Cyber Security Colleges in Ohio

Cyber Security Colleges in Ohio

Students seeking a cyber degree in Ohio have a number of schools to consider. The US Dept. of Ed College Scorecard lists 269 schools in Ohio. Of those, 17 had cyber grads in 2018. Of those schools, these were the top 11 based on the number of grads:

  • University of Cincinnati: 40 graduates
  • University of Northwestern Ohio: 17 grads
  • Clark State Community College: 11 grads
  • Franklin University: 11 grads
  • Stark State College: 11 grads
  • Belmont College: 7 grads
  • Wright State University: 7 grads
  • Sinclair Community College: 6 grads
  • The University of Findlay: 6 grads
  • Edison State Community College: 5 grads
  • North Central State College: 5 grads

Online Cyber Security Programs in OH

Though cyber is a program that works well for online education, not all schools have online programs. Many of the schools in Ohio have online or hybrid programs. Students will find Associate’s degrees, Bachelor’s degrees, and Master’s degrees available in cyber. Those who want a flexible program that lets them study on their own time will want to consider one of these schools.

University of Cincinnati

At UC, students can pursue both a BS in Info Tech and an MS in Info Tech with a cyber track fully online. The school has been slowly adding online coursework to these programs until it is now able to offer them fully online. These programs are offered through the School of Educ, Criminal Justice, and Human Services alongside the School of Info Tech. 

UC had the largest number of grads in 2018, making it the state’s top program. It is also home to the Ohio Cyber Range, a training and testing tool in cyber. It is a National Security Administration Center of Academic Excellence.

Franklin University

Franklin University is an NSA Center of Academic Excellence that offers all three cyber degrees online. Students can pursue a BS in Cyber Sec without setting foot on campus. The program focuses on teaching counter measures and how to use forensics to find threats. It implements true to life simulations to help create hands on experiences. 

In addition to the BS in Cyber, Franklin has an AAS and an MS program that students can complete online. This school is a National CyberWatch Center.

Wright State University

Wright State University has an online Master’s Degree in Cyber Sec. This program is a 30-hour program that delves into cyber and the criminal law concerns that affect the computer world. WSU is a NSA Center of Excellence school, and it also offers an undergrad degree and a master’s level certificate in Cyber.

University of Findlay

The University of Findlay has an online Master of Science in Applied Sec and Analytics program. This program typically takes two years to complete. This program teaches secure coding, software engineering, and info tech management principles. The University of Findlay also offers non-online cyber programs, including a BS in Info Assurance that meets the NSA’s curriculum requirements.

Sinclair Community College

As an NSA Center of Excellence, SCC offers a number of cyber programs. Its AAS Computer Info Systems Sec System Admin is offered in an online format. This program explores computer systems and how to govern them securely. SCC has articulation agreements with over 20 schools to help students transfer to a four year program.

Cyber Scholarships in OH

Many groups in Ohio want to help both undergrad and graduate students focusing on cyber. Tech and computer scholarships may make the chosen degree program more affordable. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Some scholarship options for Ohio students include:

Robert V. McKenan Scholarship

This award is open for students in Southwest Ohio studying an information science program. The award is between $750 and $1,500. Students must attend a four year program with a 3.0 GPA minimum. 

Choose Ohio First

Choose Ohio First is an award for students at select universities and colleges in Ohio who are studying STEM. Scholarships are awarded based on need and merit. Students apply for the program through their school. Awards are between $1,500 and $4,700 per year.

Helen Hendershott Memorial Scholarship Fund

This award from the Ohio State Real Estate Commission is given to a student studying real estate or business. Many Ohio cyber programs are under the business heading, making this an option for some students.

Technology First Scholarship

The Technology First program awards a Southwest Ohio area student who has at least 30 credit hours completed additional funds to complete their tech program. Students must maintain a minimum major GPA of 3.25 and complete an interview.

Darrell Parks Student Scholarship

This award is $1,000 and is given to two students who graduate from a career tech program and wish to continue on to additional training. It is provided through Ohio ACTE and up to two awards are given each year.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Ohio

Attending cyber workshops and conferences in Ohio could give students and grads a chance to interact with others in the field. These may also be a good chance to learn about the latest threats and counter measures.

Annual Cyber Events in Ohio

Some conferences meet on an annual basis. These are some of the top options to make plans for in Ohio.

Info Sec Summit

The Info Sec Summit has training, speakers, and hacking competitions in the Cleveland area. This event usually marks the end of Sec Summit Week, a week long focus on cyber. 

Ohio Info Sec Conference

OISC meets each year in Dayton at Sinclair College. This event brings CIOs, CISOs and cyber pros together to discuss the latest in the field. It also has a huge vendor list and provides ample networking options. OISC is hosted by Technology First.

Ohio Linux Fest

Ohio Linux Fest meets in Columbus to discuss all things Linux. This includes keeping the OS secure. Enthusiasts and pros are both invited to attend and learn more about this popular open source software. 

BSides Columbus

BSides Columbus is an info sec conference that meets in Columbus. It was founded in 2014 and continues to bring the best talent to the field. 

BSides Cincinnati

This one day cyber sec conference is the Cincinnati version of the Columbus group. This local conference brings together local pros to discuss all things cyber.

BSides Cleveland

Finally, Cleveland has its own version of the BSides conference. In addition to the speakers and vendors, this event hosts an annual capture the flag cyber tourney. 

Cyber Meetups and Groups in Ohio

Sometimes students don’t need a big event to grow their networks. Sometimes a local meetup or group is best. These groups meet on a regular basis throughout the state.

Columbus OWASP Chapter

The Columbus chapter of OWASP meets regularly to discuss software security risks and solutions. The group has over 800 members and hosts both online and in person events.


ISACA meets to discuss info sec and make it more visible. Ohio has multiple chapters, including the Central Ohio Chapter, Greater Cincinnati Chapter, and Northeast Ohio Chapter.

Info Systems Sec Association International

ISSA has four chapters in Ohio, the NE Ohio, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Central Ohio groups. These chapters require a small fee to join but provide many chances to meet and discuss cyber.

Northeast Ohio Info Sec Forum

NEOISF meets regularly to talk about info sec. Monthly meetings in Richfield give the chance to network with other industry pros. 

Ohio Info Sec Forum

The Ohio Info Sec Forum provides networking and collaboration chances to security pros. This group meets every second Thursday in Dayton. 

Cyber Security Jobs in Ohio

In 2018 the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the annual mean wage in Ohio for cyber jobs was $93,770. Companies in Ohio often need cyber grads to hold positions to keep their tech secure or help them build safe tech and apps. Some companies that hire cyber sec professionals are:

S&K Technologies, Inc

Located in Portsmouth, this federal contractor works in mission support, engineering, security solutions, and aerospace. It is fully owned by the Salish and Kootenai tribes.

Applied Industrial Technologies

Applied creates secure tech for the industrial field, including cement, food and beverage, mining, steel, and others. Its location in Cleveland often needs cyber pros.


ManTech is a defense contracting firm in Columbus that works entirely in the security and analytic fields. This is a federal contractor. 


Deloitte provides business consulting and tax services. Its Cincinnati and Cleveland locations often hire cyber pros. This is a federal contractor.


Expedient is a tech company that offers cloud, security, disaster recovery, and compliance solutions. It has a location in Cincinnati. 


Humana has locations throughout Ohio. This federal contractor offers health insurance. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Ohio by College

Many schools in Ohio offer programs in and cyber security degrees. Many schools are NSA Centers of Excellence. Some offer online only programs. These programs are located within criminal justice, IT, computer science and engineering programs.

To make it easier for you to find colleges in OH with cyber security degrees, we compiled a list of schools. We put these schools in order of the number of students who graduated in the 2018 year.Whether a student is looking for an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree, these are the top 11 schools to consider for cyber. 


University of Cincinnati

2624 Clifton Ave. | Cincinnati, OH 45220

BS in Information Technology Cyber Track 

The BS in Info Tech from the University of Cincinnati Main Campus has a cyber security track that gives a detailed look at cyber topics. This fully online program generally takes five years to complete and covers 120 credit hours. It had 40 grads in 2018. Course examples include:

  • Securing Your Digital Life – Covers basic ideas to keep personal digital items secure
  • Enterprise Systems Admin – Covers how to administer enterprise systems safely
  • Computer Programming – Discusses the basics of computer programming
  • Network Security – An overview of cyber topics

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 


University of Northwestern Ohio

1441 N. Cable Rd. | Lima, OH 45805

AAB in Info Tech Digital Forensics

UNOH offers an AAB in Info Tech with a digital forensics track. This 108 credit hour program includes 65 info tech and cyber courses. It had 17 grads in 2018, making it our second ranked program. Course examples include:

  • White Collar Crime – Looks at common cyber and white collar crimes
  • Network Forensics – Looks at basics in forensic tech in networks
  • Ethics in Info Tech – Explores the ethics of the info tech world
  • Criminal Law – An intro to criminal law for non legal majors 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 


Clark State Community College

570 E Leffel Ln. | Springfield, OH 45505

AAS in Cyber Sec and Info Assurance

The Associates in Applied Science in Cyber Sec and Information Assurance at CSCC is a 61 credit hour course that covers the full AAS in Info Tech program along with a certificate in cyber. It had 11 grads in 2018, making it our third ranked program. Course examples include:

  • PC Hardware Essentials – Explores the essential pieces of PC hardware
  • PC OS Essentials – Explores the basic OS, including Windows and Linux
  • Intro to Cyber – Intro to cyber sec concepts
  • Cisco Intro to Networks – Intro to basic concepts about networks

