Cyber Security Degrees in New Hampshire

Cyber Security Degrees in New Hampshire

Cyber security degrees in NH may be harder to find. Because of its small size, the state of New Hampshire does not have many colleges. The US Dept. of Ed. Educational Scorecard lists 35 schools in the state. Of those, only eight have cyber degree programs. The schools offering cyber security degrees in New Hampshire. The school rankings are based on the number of graduates in 2018 and the quality of the cyber program include:

  • New England College: 63 grads
  • Manchester Community College: 19 grads
  • River Valley Community College: 2 grads
  • University of New Hampshire
  • Dartmouth College
  • Great Bay Community College
  • Nashua Community College
  • Southern New Hampshire University

Online Cyber Security Programs in NH

Cyber sec programs work well for online learning. Because this is a tech based degree, much of the work may be done from a home computer just as much as a classroom computer. Not all schools offer online options for cyber security degrees in NH, however. If a student is looking for the flexibility of online learning, these programs offer that option.

New England College

New England College offers a Bachelor’s of Science degree and an Executive Master’s degree in cyber security that can be completed online. The BS in Cyber Sec teaches students how to plan for and prevent cyber threats, and what to do when they get through even the best protection. This program allows students to pursue either a tech track or business track. In the tech track, students learn about programming, database management, and networks. In the business track, they learn about leadership and project management. 

In addition, NEC has an Executive MS in IT and Cyber Sec. This IT program has a concentration in cyber. It is also available online. Though NEC is not a National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security Center of Academic Excellence, the cyber programs follow the recommended schedule from the NSA and DHS. Students can be confident that they will receive a well-rounded education in this program. 

University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire is a National Security Administration Center of Academic Excellence School. It offers bachelor’s degree programs and master’s degree programs, but its MS in Cyber Sec Policy and Risk Management is available fully online. This program focuses on guiding students on how to make cyber policies and manage risks. This degree does not require students to have an IT or tech undergrad degree, but may be embraced by anyone interested in cyber regardless of their undergrad education.

Southern New Hampshire University

At SNHU, students can attain both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in cyber entirely online. The BS in Cyber Sec is a 120-credit degree program that provides a detailed look at cyber topics. This program is designed to be flexible for students, as it allows students to transfer up to 90 credits. If a student has an undergrad cert in cyber, that can count as a transfer credit. This degree also offers two separate concentration options: project management and data analytic. This program aligns with NIST’s NICE Cyber Sec Workforce Framework and the NSA Centers of Academic Excellence program, though it is not labeled a CAE. SNHU also has an MS in Cyber Sec that is available fully online. This is a 36 credit program.

Both the BS and MS programs are hands on in nature, giving students real world experience in cyber. Both the MS and BS programs provide high-quality education. SNHU’s online programs come highly rated, and in 2017 the school earned the USDLA 21st Century Distance Learning Award.

Cyber Scholarships in NH

Getting help paying for school is always beneficial. The cost of a college education is becoming quite high, and students may need to find creative ways to pay for it. In the world of cyber, there may be options available to help lessen the cost of a college education. Students applying for these degree programs may also apply for cyber scholarships in New Hampshire. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Some options that apply to cyber students or students in the state of New Hampshire in any degree program include:

Governor’s Dual and Concurrent Enrollment STEM Scholarship

The State of New Hampshire has partnered with the Community College System of NH to help high school students take college STEM classes during high school. Students may take up to two courses in STEM, which includes cyber, while still in high school and earn credit for both college and high school work. These credits may then transfer into any of the cyber security degrees in New Hampshire.

Governor’s Scholarship Program

The Governors Scholarship Program is not cyber specific, but it can apply to cyber programs. This scholarship allows students up to $2,000 per year for their college education. Students must be Pell Grant eligible and residents of the state to receive this scholarship. It is available for up to four years.

NHHTC Kocher Tech Scholarship

This scholarship is available to any child of an employee of NHHTC Member Companies. Students must be enrolled in a STEM program, including cyber, in a New Hampshire school and be willing to complete their internship within the state. The award is $2,000 a year for up to four years.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in New Hampshire

Getting connected with other cyber professionals and students is important in growing a professional network. Students and recent grads may do this through cyber workshops and events in New Hampshire. Both annual events and less formal meetups and groups may be beneficial in helping grow a strong professional network in the field. Here is a closer look at some of the options in New Hampshire:

Annual Cyber Conferences in New Hampshire

These events take place once a year. They are larger events that give the chance to explore vendors and learn from experts.

NH Cyber Sec Symposium at MCC

Each year MCC hosts a cyber sec symposium that taps its resources as a cyber school. MCC students and members of the public are welcome to attend. The three day event brings in some of the top names in cyber as well as NH law enforcement officials to discuss cyber crime.


Skicon is held in Woodstock. This annual event brings together hackers and defenders to chat about all things cyber. In addition to discussing hot topics in cyber, Skicon allows participants to spend time skiing and snow boarding. This gives the chance to build network connections in the community in a fun, less formal way.

New Sec Paradigms Workshop

This more exclusive event is by invitation only and is held in North Conway. It brings together experts in information security to discuss cyber risks. It draws heavily on researchers to discuss some of the most pressing needs in the field. The interactive discussion model allows for discussion as well.

BSides NH

This is New Hampshire’s version of the popular BSides cyber sec and tech conference. It meets once a year to bring in cyber speakers and host workshops to cover critical topics in the field.

MEP Cyber Sec Workshop

The New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership hosts a Cyber Sec Workshop for those interested in CMMC certs. This is ideal for IT pros as well as manufacturing pros who are ready to learn more about cyber.

Cyber Groups and Meetups in New Hampshire

In addition to annual events, cyber pros can build their network through joining a meetup or local cyber group. Some to consider include:


(ISC)2 New Hampshire is the New Hampshire chapter of this popular cyber group. They host regular events and discussions for cyber pros in the state.

ISSA New Hampshire Chapter

ISSA meets regularly to discuss cyber issues. The New Hampshire chapter hosts educational forums and peer meetups to help cyber pros build the skills they need.

UNH Cyber Center Meetup

The UNH Cyber Center hosts monthly meetups and other events that give networking opportunities to cyber pros. These are open to the public, not just students, but tap into the faculty at the college.


PineSec is an informal meetup for those who love info sec. This group typically meets in Manchester and has a less formal order of business when they meet. They simply hang out and talk about cyber and get to know other local pros.

Cyber Security Jobs in New Hampshire

They may also allow students to pursue work in a field they are passionate about. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average annual wage for New Hampshire cyber pros is $100,850. Some of these are federal contractors that work with the federal government on projects. Some companies to look at when seeking cyber positions include: 


Humana has a major hub in Portsmouth. This insurance provider is a federal contractor. Like most insurance companies, it needs cyber pros to keep sensitive data secure.


Leidos is a firm that helps companies and government entities find security solutions for their biggest risks. Its Hanover, NH location often needs cyber pros to help. Leidos is a government contractor.

Centripetal Networks

Centripetal Networks is a cyber sec company that helps businesses find and stop cyber threats. Though its headquarters is in Virginia, it has a location in Portsmouth often looking for security analysts and specialists.

Lincoln Financial Group

This Fortune 250 company is an American holding company that handles investments and insurance companies. They need cyber pros to help keep accounts protected against the constant risk of hackers. 

BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a defense, security, and aerospace company. Though it is based in London, it has locations throughout the US, including Merrimack, NH. This company is a federal contractor and is often looking for cyber pros.


Accenture is a global professional services company. It has a wide range of strategy and consulting services. It is a federal contractor with a location in Concord. Accenture often needs cyber pros. 

Cyber Security Degrees in New Hampshire by College 

For students looking to pursue cyber security degrees in NH, only eight schools offer them. Some of the programs are relatively new, so they do not have a large number of graduates. Still, these eight schools provide associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees, in the field of cyber, and all are worth looking into. 


New England College

98 Bridge St. | Henniker, NH 03242

BS in Cyber Security

The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Sec at New England College was the program in New Hampshire with the most graduates. In 2018 the school had 63 cyber grads. This program explores cyber and security issues relating to organizations and computer networks. It also helps students evaluate cyber management policies. Students choose from tech or business tracks. This program is available online. Course examples include:

  • Cyber Sec Foundations – An intro to the cyber world
  • Cyber Sec Principles – Discusses the core principles surrounding cyber
  • IT System Components – Looks at the parts of information systems
  • Policy, Legal, Ethics and Compliance – Discusses the legal and ethical sides of cyber sec

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features: 

  • Online Cyber Degrees: BS and MS
  • Follows NSA CAE curriculum guidelines 

Manchester Community College

1066 Front St. | Manchester, NH 03102

AAS in Cyber Sec Investigations

MCC offers an AS in Cyber Sec Investigations for students who are interested in the field. This program aims to prepare students for CompTIA certs, and allows them to opt out of classes if they already have specific certs. The program cover 63 credit hours, which include:

  • Intro to Computer Forensics – Intro class to discuss computer forensic topics
  • A+ Preparation Hardware – Basic overview of hardware to prepare for computer and IT jobs
  • OS Artifacts – Discusses using digital forensics for finding malware in File System artifacts
  • PC Forensics – An advanced look at methods to examine digital evidence

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 


River Valley Community College

1 College Place | Claremont, NH 03743

AS in Cyber Sec and Healthcare IT

The AS in Cyber Sec and Healthcare IT at River Valley Community College covers important cyber topics with a focus on the healthcare industry. It is designed to allow students to transfer to a four-year school. This 60 or 61 credit program had two grads in 2018. Class examples include:

  • Intro to OS – Basic overview of common operating systems
  • Intro to Networks – Overview of networks and their security issues
  • Network Sec – A deeper look at the risks found in networks
  • Intro to Linux – A look at this open source platform and its risks

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad certs available


School Features: 


University of New Hampshire

105 Main St. | Durham, NH 03824

MS Cyber Sec Policy and Risk Management

The MS in Cyber Sec Policy and Risk Management is a fully online program that helps students develop strategic thinking and risk management skills. This 30 credit course is newer, so it had no grads in 2018, but it is an NSA CAE. Course examples include:

  • Cyber Sec Standards, Regulation, and Laws – Explores the standards and rules that surround cyber
  • Cyber Sec Risk Management – Looks at cyber as part of an overall risk management program within a company
  • Incident Response and Investigation – Teaches how to respond to and investigate incidents
  • Policy Dev. And Communication – How to develop and communicate sec policies

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features: 


Dartmouth College

207 Parkhurst Hall | Hanover, NH 03755

BS in Computer Engineering Cyber Sec Concentration

Dartmouth College has a BS in Computer Engineering that has a cyber sec concentration option. This allows the student to major in the in demand field of computer engineering, while also gaining important cyber skills. This is a new program, and in 2019 Dartmouth College was named an NSA CAE. It had no grads in 2018. Course examples include:

  • Network Security – Teaches the defense of networks and crypto skills
  • Computer Forensics – Teaches how to detect and prevent cyber crimes
  • Cyber Threats and Sec Management – Explores how to create trusted systems and the basics of sec life cycles
  • Design and Implementation – Designing and running resource management systems

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Grad Certs available


School Features:


Great Bay Community College

320 Corporate Dr. | Portsmouth, NH 03801

AS in Cyber Sec Infra Structure

The AS in Cyber Sec Infra Structure from Great Bay Community College gives a basic overview of cyber knowledge. This aims to prepare students to succeed in entry-level positions in the field. Though it had no grads in 2018, it remains a top option for current students. Course examples in the 62-credit program include:

  • Network Protocols and Services – Teaches network essentials for keeping networks safe
  • Intro to Networks – Intro to LAN systems to follow the Cisco Academy program
  • Linux I – Intro for students to the Linux public domain OS
  • Intro to Python – An overview of this programming language

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features:


Nashua Community College

505 Amherst St. | Nashua, NH 03063

AS in Cyber Sec Networking

The AS in Cyber Sec Networking at Nashua Community College prepares students for a role as a Network Sec Specialist. This includes preparing for Cisco CCNA certs and CompTIA Security+ testing. The 61-credit program had no grads in 2018. Course examples include:

  • Network Sec Monitoring – How to monitor networks for cyber risks
  • Linux Essentials – An overview of the Linux OS
  • Fund. Of Cyber Sec – An overview of cyber sec topics
  • Network Basics – The basics of computer networks

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features:


Southern New Hampshire University

2500 N River Rd. | Manchester, NH 03106

BS in Cyber Sec

The BS in Cyber Sec at SNHU is available fully online. This unique 120 credit online bachelor program allows students to transfer up to 90 credits, and industry certs may count as transfer credits. This school had no grads in 2018. Course examples include:

  • Cyber Defense – Explores how to defend against threats
  • Enterprise Sec – How to build a plan to protect a company against cyber threats
  • Network Sec – An overview of keeping networks secure
  • Cyber Sec Foundations – An overview of what makes cyber sec systems work

More Cyber Degree Programs: