Cyber Security Degrees in Nebraska

Cyber Security Degrees in Nebraska

A degree in cyber security may open the door to the career field. In the state of Nebraska, only a few schools offer cyber degrees. The US Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard indicates there are 43 schools in the state of Nebraska. Of those, only six offer cyber degree programs.

  • Bellevue University: 149 graduates
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha: 18
  • Purdue University Global Lincoln: 1
  • Metropolitan Community College
  • Northeast Community College
  • Western Nebraska Community College

Online Cyber Security Programs in NE

The nature of cyber education makes it perfect for online education. Even in online education, students may get real world experience and hands on education. Studying online typically means more flexibility, which may work particularly well for adult learners. It also provides those who have already started their careers to add additional education.

Several of the schools with cyber degrees in Nebraska offer their programs online. With these schools, students may find both bachelor’s degree programs and master’s degree programs. The schools with online cyber programs include:

Bellevue University

Bellevue had Nebraska’s top cyber program in 2018, and it also offers this program fully online. Whether students study online, on-campus, or a combo of the two, students in this thorough program explore all aspects of cyber, and they graduate ready to pursue jobs in the field. They learn to apply the theories and concepts learned in the classroom to real world examples through the use of case studies. They are also able to apply incident response plans to cyber systems to keep them running securely.

Students who take the online version of the BS in Cyber Sec from Bellevue University have the option to enroll in an accelerated cohort degree program. In this model, students join a group of classmates in an interactive learning environment and advance through the major courses together. Students do not take long breaks between classes, but register for the major courses at one time and move from one to the next, with the same community of peers. This helps students earn the degree more quickly while also putting them within a community of similarly minded peers. The school also has an MS in Cyber Sec and an MS in Cyber Sec Cohort that are available online.

As a private university, Bellevue not only teaches cyber, but it also teaches ethics. All cyber students must complete the Kirkpatrick Signature Series, which discusses American vision, freedom and responsibility, as part of their major. The series follows the traditions of Western Civilization fashioned America. Bellevue is a National Security Agency Center of Academic Excellence.

University of Nebraska Omaha

The University of Nebraska Omaha offers an online Bachelor of Multi Disciplinary Studies that has a cyber sec concentration. This well-rounded program not only teaches students about cyber, but it also provides them with general bachelor’s degree they may apply to other programs. In this program, students pursue 30 cyber hours to give them an intro to the field.

Even though the BMS cyber degree is an online degree, it offers hands on experience through simulations and labs. This gives students practical experience to apply to their future careers in cyber. This school is a National Security Agency Department of Homeland Security Center of Academic Excellence.

Purdue University Global Lincoln

Purdue University Global is an online college that has some campuses throughout the country. One of those campuses is in Lincoln, Nebraska. Because Purdue is primarily an online school, its BS in Cyber Sec is designed for fully online completion. Students study 180 credits which include 120 credits in the major field. This is an in depth program in cyber, and it is designed specifically to provide flexibility for busy adult learners.

In addition to the primary BS in Cyber, Purdue has an MS in Cyber and an ExcelTrack BS in Cyber. The MS in Cyber is a 60-credit program that strives to provide real-world experience in the field. The ExcelTrack program is a program designed for those already working in IT, as it allows students to put their prior work experience into the program as transfer credit. This accelerates graduation and lets students earn their degree with fewer classroom credit hours.

Metropolitan Community College

MCC offers an AAS in Cyber that is an NSA Center of Excellence program. This school has several campuses throughout the Omaha metro area, but its cyber degree is available as an online program as well as on campus. Some students choose a hybrid model, studying both on campus and online based on their schedules.

Western Nebraska Community College

WNCC offers an AA in Cyber Sec that may be earned through online coursework. This program has built in certs that could allow students to graduate with the credentials necessary to pursue their careers. WNCC has scholarship opportunities for its incoming freshmen, including the Scholarship for Success program that is available in many degrees, including cyber.

Cyber Scholarships in NE

The cost of a college education may be daunting. Many students find themselves looking for help to cover some of the costs of college. Scholarships for Nebraska students may make that college education just a little bit more attainable. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. While Nebraska does not have any cyber specific scholarships, it does have scholarship programs cyber students may apply to their degrees, including these:

Susan T. Buffett Foundation Scholarship

Though this scholarship is not cyber specific, the Susan T. Buffett Foundation scholarship is available to any graduate of a Nebraska high school or GED program who is attending a Nebraska public college or university. Students must have a proven financial need. This scholarship is very competitive, so students should apply early for the best chance of being considered.

Sowers Club of Nebraska Scholarship

The Sowers Club of Nebraska Scholarship has two scholarship programs that cyber students can consider. The Continuing Education program is available to any resident of Nebraska who has a GPA of 3.0 or higher and is a declared student at an institution of higher learning. The award amount is $1,000. This group also offers a scholarship to high school seniors of $1,000. Seniors must be planning to attend college in Nebraska to qualify.

Urban League of Nebraska Scholarship

Students who have performed at least 10 hours of documented community involvement and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher may qualify for the Urban League of Nebraska Scholarship. While this is another that is not cyber specific, it is available to cyber students.

CyberCorps Scholarship for Service

Meeting with other people who work in the cyber industry may help students and grads maintain their skills and stay aware of changes in the field. Nebraska has many groups and a few annual events that give this chance.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Nebraska

Meeting with other people who work in the cyber industry helps students and grads maintain their skills and stay aware of changes in the field. Nebraska has many groups and a few annual events that give this chance.

Annual Cyber Events in NE

These annual events give cyber students and grads opportunities to grow their knowledge and their networks: 

Nebraska Cyber Sec Conference

Hosted at Southeast Community College in Beatrice, this event raises awareness bout cyber sec and the need for better protection. In addition to keynote speakers, this event has breakout sessions that let attendees explore areas of specific interest. It is held in the fall.

Data Connectors Cyber Sec Summit

This summit, which is hosted in both Kansas City, MO and Omaha, NE, explores tools and plans to address cyber issues. This is a traveling expo, but makes regular stops in Omaha and has many exhibits to explore when not attending a sponsored session.

Omaha Cyber Sec Conference

The Omaha Cyber Sec Conference is an annual event that offers high-level cyber sec training. It is focused on CISOs and c-suite execs.

Cyber Sec Meetups and Groups in NE

In addition to annual conferences, cyber pros in Nebraska will find several groups they can join for regular meetups. These provide the chance to explore the latest industry issues and build strong local connections in smaller group settings. Some to consider joining include:

ISACA Omaha Chapter

ISACA meets regularly to discuss IT audits, hosts paid seminars, and runs a job board. Students can join for a discounted rate. 

Nebraska InfraGard

Nebraska InfraGard is This FBI-sponsored program connects federal agents with the private sector with the goal of protecting the infrastructure surrounding cyber in the state. They meet on a monthly basis and members can join as long as they pass a security clearance first. 

ISC2 Omaha

This group is made up of security pros, people with advanced certs in the field, and credentialed professionals. It meets monthly and hosts events throughout the year.


Each month this group hosts a Cyber Sec Forum. The goal of the forum is for cyber pros to share their knowledge and apply current research in the field.

Omaha 2600

On the first Friday of every month, Omaha 2600 meets at the Omaha Maker Space. They discuss IT systems, wireless networking, and cyber topics. 

Cyber Security Jobs in Nebraska

In the state of Nebraska, students who graduate with cyber degrees have good income potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the average annual wage for cyber pros in Nebraska to be $84,540. Finding a cyber security professional job requires finding companies that need these pros. Many in Nebraska regularly hire those with a background in info sec. Students could increase their chances of getting hired by earning additional certs. After completing a cyber degree program, companies to look at for a job include:

Omaha Public Power District

The Omaha Public Power District is a federal contractor. This public electric utility company serves over 352,000 customers throughout the state. It often needs cyber pros to keep its networks secure.

Union Pacific

Union Pacific is a national railroad that takes shipments across the country. It has a major hub in Omaha that often needs cyber pros. Union Pacific is a federal contractor.


Humana is a nationwide insurance company. It requires secure networks to protect the sensitive information it carries about its clients, which creates a demand for cyber pros. Humana is a federal contractor. It has a location in Omaha.


Perspecta is another company in Nebraska that needs cyber pros. This federal contractor works directly with the government to help with cyber defense, health care, intelligence, and more, with a focus on digital transformation.


NelNet is a student loan processor with locations in Lincoln and Omaha. This company often needs cyber pros to help it manage its databases.

Apogee Engineering

Apogee Engineering is an award winning engineering firm that provides cyber sec to defense and civilian customers, as well as other IT services and products. It has a location in Offutt that is often in need of cyber pros.

Cyber Security Degrees in Nebraska by College

Cyber programs are harder to find in Nebraska. However, the schools that offer them have quality programs. Based on number of grads in 2018, these are the top schools offering cyber security degrees in NE:


Bellevue University

1000 Galvin Rd. S | Bellevue, NE 68005

BS in Cyber Security

The BS in Cyber Sec from Bellevue University is a fully online program that teaches students how to use the right tools and tech to find and stop risks with cyber systems. This 127 credit degree includes 36 credits in the major field. In 2018 it had 149 grads making it our first program. It is available online or in-class Course examples include:

Course examples include:

  • Intro to Cyber Threats, Tech and Sec – An intro course to the basics of the field
  • Ethics for IT Pros – Discusses ethics that relate to cyber and IT fields
  • Data and Database Sec – Discusses databases and how to keep their data secure
  • Network Sec – Explores the security issues common with computer networks

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


University of Nebraska at Omaha

6001 Dodge St. | Omaha, NE 68182

BMS in Cyber Sec

University of Nebraska at Omaha offers a Bachelor of Multi Disciplinary Studies program fully online, and it has a cyber sec concentration option. This program offers 30 hours of cyber education with an additional full undergrad degree. Its flexibility works well for adult learners. U of Nebraska at Omaha had 18 cyber grads in 2018. Course examples include:

Course examples include:

  • Info Tech Ethics – An intro to the ethics that surround the info tech world
  • Computer Sec. Management – How to manage computer systems in a secure way
  • Foundation of Cyber Sec – An intro to the cyber sec world
  • Info Sec, Policy, and Awareness – How to create policies and build awareness around keeping IT systems secure

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • NSA CAE-CD 2014-2021
  • Online Cyber Degrees: BS

Purdue University Global Lincoln

1821 K St. | Lincoln, NE 68508

BS in Cyber Sec

Purdue University Global has a campus in Lincoln, NE, but it offers primarily online programs. The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Sec is an online only cyber program that covers 180 credit hours. This campus had one graduate in 2018, making it the state’s third most popular program. Students learn how to analyze computing problems and issues in keeping networks secure.

Course examples include:

  • Digital Forensics – A closer look at how forensics comes into play in the digital world
  • Intrusion Detection and Response – Teaches how to find and respond to cyber hacks and threats
  • Python Programming – Explores the Python programming language and sec issues it creates
  • Network Sec – An intro to network sec concepts

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Online Cyber Degrees: BS and MS

Metropolitan Community College

30th and Fort Streets | Omaha, NE 68103

AAS Info Tech Cyber Sec

The AAS in Cyber Sec provides students with an overview of cyber issues and a strong tech foundation. Though this program had no grads in 2018, it is an NSA Center of Excellence, which makes it one of the top programs in cyber for Nebraska. The 108 credit hour program includes 32 major area credits and is available online and on campus.

Course examples include:

  • Intro to Info Tech – An intro to info tech and all of the equipment used to create systems
  • Windows OS I – Intro to the basic Windows OS and how to keep it secure
  • Intro to Database Design – Teaches how to create a safe, supportive environment for businesses using databases
  • Boundary Protection – Teaches methods for defending network boundaries

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs Available 


School Features:

  • NSA CAE-2Y 2018-2023
  • Online Cyber Degrees: AAS

Northeast Community College

801 E Benjamin | Norfolk, NE 68701

AAS Info Tech Cisco Networking Academy and Information Security

The AAS in Info Tech as a Cisco Networking Academy and Info Sec degree program that aims to teach students on common cyber issues. This NSA Center of Excellence is a new program, so it did not have grads in 2018. Students pursue an Info Tech Core and add the Cisco Networking Academy cert to the mix. Students complete 65 credit hours which include:

  • Intro to Info Tech. An intro to info tech including computer software and security
  • OS I. Installation of OS, keeping it secure, and adding permissions
  • Cisco Networking I. An intro to computer networking standards
  • Info Sec Lab. This is a hands on course to help students practice what they’ve learned in real world applications

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


University of Nebraska Kearney

2504 9th Ave. | Kearney, NE 68849

BS in Cyber Sec Ops Comprehensive

The BS in Cyber Sec Ops at UN Kearney provides education in information systems security cyber with a 120-credit program that includes 42 major area hours. This program had no graduates in 2018. Course examples include:

  • OS – Intro to basic concepts about OS
  • Computer Organization – How to organize computer systems for better security
  • Info Networking Law and Public Policy – A look at how the law affects the information technology world
  • Tech in Criminal Justice – Explores how tech is used in the criminal justice field

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features:


Western Nebraska Community College

1601 E. 27th St. | Scottsbluff, NE 69361

AA in Cyber Sec

WNCC offers a cyber sec program that awards an Associate of Arts in the field. Students achieve several certs as part of the program, including CompTIA A+, Network+, Linux+, Security+, and Microsoft Office Specialist. Courses are offered online and on-campus and include:

  • Cyber Sec Essentials – An intro to cyber sec issues
  • Networking Essentials – An intro to the basics of networking
  • IT Tech Support – How to provide support to IT systems
  • IT Hardware Support – How to provide support to hardware systems

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • Online cyber degrees: AA