information systems (IS) and network security. That said, not all schools in OK offer cyber security programs. According to the U.S. Dept. of Education College Scorecard there are 100 schools in Oklahoma. Of these there are five schools known to award cyber security degrees. 

In order of the number of cyber grads for the 2018 school year, these are:

  • Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology – 37
  • Rose State College - 35
  • National American University-Tulsa - 3
  • University of Central Oklahoma - 2
  • University of Tulsa - 1

There are also schools that offer cyber certificate programs in Oklahoma. Two of note graduated students in information assurance (IA). Central Technology Center (23) and Francis Tuttle Technology Center (1). 

Online Cyber Security Programs in OK

As the need for computer security grows, many OK schools now offer online cyber security programs. An online cyber security degree program brings the class to you. As such, the format often suits the at work student. If you are curious about the field and want a flexible option, here are a few to think about. 

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

OSU is an NSA Center of Academic Excellence in information assurance education (CAE IAE). This means the National Security Agency guides the study plan. One of the online programs available is a Bachelor of Technology in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. Students in the program study up to date tech, software and tools. All to learn how to protect computer systems, operating systems and networks from threats and attacks. Another option is the MS in Management IS. It takes a hands on and technical lens to study telecom systems and applied information security. Classes also map with the Department of Homeland Security and NSA guides.

Rose State College

Rose State College is a National Center of Academic Excellence in cyber security education (CAE 2Y).  It is also a Cyber Patriot Center of Excellence. This label comes from the Air Force Association. The school offers all six of the Committee of National Security System (CNSS) Certifications. It also has two online cyber programs, both associate degrees. 

One is an AAS in Cyber Security. It studies how to prevent hackers, spies, thieves and unauthorized users from breaking into computer systems and networks. The other option is an AAS in Digital Forensics. In it, students learn about data recovery and basic ways to track evidence of computer crimes. Both programs may be transfer friendly. Upon graduation, students may also choose to pursue a career.  Rose also has a testing center, funded recently. It offers industry credential exams. Like CompTIA Security+, the CompTIA A+, and CompTIA Network+.

National American University-Tulsa

NAU offers a few online cyber security degree programs. Some of them focus more on intel, terrorism and strategic security. But the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is about cyber security and forensics. It aims to prep students for new and current tech jobs. 

A main part of the program studies information security. Students learn how to keep data private, safe, and accessible only to verified users. The program also looks at the tools and tech used in forensics. Things like how to investigate and gather digital evidence of a computer crime. 

University of Central Oklahoma

UCO is one of few schools with FEPAC accredited BS programs. FEPAC is the agency that sets standards for forensic science. One of the online programs they have is a BS in Forensic Science – Digital Forensics.  It looks at how to recoup and keep evidence. Especially from mobile devices and computers. Of note, the BS is not a stand alone program. Students who enroll must blend the DF major with one of five areas. 

  • Management Information Systems 
  • Computer Science
  • Applied Comp Sci
  • Information Science
  • Software Engineering

Grads of the program may pursue industry certification or an entry level job. The school also offers a master’s degree in the same field of study.

University of Tulsa

U Tulsa is a Center of Academic Excellence in IA and cyber defense education (CAE IA / CDE). It is also a CAE in IA Research & Cyber Operations, per the federal gov’t. At the undergrad level, students from any field of study may minor in cyber security. So, if you plan to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, IT, or Gaming, you may tack cyber on. 

If you want to roll your BS degree in with a MS, there is an accelerated option. Enrolled students log grad hours as an undergrad to reach the MS sooner. There is also a 100% online MS in Cyber Security. It is for at work pros and takes a broad look at main ideas. 

The core content is technical. Topics frame network and system security, access control, and defensive cyber tech. Students also take electives to tailor their study plan. Among the choices are pen testing, security auditing and security management. For those who want, there are two versions of this program. One with a thesis and research, one without. Both take place on the main campus. 

Cyber Scholarships in OK

Scholarships are one way to fund a degree. These are like grants and offset costs of tuition, fees and in some cases, extras. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Many Oklahoma colleges give scholarships to eligible new first time students. But there are other possible resources to tap into. Here are a few from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. 

Academic Scholars Program

The Academic Scholars Program bases decisions on merit. Amounts vary but help cover the cost of room, board, tuition, books and some fees for up to 8 semesters. OK students may qualify at the get go if a National Merit Scholar / Finalist or U.S. Presidential Scholar. The same applies if your ACT / SAT scores are above the 99.5 mark. Some schools may nominate students for this award too. And, as long as one studies fulltime and keeps up a 3.25 GPA, the award renews. 

Heroes Promise Scholarship

The Heroes Promise is a military scholarship. It is for eligible children of OK military personnel killed in action after 1.1.2000. Apart from OK residency, an applicant must enroll in a degree program before the age of 21. Heroes Promise aims to offset student’s tuition at a public community college or university. It will also cover a part of tuition at an accredited Oklahoma private college. 

The money may also pay for courses at public technology centers. As long as they grant approved credits towards an AAS degree at a public college. Scholarship funds last up to five years. Or until the student completes a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.

Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarship

The Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarship is a need based award. It is for 8th – 9th or 10th grade students from OK families with an income of $55,000 or less. To qualify, you must fill out and file a FAFSA. Oklahoma’s Promise pays the amount of regular tuition at public schools. And, a portion of tuition at private ones.  

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Oklahoma

When not in class, you may want to attend cyber conferences, meetups or workshops. These events may widen your circles and keep info sec skills fresh. 

Innotech 2020

Presented by Inter Works Inc, Innotech is a business and tech conference and expo. The next one takes place in Oklahoma City and will have speakers, networking and more. Attendees may also take part in Root66. An Info Sec conference, it offers two full days of security focused tracks. 

BSidesOK 2020

This is OK’s main Info Sec conference. This year it takes place in Glenpool. A two day event, the main conference is free and has tech villages as well as activities. There are also training classes that you must register (pay) for. Some provide intros to offensive security. Others, more in depth defense and protective measures. 

Oklahoma InfraGard Chapter

InfraGard is a coop between the U.S. gov’t (led by the FBI), businesses, schools, state and local law enforcement. They keep a calendar of events and in 2019, held an Information Warfare Summit. Members also have access to an article library.   

Meetups in Oklahoma

The Irregulars – OKC Hackers

The OKC Hackers are a public meetup with 298 members. They unite to form an ethical hacking group that meets each week to discuss, engage and play in a virtual lab. 

ISSA – Information Systems Security Association

There is an ISSA Oklahoma City Chapter. A public group, it has 107 members and hosts monthly meetings. An upcoming online event is about open source software. 

ISACA - Information Systems Audit and Control Association

ISACA offers credentials, trainings and soon, a virtual workshop. The main focal areas are risk, audit and assurance and info sec. There is a Central Oklahoma Chapter that may have local events.

Cyber Security Jobs in Oklahoma

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage for Info Sec Pros in May 2018 was $81,900. When looking for a cyber job in OK, there may be options for a range of skill sets. Here are a few companies that may hire cyber pros in Oklahoma. 


A federal contractor with markets such as cyber, cloud and eng. They may recruit for jobs in Oklahoma City (OKC).

Humana Inc

A health insurance company and federal contractor. They may hire skilled cyber pros to protect health data in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


As a federal contractor, Deloitte’s expertise is in cyber risk, forensics, assurance and internal audits. They may post jobs for Tulsa or OKC. 

Booz Allen Hamilton

A U.S. management and info tech consulting firm and federal contractor. They may list jobs for OKC. 

General Dynamics Information Technology

A federal contractor with many markets including cyber, defense and intel. They may hire for jobs in OKC. 


Provides eng., scientific and IT solutions to nat’al security, cyber, space and other sectors. Also a federal contractor, they may hire in Fort Sill. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Oklahoma by College 

Public and private colleges in Oklahoma offer cyber security degree programs. To help you find them, we compiled a list of these schools. We listed them in order of the number of students who graduated in the 2018 year. 


Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

1801 E 4th St., Okmulgee, OK

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technologies – Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

OSU had the highest number (37) of cyber grads in 2018. This 120 credit program aims to prep students on two key fronts. One is to understand the tech aspects of keeping systems, hardware and software secure. The other is to look into the who, what, where, when and why of cyber attacks and cyber crimes. Sample classes are: 

  • Operating Systems – Learn about the software that supports a computer’s basic functions
  • Secure System Admin – Study the many ways to protect the virtual asses of a company
  • Intro to Computer Logic – An overview of the key ops and structures of computer systems
  • Network Security – About the practices that keep digital assets whole, private and accessible to verified users

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • MS in Management Information Systems


  • Oklahoma State Scholarships 
  • Atlas Power Opportunity Scholarship 
  • STEM Scholarship 

School Features :


Rose State College

6420 S E 15th, Midwest City, OK

AAS in Cyber Security / Digital Forensics

Rose State College had the second highest number (35) of cyber grads in 2018. This 61 credit program focuses on info sec basics. Students learn about mobile, wireless and remote access tech. Plus the proactive steps that keep them safe from attacks. Sample classes are: 

  • Principles of Cyber Security – An intro to key ideas, tools and practices that keep systems, networks and software secure
  • Ethical Hacking – About system defense and the ways to check if there are security flaws
  • Networks – Mobile, wireless and remote access tech
  • Digital Forensics – Study ways to recover data to help trace internet crime

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • AAS in Digital Forensics


  • Leadership Scholarships 
  • Division Scholarships 

School Features :

  • Cyber Patriot Center of Excellence by the Air Force Association
  • Offers all six of the Committee of National Security System (CNSS) Certifications  

National American University -Tulsa

8040 South Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK

BS in Information Technology in Cyber Security and Forensics

NAU had the third highest number (3) of cyber grads in 2018. This program is 180 credits and comes with an IT core. Students also learn how to spot and assess information system threats, risks and attacks. Other classes focus on digital forensics. These study the tools, tech and processes used to gather and keep digital evidence. Sample classes are: 

  • Security Operations Theory – A global view of security and practical uses of cyber concepts
  • Intro to Cyber Security – Learn how computer hacking affects business and gov’t as well as the methods and tools of hackers
  • Cyber Crime and Info Systems – About computer crimes and the methods, tools and practices that collect evidence
  • Risk – Study the tech and practices that spot risks and the safe guards used as counter measures

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • AS, BS in Information Technology
  • BS, MS in Strategic Security and Protection Management 
  • BS, MS in Intelligence Management 
  • PhD in Strategic Security 
  • Cyber Certificates 


  • NAU Scholarships 

School Features :

  • Online Cyber AS, BS, MS 

University of Central Oklahoma

100 N University Dr., Edmond, OK

BS in Forensic Science – Digital Forensics

UCO has the fourth highest number (2) of cyber grads in 2018. This program is at least 124 credits, with 36 devoted to digital forensics. It serves as an intro to the field and also, to cyber crime. Students learn how to process a crime scene, IT security and about forensic tools. There are some labs with specific courses too. Sample classes are: 

  • Digital Evidence – About the signs hackers leave behind on computer and mobile devices that prove a crime or breach took place
  • Mobile Device Forensics – Tools, tech and practices to recoup evidence from mobile phones etc.
  • Criminal Procedure for FS – Study the ways to keep evidence intact and other sets of rules that an investigator must take
  • Cyber Crime – A look at cyber crimes of all kinds from a criminal justice view point

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • BBA in Management Information Systems
  • BS in Computer Science – Information Science 
  • MS in Forensic Science 
  • MA in Crime and Intelligence Analysis 


  • FSI Scholarship
  • ARL / DNA Solutions Endowed Scholarship in Forensic Science 
  • Leeds Forensic Systems Inc. Scholarship in Forensic Science 
  • Fred Jourdan Scholarship 
  • Julian and Irene Rothbaum Student Achievement Award 

School Features :

  • FEPAC Accredited BS, MS 
  • Student Academy of Forensic Science 
  • Delta Delta Epsilon (FS Honor Society) 
  • Online programs 

University of Tulsa

800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK

MS in Cyber Security

U Tulsa had the fifth highest number (1) of cyber grads in 2018. This 30 credit program covers a set of core topics. These study main ideas, tech, and action measures to keep data safe. The rest of the courses are electives, chosen by each person. Options span e commerce security, hardware security and auditing. Sample classes are: 

  • Basics of Cyber Security – An intro to software security, malware, keylogging, data loss, and privacy
  • System Security – A tech focused look at access control, security system design, cryptography and more
  • Network Security – About connectivity, layered security and defense with side topics about VPNs, IPSEC, routers and more
  • Defensive Cyber Security Tech – Study info sec risks, threats and weak areas that modern org’s face

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • BS, MS in Computer Science 
  • BS in Information Technology 
  • BS in Computer Simulation and Gaming 
  • MS in Cyber Security (Accelerated, Thesis, Non Thesis)


  • Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service 
  • U Tulsa Scholarships 

School Features :

  • CAE in IA Research & Cyber Operations