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


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Franklin University

201 S. Grant Ave. | Columbus, OH 43215

BS in Cyber Sec

Franklin University offers an online BS in Cyber Sec that teaches students how to respond to breaches in networks. The program had 11 grads in 2018, making it our fourth ranked. It covers 124 semester hours, including 36 hours in the major. Course examples include:

  • Info Assurance – A data intensive course in the practice of info sec
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response – Shows how to use forensics to find risk and how to respond to incidents
  • Risk Management – Shows how to manage risks in cyber
  • Windows Admin – Teaches how to oversee Windows OS with a focus on cyber sec

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


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Stark State College

6200 Frank Ave. | North Canton, OH 44720

AAS in Cyber Sec and Computer Forensics

Stark State College offers an AAS in Cyber Sec and Computer Forensics. This program had 11 grads in 2018, making it our fifth ranked in the state. It is a 65 credit hour program. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Forensic Science – Explores the basics of forensic science
  • Cyber Forensics and Data Recovery – Teaches how to use cyber forensics to find and recover data
  • Ethical Hacking – Discovers the ethical uses of hacking technology
  • White Collar Crime – Looks into the white collar crimes common in today’s digital world

More Cyber Degree Programs:  

  • Undergrad Certs available 


School Features: 


Belmont College

68094 Hammond Rd. | St. Clairsville, OH 43950

AAS Cyber Sec and Computer Forensics

The AAS in Cyber Sec and Computer Forensics at Belmont College is a 64 credit hour program that takes approximately three years. With seven grads in 2018, this was our sixth ranked program in the state. Students may be prepared for Comp TIA certs after finishing. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Computers and OS – This gives an overview of computer tech and common OS
  • Cyber Law and Ethics – Offers an overview of cyber laws and their ethics
  • Network Systems – A look at networks and keeping them secure
  • Routers and Routing – Explores routers and routing tech

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

  • Undergrad Certs available 


School Features: 


Wright State University

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy | Dayton, OH 45435

MS in Cyber Sec 

WSU offers an MS in Cyber Sec that may be completed fully online. in Info Tech and Cyber security that explores threats and attacks and how to fight them. With seven cyber grads in 2018, this was our seventh ranked school for the state. This 30 hour program includes the following classes:

  • Secure Computing Practices – Explores how to use computers safely
  • Mobile Computing – Teaches the risks and safety of mobile devices
  • Cloud Computing – Explores cyber issues in the cloud
  • Legal Aspects of Cyber Sec – Discusses the legal side of cyber

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Online Cyber Degrees: MS
  • NSA CAE-CD 2020-2025 

Sinclair Community College

444 W. Third St. | Dayton, OH 45402

AAS in Computer Info Systems Sec. System Admin 

The AAS Computer Info Systems Sec System Admin at Sinclair Community College has multiple certs embedded in the program. This program, which is available online, opens the door to entry level employment or transfers into four-year schools. With six grads in 2018, it was our eighth ranked program. Course examples in the 61 hour program include:

  • Intro to OS-  Intro to basic OS and their risks
  • Linux OS – An intro to Linux
  • Network Sec – Intro to important network sec topics
  • Intro to Software Apps – Intro to the apps used in modern software

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Online Cyber Degrees: AAS
  • NSA CAE-2Y 2017-2022 

The University of Findlay

1000 N. Main St. | Findlay, OH 45840

Master of Science in Applied Security and Analytics

The University of Findlay offers a Master of Science in Applied Sec and Analytics that is available fully online. This program is a 33 semester hour program. It had six grads in 2018, making it our ninth ranked program for the state. Course examples include:

  • Secure Coding – How to code in a secure environment
  • Applied Sec Principles. Teaches the principles of information security and assurance
  • Data Mining for Decision Making – How to mine data to make informed decisions
  • Risk Management for Information Systems – How to manage risk in a computer system

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


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Edison State Community College

1973 Edison Dr. | Piqua, OH 45356

AAB in Cyber Sec 

At Edison State, students may earn a AAB in Cyber Sec as they learn to analyze and assess cyber intrusions. This 61-credit course covers a basic intro to the field. It had five grads in 2018, making it our tenth ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Java – A look at Java programming language
  • Computer Forensics – Explores the basics of computers and crime fighting
  • OS Concepts – Teaches intro concepts for OS
  • Networking Essentials – Intro to networking basics

More Cyber Degree Programs: 



North Central State College

2441 Kenwood Cir. | Mansfield, OH 44906 

Info Tech Cyber Sec 

The AAS in Info Tech Cyber Sec from NCSC prepares students for cert exams or transfer to a four year program. This 61 or 62 credit hour program provides a basic intro to the field. It had five grads in 2018, making it our eleventh ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker – Explores ethical hacking and counter measures for building a strong cyber defense
  • IT Essentials – Intro to hardware and software and a look at networking
  • Routing, Switching, and Wireless – A more in depth look at networking, including WAN
  • Network Sec – Prepares sunbonnets for the CompTIA Sec+ exam

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

  • Undergrad Certs available 


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