Cyber Security Degrees in Michigan

Cyber Security Degrees in Michigan

Students who are looking for a highly lucrative career field may wish to consider cyber. Michigan has 153 colleges according to the US Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard. Only 16 of those schools had cyber grads in 2018. Of those, the 12 schools with the most graduates with a cyber security degree were:

  • Baker College – 85 graduates
  • Davenport University – 53
  • Ferris State University – 46 
  • Macomb Community College – 16
  • Eastern Michigan University – 13
  • Oakland Community College – 11
  • Henry Ford College 7 
  • Delta College: 5
  • University of Detroit Mercy: 5 
  • Walsh College: 4 
  • Oakland University: 3 
  • University of Michigan Dearborn: 3

Online Cyber Security Programs in MI

In Michigan, many of the schools that offer cyber programs offer online degrees. Students can pursue a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or associate’s degree without leaving home. Some schools also offer hybrid or accelerated programs. Students looking for flexible degrees that are available online should consider these Michigan schools:

Baker College

Baker College in Flint, MI, has several cyber security programs. One of these, the BS in Info Systems with an Assurance Concentration, is available through Baker Online as well as on-campus. This provides flexibility to students who wish to study cyber without going to campus. The program is a National Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber.

The cyber programs at Baker College are the most popular in the state. They strive to provide students with hands on learning experiences through lab based course work. The teachers are Info Sec pros who are up to date on the latest risk and strategies to fight that risk.

Davenport University

At Davenport, students can pursue a number of cyber degrees online. Both the Bachelor’s in Cyber Defense and the Master of Science in Info Assurance and Cyber Sec are available online. The school also offers an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems online. This is an NSA/DHS Center of Academic Excellence school and it strives to provide hands on learning in real world environments whenever possible.

Even in the online classes, Davenport strives to give students a small class size, so they get one-on-one interaction with teachers. The design of many online programs, including cyber programs, caters to adult learners.

Ferris State University

FSU has a robust option for those interested in cyber courses online. At this school, students may earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree entirely online. This program was created in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies as well as appropriate government agencies. The BS in Info Sec and Intelligence teaches students ethical hacking and digital forensics skills. The MS in Info Sec and Intelligence provides hands on experience digital forensic . It is one of only six NSA Center of Excellence programs in Info Assurance in the country.

Eastern Michigan University

EMU has a BS in Info Assurance and Cyber Defense that students can take online. This degree is an NHA Center of Academic Excellence in cyber. In addition to the bachelor’s degree, the school has a digital forensics and incident response minor and an information assurance compliance minor that can be added to other IT degrees. It has an on campus MS in Cyber Sec as well.

University of Detroit Mercy

Detroit Mercy has both BS and MS programs in cyber, but its graduate level work is available online. Students can pursue either an MS Info Assurance or an MS Computer and Info Systems entirely online. It is also an NSA Center of Excellence.

Detroit Mercy has a unique program that allows students to pursue their BS and MS in cyber at the same time. This fast track program takes just five years to complete both degrees. Students can also pursue a combo MBA/MS in Computer Info Systems at Detroit Mercy.

Macomb Community College

MCC has an online AAS in IT Network Sec Processional. This program allows students to earn a cyber cert and prepares them to transfer into a four year program. MCC is an NSA Center of Excellence and has a Cyber Sec Center with student Cyber Club. Several IT scholarships make it easier to afford this basic undergrad program, and students have the option for transfer to a Michigan university to continue their education after.

Cyber Scholarships in MI

The cost of a college education may be overwhelming. Students may get help through cyber scholarships. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. While some awards are school specific, others are available to all Michigan students. Consider these options:

STEM Scholarships for High School Seniors

Every year, SIM’s Detroit Chapter offers high school seniors the chance for a STEM scholarship. The group awards five $1,000 scholarships. Students must be entering a STEM degree or field.

Women in Defense Michigan

The Women in Defense Michigan STEM Scholarship awards one high school female student up to $2,500 to pursue a STEM career. The award is also offered to women pursuing national security or defense programs.

NDIA Michigan Chapter STEM Scholarship

The Michigan chapter of NDIA offers up to $1,500 to students pursuing a STEM career in Michigan. To apply the student must have an active residency in MI.

MCWT Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is open to women who are pursuing a tech degree full time in a Michigan university. Students must be current Michigan residents to apply. Awards are up to $5,000.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Michigan

Getting together with other cyber pros and students helps grow a professional network. Students can take advantage of annual conferences and events in Michigan or attend local meetings and groups.

Annual Cyber Events in MI

Each year, large conferences take place in Michigan highlighting all things cyber. Some of the best ones to put on the calendar are these:

Converge Detroit

This conference brings the info sec professionals together to share their ideas and skills. It meets annually in Detroit.

GrrCON Cyber Sec Summit and Hacker Conf.

