Cyber Security Degrees in Nevada

Cyber Security Degrees in Nevada

Cyber security degree programs help students work in the tech field. Most do complex projects like protect info from access. Students interested in the field have several school options. Not all are the same. The U.S. Dept. Of Ed’s College Scorecard says there are 36 schools in Nevada. Just 3 schools offer cyber ed programs. That’s why it’s hard to get a degree in this field. The top schools in Nevada for cyber security degrees include: 

  • College of Southern Nevada – 34 students
  • University of Phoenix – Nevada – 5 graduates
  • Truckee Meadows Community College – 1 graduate

Online Cyber Security Programs in NV

Cyber security is a field that relies on the internet. Some schools offer online programs as a result. Online cyber degree programs may be beneficial for many reasons. They let students learn at their own pace. It is also a good way to learn if you have a busy schedule. You may learn full time or at a much slower rate. In Nevada, the following school offers online cyber security programs.

University of Phoenix – Nevada

This school offers a wide range of options in computer science. Cyber tech is one of them. It lets students learn at their own pace. The program is diverse. Students around the globe enroll in the University of Phoenix for this and other degrees. U. of Phoenix has several cyber security options. This includes an Assoc. of Arts in Info Tech. This is one option for those who are just starting out. Students may then choose specific courses that interest them. Among those courses is cyber security. U. of Phoenix also offers certificate programs. This could allows a student to create a custom program to fit their needs. This school is flexible and diverse. That may help a cyber security student pursue a solid position.

Other schools in Nevada may offer online ed. Some allow students to take special cyber security courses. They may not offer a degree program in the field. A student could complete a computer science degree. Then, they can take cyber security courses to compliment their education.

Cyber Scholarships in NV

Students who wish to obtain a cyber security degree in Nevada may qualify for financial help. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Many schools offer in house help for funding education. You may apply for many scholarships. Some are in your community. Local businesses may offer scholarships, too. Turn to companies you wish to work for. Ask them about available funds.

Some scholarships are just for cyber security. Others are for computer science students. Many students qualify for them. Here are a few for Nevada students.

ICMCP Black Hat Scholarship

The ICMCP Black Hat Scholarship is is available for students earning a bachelor degree. Some students earning a master’s degree may apply, too. Doctoral students may qualify in some cases. If you are a pro going back to school for cyber security, also consider this. Students must write 1000 words to apply. They need to discuss cyber security challenges. Pick one and talk about the importance of improving that risk. Students are awarded full briefing passes. They may also earn other benefits. The experience at the Black Hat USA conference is also a top prize. It is valued at $50,000.

Harold F. Tipton Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students earning a bachelor’s degree. Apply for it if you are just starting your education in cyber security. It is available to people in the U.S. The award is for $5,000. You may use it for all of your educational needs. It is available to (ISC)² undergrads. You must be obtaining a degree in cyber security. Some related computer fields may also qualify. It is necessary to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students need to provide a resume of the work they have done. This includes in high school. They should then include all transcripts of completed courses. Recommendation letters are necessary. Students must then write a statement of purchase.

The Peter Jasin AFIO Endowment

For students just starting out, the Peter Jasin AFIO Endowment is another option. There are two options. The undergrad award is for those taking associates or bachelor’s degrees. The graduate scholarship is available for masters and doctoral students. Students may need to show sustained interest in national security fields. This may include education experience, like courses completed. It may include work experience or other avenues of interest. Cyber security should be a part of that experience. Students should be planning to work in the U.S. intelligence community after graduation. It is necessary to provide a full cover letter explaining this. Then, submit all transcripts of courses taken in the field. Recommendation letters are necessary, too. This fund is available only to U.S. citizens

ISSA Education Foundation Scholarship

The ISSAEF scholarship is a good opportunity for undergrad students. Some grad students may qualify as well. This option is available to those enrolled full time in an information security program. Cyber security qualifies for this. It is designed to help reduce the financial stress of a student enrolled in this field. It is only available for accredited school funding. Undergrad students must have a GPA of 2.5.

Grad students must have a GPA of 3.0. Also, students will need to show insight into the work they have done. This includes volunteer work. Provide a personal letter. In addition, students need to have some type of security-type work experience. Students can earn $2,000 or up to $3,000 with the ISSAEF scholarship.

Microsoft STEM Scholarship Program

Students studying cyber security may qualify for the STEM Scholarship from Microsoft. It is available to undergrad students in any STEM field. Cyber security qualifies. This scholarship aims to help men and women who are underrepresented in student groups. The funding can help to promote diversity within science and tech careers.

Microsoft awards this scholarship to only undergrad students. The application process involves proving leadership skills. Students can apply if they are full time students. It is only available to those who are attending a four-year school in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Undergrads must have a GPA of 3.0 to apply. This is a very challenging scholarship to obtain. It has a lot of competition each year.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Nevada

Education may be important in cyber security. This field is always growing and changing. New advances happen every day. New threats happen often as well. Students and pros typically need to stay on top of that info to remain competitive. One way to do that is with workshops. Conferences can help you, too.

Nevada has some workshops and conferences each year. They aim to educate students on current trends. Many are hands-on. They are also a good way to build a network. This may help support your career over time. Students may prove they have the latest skills in the tech field. Attending these events may make applicants for jobs seem more educated and ready for the field. Students may attend these cyber workshops in Nevada or attend those in nearby states.

ISC West

The ISC West conference focuses on cyber security. It takes place in Las Vegas annually. It brings together industry experts and product developers. This includes cyber security demons and experts. There are seminars and lectures here. There are also various parties held. Students can attend special events to meet industry leaders. The aim is to stay up to date on the latest trends. There is also a large component of networking possible at this event.


Ai4 is an annual event. It occurs each year in Las Vegas. There is also a virtual component. It is aimed at business leaders and data practitioners. Students will learn about cyber security in various forms. This includes AI and machine learning. It is dedicated to innovative and new concepts in the industry. Sharing info is the goal. But, attendees also learn how to apply actionable steps to their jobs. It is focused on protecting connectivity across all companies.

Def Con 28

A young, hip style of workshop is available at Def Con 28. There are security vendors present. Many of those attending are providing demo labs and hands on learning opportunities. Def Con 28 is focused on the latest in cyber security. It also provides training opportunities. This is an advanced workshop. Those who attend generally work in cyber tech or computer science. They want to network. They need to learn the most up to date info in the field.

IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference

The IEEE event takes place in Las Vegas. It is an annual event. This is a consumer tech conference. Some areas are focused on new product launches. Other seminars and talks are about cyber security. There is a lot of focus on network protection. It aims to advance the wireless industry in a safe and secure manner. Hands on learning takes place throughout the event. New devices and peer to peer networking happens as well. More than one conference takes place each year, some years. This is an important option for those in all fields related to cyber security.


The International Conference on Information Technology is an important event. It is also an annual event happening in Las Vegas each year. It travels throughout the world each year providing attendees with key trends and updated solutions. This is a computer science heavy event. Cyber security professionals will find it valuable as well. It is generally a lab style event with hands on demonstrations. Students and pros will network and discuss the latest threats. Software engineering is also a component to this program. Some years, computer architecture is a focus as well. Students will be attending an information packed event at the ITNG event.

KNOW Identity

This event is a leading opportunity for students to connect with industry leaders. It is an international event. That means speakers and companies here are some of the most advanced in the field. The focus is on identity and trust issues in the digital world. Attendees will learn about data economy and cyber security from a business leader point of view. There are over 200 speakers each year. There are also 500 companies represented here. In addition, there are 100 exhibitors with new solutions and products. The focus is on hands on learning. Lectures and workshops take place during the KNOW Identity event. About 25 percent of C-Suite executives around the world make it to this event each year. It happens in Las Vegas.

AWS re: Invent

Another event in Las Vegas is the AWS re: Invent conference. It has keynote speakers and sessions from industry experts. There are breakout sessions that let individuals learn and grow in a hands on environment. The topics are numerous. They include database protection, IoT, and ML. Students may learn directly from the AWS program. This is a program set up and managed by Amazon. It offers insights into operational security, modernizing, and other industry tech.

The Diana Initiative Conference

This event is available in person in Nevada or virtually. The conference focuses on women and diversity in tech fields. This includes specifically information security. There are many speakers each year. Hands on workshops help to provide industry updates, too. The goal is to engage women in the field and advance their skill set specifically. There are workshops and lectures here. Many students will spend a lot of their time working on networking with others. It is an excellent program for improving diversity. Students learn how to work with all people. It aims to break down barriers.

Cyber Security Jobs in Nevada

In Nevada, the average annual wage for cyber security careers was $89,530. This was in May of 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students may find a wide range of jobs in cyber security in Nevada. Look at these companies when you want to pursue a cyber security job in Nevada.

MGM Resorts International

An international company, MGM Resorts International is one of the largest employers in the state. It is known for its casinos, hotels, and conference centers in Las Vegas. It has businesses and operations around the world. And, it uses cyber security pros to secure its properties. Data specialists and cyber security experts help keep the business secure from the latest threats. It hires people in prevention and solutions, It also hires people in the detection fields. It is a federal contractor.


Humana is a large, domestic insurance provider. It has offices in Las Vegas. They use cyber security professionals. Humana’s need for these pros is focused on areas of data protection and computer tech safety. It aims to help protect consumer data. It also uses these professionals for cloud cyber security opportunities. There are event virtual opportunities to work with Humana. Humana is a federal contractor.

General Dynamics Information Technology

GDIT is a large information tech company. It works to develop software and solutions for other companies. It has a strong focus on emerging technologies. This includes cyber security. The company aims to use cutting edge tech to help in areas of defense for companies. It also works with government agencies including homeland security. This company is very focused on intelligence gathering and analysis. GDIT is a federal contractor.

Intelligent Waves

A smaller company, Intelligent Waves provides end to end info tech solutions for both the government and private industry. It is a service disabled company. It is also a vet-owned company. And, it provides services in a wide range of operational and intelligence areas. Cyber security jobs are very common here. The company’s main goal is to provide better ways to community using security IT. It has offices in Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

Northrop Grumman

This is another federal contractor., Northrop Grumman works in all areas of cyber security. It also focuses on areas of autonomous systems and logistics. The company is known for its aerospace tech. It also works with the U.S. government for defense tech. It provides defense and intelligence services to numerous organizations. Often, these are specialized, custom designed strategies. Northrop Grumman employees individuals at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and at other locations in the state.

CDM Smith

CDM Smith operates in the engineering and construction industry. It designs smart solutions for companies of all sizes and types. It provides consulting and design services. The company employs cyber security professionals for many reasons. This includes providing cyber security to its own operations. It consults other companies on creating security networks of their own as well. CDM Smith is a federal contractor. It has main offices in Carson City, Nevada.

Cyber Security Degrees in Nevada by College

The quality of a school is important to consider. Some offer more features. Many offer diversified programs. The more you know about a program, the better. Look at these schools in Nevada. These offer cyber security programs. They are ranked based on the number of 2018 graduates. Data from the 2018 school year was used.


College of Southern Nevada

6375 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

AAS. Of Cyber Security

The College of Southern Nevada offers an associate degree in cyber security. Students can choose a two-year degree program here. A four year program is also available. Both are a bit different. All provide cyber security content. The school offers four special cyber security paths. Including one for compliance. Another is in digital forensics. Students can also study network security. They may pursue work in many fields. This could include cyber security analyst positions. A certificate program in digital forensics is also available. Information systems is also provided.

Those who complete this course may pursue work in various fields. This could includes companies and government offices. Students may earn between 30 and 60 credits in cyber security education. The main program is an AAS. In Cyber Security. Courses available include:

  • Cyber threats
  • System admin
  • Data analysis
  • Operating systems
  • Cyber defense
  • Databases

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • CAE-2Y 2018-2023 
  • Cert. programs available 
  • Some online classes 
  • Graduate certificate available 

University of Phoenix – Nevada

3755 Breakthrough Way, Las Vegas, NV 89135

B. S. in Information Technology with Advanced Cyber Security Certificate

The University of Phoenix – Nevada offers a number of ed programs in cyber security. It also offers info tech fields with cyber focuses. Any of these programs may be helpful. The B.S. in Info Tech degree has an advanced cyber security certificate with it. This course takes about four years to finish. Students may take most of it at a self pace. That means studying when it works for them. This program lets students meet CISSP and CSCU cert exam criteria. This allows the student to sit for these exams.

The B.S. in Info Tech degree teaches students one course at a time. Every five weeks, a new course takes place. This lets students balance school and life. There are 120 credit hours in this program. It focuses on cyber attack prevention. It also features cyber security solutions. You will learn hand in hand with industry leaders. This includes good access to modern topics. Some of the courses include:

  • Info system security
  • Cisco
  • Network com. 
  • Testing 
  • Computer network 
  • Disaster recovery plans 
  • Cyber security threat 

More Cyber Degree Courses: 


School Features:

  • Online degree programs
  • Certificate of achievement available
  • CSCU cert. exam
  • CISSP cert. exam

Truckee Meadows Community College

7000 Dandini Blvd, Reno, NV 89512

AAS in Cyber Security

Students who wish to learn info tech with cyber security can do so at the Truckee Meadows Community College. The school offers an AAS in Info Tech – Cyber Security. This program helps prepare students to apply security to networks. Students will learn to spot security concerns. They will learn to configure networks. Then, they will learn to secure networks. They also learn industry leading info and skills. 

The AAS in Cyber Security from this school offers various opportunities. Students can enroll in courses, earn a degree, and then work in local businesses. It teaches real world use of cyber security. The program requires 60 credit hours to complete it. A great deal of flexibility is possible. The college offers various special courses students can take. Any of these can help customizes their degree. Some of the class options include the following courses: 

  • Ethical hacking
  • IT essentials
  • Server+
  • Java
  • Network security

More Cyber Course Options:


School Features: 

  • Some online programs
  • Cert. programs available
  • On campus course work