Cyber Security Colleges in New Jersey

Cyber Security Colleges in New Jersey

Cyber security degrees in New Jersey are hard to come by, but some schools offer them. The US Department of Education College Scorecard indicates 157 schools in New Jersey. This includes community colleges, universities, and colleges. Of those five had students graduate in 2018 with cyber degrees. An additional five had National Security Agency and Dept. of Homeland Security approved National Center of Academic Education programs, but no graduates in 2018. The top 10 programs for cyber based on the number of students who graduate with cyber degrees in New Jersey were:

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology: 15 graduates
  • Stevens Institute of Technology: 10
  • Felician University: 3
  • Hudson County Community College: 1
  • Salem Community College: 1
  • Brookdale Community College
  • County College of Morris
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • New Jersey City University
  • Rutgers University

Online Cyber Security Programs in NJ

Online cyber security programs are harder to find in New Jersey. Just three of the top ten schools offer online programs for degrees and certificates. Students will find bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and associate’s degrees online through these schools:

New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT offers an MS in IT Administration and Security that students can earn entirely online. This program is part of the Ying Wu College of Computing. As an NSA Center of Academic Excellence, NJIT has a proven course of study with graduate programs that meet national standards.

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University offers both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in cyber, but the MS in Cyber Security and Information Assurance degree is available fully online. This degree program focuses on providing knowledge in cyber that will raise leaders in the field. It is an NSA National Center of Excellence in Cyber and is certified as a Cisco Networking Academy. This gives students many hands on opportunities in labs.

Brookdale Community College

Brookdale Community College is a new NSA National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education school. It offers two year AAS in Network Information Technology with a Cyber focus provides students the basics they need to jumpstart their careers or transfer to a four year school. This program is available either as a hybrid program or fully online.

As an NSA CAE, Brookdale’s Cyber Center has a curriculum and virtual lab environment that provides hands on experience, even for online students. The 18 credit cyber certificate integrates into the AAS in Network Info Tech degree and aims to provide a well rounded education.

Cyber Scholarships in NJ

Investing in a college education may be a definite challenge for many students. Financial aid could help cover some of the costs of college for those who need help. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. New Jersey has several scholarships designed specifically for those pursuing cyber degrees and computer science degrees. Some of these include:

Philadelphia Chapter ISACA Scholarship

Offered to students in PA, DE, or NJ, the Philadelphia Chapter ISACA Scholarship is a $1000 to $2500 award. It requires students to be enrolled in a cyber related field. Applicants must complete an essay on a topic the chapter provides each year.

Electronic Security Association Youth Scholarship

The ESA Youth Scholarship is available to students in several states, including New Jersey. Applicants must have acceptance to a university or college program in the safety industry, which includes cyber security. They also must be a child of an active public safety employee to qualify for this award. The award amount varies but is between $2500 and $7500.

Association for Women in Science New Jersey STEM Scholarships

The AWISNJ STEM Scholarships are open to any female high school student in New Jersey who is interested in a degree in a tech field, including cyber. To apply, a student must write an essay on a STEM profession that is connected to the state. The scholarship committee evaluates the essay and the student’s academic work. Teacher letters of recommendation also play a role.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in New Jersey

Attending cyber events could help students and recent graduates learn the rope of the cyber industry. New Jersey hosts many annual conferences and regular meetups in the field. Finding one nearby and attending it may grow a student’s knowledge and professional contacts in the field.

Annual Workshops and Events in Cyber in New Jersey

These are some of the most popular cyber events in New Jersey that happen annually:

New Jersey Digital Gov. Summit

This annual conference takes place in Trenton and is aimed at public sector employees. It is a free cyber and tech event.

FutureCon New Jersey CyberSecurity Conference

This annual conference takes place in the fall at the Newark Liberty Intl. Airport Marriott hotel. It tackles the latest issues in cyber and has a huge section of exhibits and product displays.


EdgeCon is considered the Newark area’s top IT event. It discusses all things tech, including cyber security. It also has a vendor area that provides the chance to explore new product development.

Info Sec. Network USA

The Info Sec. Network hosts an annual cyber conference at the Newark Liberty Intl. Airport Marriott in the fall. This group of cyber security professionals highlights the latest changes in the industry.

Data Connectors Jersey City Cyber Sec Conference

This fall conference takes place at the Westin Jersey City Newport. It is a one day event with keynote speakers and vendor booths to explore.

New Jersey CISCO Exec. Summit

The New Jersey CISCO Exec Summit explores the top challenges in the field. This event brings in top leaders in CISCO and security to work through problems they are currently facing.

Regular Cyber Meetups and Groups in New Jersey

Annual events are a great way to grow knowledge, but local cyber meetups and events are the best way to grow a network. These are some of the best groups in New Jersey to consider.


The New York City and Northern New Jersey chapter of the Open Web App security group is a huge group of over 4,800 members. Their regular meetups explore all things cyber.

New Jersey ISC Chapter

The New Jersey ISC Chapter has many events and a low annual membership cost of just $75.

New Jersey ISACA Chapter

The New Jersey ISACA Chapter offers regular meetings and events. Many of these offer continuing ed credits for those keeping up certs.

Women in Tech NJ & NY Meetup

This meetup aims to bring women in the tech field together to discuss issues, including cyber issues. Regular meetings have different topics of discussion.

Cyber Security Jobs in New Jersey

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an annual mean wage for cyber pros of $121,600 in 2018. Some places to look for jobs after completing a degree program include:

Parsons Corp

This Eatontown company is a federal contractor that hires cyber sec engineers. They work in intelligence, security, defense, and infrastructure, with a heavy focus on tech.

Bristol Myers Squibb

This global bio pharm company needs security pros to help manage its tech division and keep its products and tech secure. It is a federal contractor with a location in Princeton.

UBS Financial Services

This New York company is a federal contractor that hires cyber pros and has several New Jersey locations. It offers advice and investment services to government agencies, companies, and individuals.

NBC Universal

NBC has a location in Englewood Cliffs. This mass media company is owned by Comcast and requires many cyber pros on its team. This company is a federal contractor.

CACI International

CACI employs cyber sec software pros and is a federal contractor. This professional services and IT company has a location in Florham Park.

Cyber Security Degrees in New Jersey by College 

Students seeking cyber security colleges in New Jersey may find a few options. Many of the schools that offer cyber degrees have been approved by the NSA for their quality programs. Some offer online learning options to provide flexible degree paths for students. With options for both graduate students and undergraduate students, these New Jersey colleges provide cyber and information science options worth a second look, ranked by number of degrees awarded in 2018:


New Jersey Institute of Technology

University Heights | Newark, NJ 07102

MS in IT Administration and Security

New Jersey Institute of Technology offers an online MS in IT Admin and Sec that aims to prepare students for leadership roles in the field. The school had 15 grads in 2018, making it our first ranked program. This is a 30 credit course. Course examples include:

  • Wireless Networks – Security issues found in wireless networks
  • Security and Privacy in Computer Systems – A closer look at privacy issues in computers
  • Counter Hacking Techniques – Teaches how to counter cyber attacks and hacking attempts
  • Info Systems Strategy – Strategy for keeping information systems secure

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • NSA CAE CD 2014-2020 
  • Online Cyber Degrees: MS 

Stevens Institute of Technology

1 Castle Point Terrace | Hoboken, NJ 07030

BS in Cyber Security

Stevens Institute of Technology offers a BS in Cyber Sec that brings science, tech, and management skills into one degree. This program had 10 grads in 2018, making it the second most popular option in New Jersey. Course examples include:

  • Operating Systems – Studies popular OS and how to use them well
  • Info Sec and the Law – Teaches the legal side of the information security world
  • Intro to IT Sec – An intro to security issues in IT
  • Privacy in a Networked World – Explores networks and how to keep them private and secure

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features: 

  • NSA CAE CD 2014-2021
  • NSA CAE R 2014-2021 

Felician University

262 S. Main St. | Lodi, NJ 07644

BS in Cyber Security

Felician University is a private Catholic school that offers a BS in Cyber Security. This program requires students to complete a core in Computer Science and additional courses in cyber. With three graduates in 2018, it was the third most popular program in the state. Course examples include: 

  • Intro to Computer Science – Intro to basic CS topics and skills
  • Intro to Programming – Teaches the basics of programming and programming language 
  • Network Security – Teaches the basics of keeping networks secure
  • Secure Software Dev – Teaches how to develop software with less risk

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


  • SAINTS Scholars Program

School Features:


Hudson County Community College

70 Sip Ave. | Jersey City, NJ 07306

AS in Computer Science Cyber Security

HCCC offers an AS in Computer Science Cyber Security that is designed to prepare students for further training for a bachelor’s degree. This program had one graduate in 2018, making it the fourth most popular in the state. Course examples include:

  • Java Programming – Teaches the popular Java programming language
  • Intro to Networks and Networking – Introduction to computer networks and networking tech
  • Ethical Hacking – Ethical reasons to use hacking to track down cyber criminals
  • Intro to Operating Systems -Basic intro to popular OS

More Cyber Degree Programs: 



Salem Community College

460 Hollywood Ave. | Carneys Point, NJ 08069

AS in Criminal Justice Cyber Security

The AS in Criminal Justice Cyber Security at SCC takes a criminal justice focus instead of a computer science focus. The program is 59 credit on campus program. It had one graduate in 2018, making it the fifth most popular in the state. Course examples include: 

  • Intro to Computer Forensics – Intro to crime fighting using computers
  • Computer Network Security Fundamentals – Intro to the basics of keeping computer networks secure
  • Computer Apps – Intro to apps used in computers
  • Intro to Computer Hardware and Operation – The basics of computers, including how to use them

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 


Brookdale Community College

765 Newman Springs Rd. | Lincroft, NJ 07738

AAS Network Information Technology Cyber Security

Brookdale Community College is an NSA Center of Academic Excellence that offers an AAS in Network Info Tech with a Cyber focus. Students may graduate with an AAS Network Info Tech degree and a Cyber certificate. The program had no grads in 2018. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Networking – Explores basic networking concepts
  • Perimeter Security – Teaches students to create secure network perimeters
  • Hacker Techniques, Tools, and Incident Handling – How to find hackers, what tools they use, and how to handle incidents
  • Intro to Sec -Intro to the tools and techniques to keep networks secure

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features: 

  • Online and Hybrid Cyber Degrees: AAS
  • NSA CAE 2Y 2019-2024

County College of Morris

214 Center Grove Rd. | Randolph, NJ 07869

AAS in Information Technology Cyber Security Focus

County College of Morris is an NSA Center of Excellence. It offers an AAS in Info Tech that has a cyber certificate program. Though the program had no grads in 2018, its Center for Cyber Security makes it one of the top programs. Course examples include: 

  • Foundations of Info Sec – Intro to the information security topics
  • Network Security – Basics of keeping networks secure
  • Computer Science 1 – An intro to computer science topics
  • Ethical Hacking and Systems Defense – How to use ethical hacking tactics to defend systems

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features: 

NSA CAE 2Y 2017-2022 


Fairleigh Dickinson University

1000 River Rd. | Teaneck, NJ 07666

MS in Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Fairleigh Dickinson University has an MS in Cyber Security and Information Assurance degree that is available completely online. This 30 credit degree program is designed to prep students for career success in cyber. It’s a NSA Center of Excellence and a member of the Cisco Networking Academy. Though it had no graduates in 2018, it may be a great choice for those seeking cyber degrees. The MS program is available fully online or on campus. Course examples include 15 core courses, including:

  • Computer Networks – Explores details about computer networks
  • Cyber Sec – A detailed look at cyber sec topics
  • Applied Crypto – Applying cryptography concepts in real world environments
  • Operating Systems – An overview of common OS

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features: 

  • NSA CAE CD 2014-2020
  • Cisco Networking Academy
  • Online Cyber Degrees: MS

New Jersey City University

2039 Kennedy Blvd. | Jersey City, NJ 07305

BS in Cyber Security

New Jersey City University offers a BS in Cyber Security. This program blends up to date knowledge and advanced research to provide an NSA approved program. The bachelor’s degree opened in 2020, so it had no grads in 2018. However, its status as a Center of Excellence means it may be a good option. Course examples include:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science – An intro to the computer science field
  • Computer Programming – Intro to computer programming and programming language
  • Computer Forensics I – How to find criminals with forensics applied to computers
  • Cyber Incident Handling – Teaches how to handle cyber incidents safely

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

  • Undergrad and Grad Certs available


School Features: 

  • NSA CAE-CD 2014-2020

Rutgers University

4 Huntington St. | New Brunswick, NJ 08901

BS in Information Technology Cyber Security Information Assonance

Rutgers has a BS in Info Tech that has a Cyber Security Information Assurance focus. This degree track focuses on the technical skills to keep database and network tech secure. In addition to the full IT program, it follows a Cyber pathway. Though it had no grads in 2018, it is an NSA Center of Excellence. Class options include:

  • Database Tech – The tech behind database structures
  • Info Sec – An overview of info sec topics
  • Networking and Internet Tech – Security issues in networks and online
  • Info Policies, Politics and Power – Explores the policies and politics that govern cyber

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • NSA CAE CD 2014-2021
  • NSA CAE R 2014-2021