This annual conference in Grand Rapids is a lighthearted conference for info sec professionals. While the event is fun, it also brings in excellent keynote speakers to discuss hot topics in cyber.

Michigan Cyber Sec Conference

Every year the Western Michigan Cyber Sec Consortium comes to Grand Rapids for this popular event.

Security at University of Michigan IT

This annual symposium discusses cyber and privacy issues.

BSides Detroit

BSides is a well known name in the cyber world, and BSides Detroit takes place each year in Detroit. This one day conference brings top speakers to the city to discuss all things cyber.

Cyber Meetups and Groups

Michigan has many groups designed for cyber pros to meet and discuss issues in a less formal environment. Joining several of these will help new grads or current students build a strong network and learn important current events in the industry.


ARBSEC meets in Ann Arbor. This is a low key group and requires no dues or joining. Simply show up and discuss the latest tools and risks.


MiSec takes what makes BSides great and turns it into a regular meeting. The meetings take place in South East Michigan.

OWASP Detroit

OWASP is open to anyone who wishes to talk cyber. This group meets a few times a year to discuss cyber concerns.


In Kalamazoo, info sec pros enjoy ZooSec, a cyber meetup that welcomes both amateurs and experienced pros. This group is smaller, making it a good chance to get quality information about the field.

Cyber Security Jobs in Michigan

The cyber and information security field brings good income for many in Michigan. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the wage for cyber pros in Michigan in 2018 as $93,850. Many companies in Michigan find themselves in need of cyber pros. New grads can look for jobs with companies like: 

Reynolds & Reynolds

Reynolds & Reynolds works in auto tech and digitization for car dealerships.


TEKsystems is a federal contractor with a location in Dearborn. This company provides IT staffing and talent services.

Beaumont Health System

Beaumont Health is the largest health system in Michigan. They need cyber pros to keep their systems secure.

Ford Motor Company

Ford requires cyber pros to help it create secure tech for new vehicles. This federal contractor has a facility in Dearborn.


Humana is a health insurance company with a location in Detroit that often needs cyber pros. They are a federal contractor.


Deloitte offers audit, consulting, and assurance. This federal contractor is located in Detroit. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Michigan by College

Finding the perfect school takes a little work. Students wanting to pursue cyber have a large number of schools to look at. Of the colleges in Michigan that offer cyber degrees, these are the twelve to consider ranked in order of the number of students that graduated with a cyber security degree in 2018.


Baker College

1050 W Bristol Rd. | Flint, MI 48507

BS in Information Systems Assurance Concentration

Baker College has a BS in Info Systems with an Assurance Concentration that is fully available online. This school was our first ranked in the state based on the 85 cyber grads in 2018. The 120 hour program includes 75 hours in the major area. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Programming – Provides a basic intro to programming language and skills
  • Intro to Network Sec – Gives an intro to network sec concerns and skills
  • Info Systems Threat Assessment – Teaches how to find and assess risk in computer systems
  • Network Essentials – Teaches the basics of computer networks and how to build and run them

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


Davenport University

6191 Kraft Ave. SE | Grand Rapids, MI 49512

BS in Cyber Defense

Davenport University offers a BS in Cyber Defense that students may complete online or at the Grand Rapids campus. This 120-credit degree program offers two specialties, which are Health Care Info and Assurance and Info Sec. With 53 grads in 2018, it was the second ranked program in the state. Course examples include:

  • Database Design – Teaches how to design secure databases
  • PC OS – Explores the most popular OS for PCs
  • Sec Foundations – An intro to the foundations of IT security
  • Info Sec and Assurance – Intro to the admin and tech aspects of info sec

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


Ferris State University

1201 S State St. | Big Rapids, MI 49307

BS in Information Security and Intelligence

The BS in Info Sec and Intelligence at FSU is the only ABET-accredited cyber program in the state. The school had 46 grads in 2018, making it the state’s third ranked program. It is available online or on campus. Course examples include:

  • Digital Forensics – Teaches how to collect and analyze digital info
  • Pen Testing and Mobile Sec – Students learn to apply testing methods to guard against penetration of cloud based programs
  • Database Sec – Discusses secure database management
  • Link and Visual Analysis – Teaches how to turn digital info into a visual format to better analyze and report it

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


Macomb Community College

14500 E 12 Mile Rd | Warren, MI 48088

AAS in IT Network Sec Professional

The AAS in IT Network Sec Professional at MCC strives to prepare students to transfer to four year programs. It allows students to earn a cert in cyber at the end of the program. With 16 grads in 2018, this was the fourth ranked program in the state. Course examples include:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker – Teaches and certifies students in ethical hacking and testing
  • Network Design – Teaches how to build secure networks
  • Intro to Linux – Introduces Linux and its security risks
  • Info Sec Policies and Risk Mgmt – Teaches how to create good policies and manage risk in the info sec world

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features:


Eastern Michigan University

401 Pierce Hall | Ypsilanti, MI 48197

BS in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense

The BS in Info Assurance and Cyber Defense at EMU is available both online and on campus. This degree requires 124 credits with 84 degree-area credits. It had 13 grads in 2018 making it the fifth ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Cyber Law and Compliance – This course explores cyber related laws and maintaining compliance
  • Intro to Applied Crypto – Teaches how and where to use cryptography
  • Ethical Hacking – Teaches offensive techniques for dealing with cyber risks
  • Incident Response – Teaches how to respond to cyber problems

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


Oakland Community College

2480 Opdyke Rd | Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

AAS in Computer Information Systems Cyber Sec

OCC has an AAS in CIS Cyber Sec degree with a focus that is in line with the NSA’s guidelines for cyber programs. The program had 11 graduates in 2018, making it the sixth ranked in the state. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Database Systems – Explores the basics of database systems and how to keep them secure
  • Networking Concepts – Explores basic ideas and concepts in networking
  • Data Security – Teaches how to keep data secure
  • Computer Forensics – A basic intro to forensics in the digital world

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features:


Henry Ford College

5101 Evergreen Rd | Dearborn, MI 48128

AAS in Cyber Sec

The AAS in Cyber Sec at Henry Ford College was the first Center of Academic Excellence awarded to a community college in the state. The 62 credit hour course had seven grads in 2018, making it the seventh ranked program in the state. This program is reciprocal with many four year universities in the state, making transfer simple. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Info Tech – An intro to the world of info tech
  • Digital Forensics – An overview of digital crime fighting
  • Information Assurance and Sec – An intro to info assurance topics
  • Network Sec – A focused course on keeping networks secure

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features:


Delta College

1961 Delta Rd | University Center, MI 48706

AAS in Cyber Sec

The AAS in Cyber Sec from Delta College is yet another NSA Center of Academic Excellence. The 68 credit course provides a broad overview of cyber topics. This school had five cyber grads in 2018, making it the eighth ranked program in the state. Course examples include:

  • Cisco Sec – Intro to basic techniques to keep Cisco equipment secure
  • Info Sec – A broad overview of network sec, compliance, and operation security
  • Network Intrusion Sec Testing – Intro to sec testing and protecting networks
  • Computer Concepts – Intro to global issues surrounding computers and tech

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features:


University of Detroit Mercy Campus

4001 W McNichols Rd | Detroit, MI 48221

BS in Computer and Info Systems

The BS in Computer and Info Systems at Detroit Mercy is part of a fast track program that allows students to earn both a BS and an MS in just five years. This NSA recognized program requires at least 120 credit hours. It had five grads in 2018, making it the ninth ranked program in the state. Course examples include:

  • Database Design – Covers how to design secure database systems
  • Info and Society – Explores how an info professional impacts society
  • Ethical Hacking – Shows how to use cyber attack tools and techniques to find and fix risks
  • Network Sec – Explores the basics of keeping networks secure

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


Walsh College

3838 Livernois | Troy, MI 48083

BS in Info Tech Cyber Sec

The BS in Info Tech at Walsh College has the option for a Cyber Sec concentration. This program has many live attack and defense exercises and has a custom cyber lab. With four grads in 2018, it was the tenth ranked program. Course examples include:

  • Digital and Network Forensics – Focuses on crime fighting in digital and computer networks
  • Ethical Hacking Strategies and Tools – Gives practical hands on tools for ethical hacking scenarios
  • Attach and Defend Techniques – An advanced team based instruction about how to defend against attacks
  • Advanced Programming – A programming course for students with experience

More Cyber Degree Programs:



Oakland University

220 N Squirrel Rd | Rochester Hills 48326

MS in Cyber Sec

The MS in Cyber Sec at Oakland University has two tracks, a research and a professional track. This 32 credit program has 16 subject area courses. It had three grads in 2018, making it the eleventh ranked program in the state. Course examples include:

  • Info Sec Practice – Explores the practices in the info sec world
  • Cloud Computing – A closer look at cloud computing with a focus on keeping cloud networks secure
  • Network Sec – A deeper look at network security issues
  • IS Privacy – Looks at protecting privacy and intellectual property

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


University of Michigan Dearborn

4901 Evergreen Rd | Dearborn, MI 48128

BS in Cyber Sec and Info Assurance

The BS in Cyber Sec and Info Assurance at U of M Dearborn has a cyber security and privacy concentration and a digital forensics concentration option. This program had three graduates in 2018, making it the twelfth ranked program in the state. Course examples include:

  • Web Tech. An intro to web based tech and its impact on security
  • Op Systems. Explores the most popular OS
  • Digital Forensics. A basic intro to digital crime fighting topics
  • Cyber Crimes. Looks at common crimes committed in cyber

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features: