Cyber Security Degrees in Maine

Cyber Security Degrees in Maine

Pursuing a cyber security degree may be the perfect choice. Students in Maine have just a few schools to consider if they wish to pursue a career in cyber. Maine currently has 36 colleges and universities according to the US Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard. Of those, online nine offer cyber degrees.

These schools with cyber degrees are: 

  • Southern Maine Community College: 14 grads 
  • Central Maine Community College: 9 grads 
  • University of Maine at Augusta: 2 grads 
  • University of Maine at Fort Kent: 2 grads 
  • Northern Maine Community College
  • Purdue Global University 
  • University of Maine at Presque Isle 
  • University of Southern Maine
  • Washington County Community College

Online Cyber Security Programs in ME

Choosing to study cyber online means flexible courses and the ability to work while in school. Not all schools offer online programming, so students will need to dig to find one that does. Still, Maine students have the option to pursue most degrees online, including associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees, while studying cyber. Of the schools in Maine that offer cyber degrees, these are the ones with online programming.

University of Maine Augusta

The University of Maine Augusta has a robust cyber program with several options to pursue a degree online. Students can pursue a BS in Info Systems Security online as well as an MS in Cyber Sec. The master’s degree program is unique because it was made as a partnership between UMA and the University of Southern Maine. Faculty from both schools added input into the program to give students a well rounded graduate level experience.

This school offers of options for its students to receive hands on experience. It has a cyber club and a cyber range students may use to explore cyber projects. It is also a National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security Center of Academic Excellence.

University of Maine Fort Kent

University of Maine’s Fort Kent campus offers a BS in Cyber Sec that students can complete online. It also offers an AAS in Info Sec degree that is available online. The flexible training makes it easier for students to complete this program quickly. The school also has an undergrad cert in cyber for those who are already working in information systems but want to add cyber certs.

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is an online school that has onsite locations in Augusta and Lewiston. Because the school is designed entirely online, all of its programs can be completed without setting foot on campus. It has a BS in Cyber Sec and an MS in Cyber Sec to help students earn a degree in cyber. The ExcelTrack Bachelor of Science in Cyber Sec offers the option to use prior learning and work experience as a transfer credit. This allows students to skip the classes that cover things they already know to get their information technology degrees faster.

University of Southern Maine

USM has an online MS in Cyber Sec degree program. This program is a joint program in collaboration with UMA. It provides a high level education in cyber to help improve tech skills and knowledge. The 30-credit course includes 24 credits of class-based work and six credits of research or project work. Much of the program is hands on, giving students real world skills that translate well into the workplace. In addition to its online MS in Cyber Sec, it has an on campus BS in Cyber Sec for those who need the undergrad training.

Cyber Scholarships in ME

Finding a way to pay for college is often a challenge. Students may look to federal loan and grant programs for financial aid. Those who are interested in cyber training will find a number of scholarships specific to their degree field. This can help lower the cost of college to make it more affordable.

Some Maine cyber security scholarship options include:

Unitil Scholarship Fund

The Unitil Scholarship Fund offers up to $5,000 in award money to students pursuing a STEM major. It is available to high school students in Maine and the surrounding states. Applicants have a letter of recommendation from their high school teacher or principal. They also must submit an essay about their career objectives.

MTUG Scholarship Sponsor Program

This scholarship is an award of up to $1,000 fr students planning to study IT in the University of Maine system. To qualify, the student must be in a four year bachelor’s degree program in a tech field. They also must be a full time student. High academic achievement is required.

Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service

The Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service is a federal scholarship program for cyber students. It awards students up to three years of support for graduate or undergrad training. In return, students agree to work for the US government after graduation. The period of the work agreement will equal the number of years they received the scholarship.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Maine

Graduates of cyber programs and current students can build their professional networks while also expanding their knowledge of cyber by attending workshops and events. These provide the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, see the latest products in the field, and network with other cyber pros. Maine hosts a few regular events throughout the year.

Annual Cyber Workshops in Maine

Some cyber events in Maine take place once or twice a year. They are larger events and provide a good chance to network and learn.

Maine Digital Government Summit

This event is primarily for state government employees. It covers all things tech, but has a heavy emphasis on cyber sec protocols. IT pros can attend the summit to network with government officials.

Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness

This government conference focuses on prepping for emergencies. A heavy emphasis on state infrastructure is presented. However, it has cyber sec focuses as well. Tech track breakout sessions are good cyber learning options.

MTUG Tech Summit and Tradeshow

The annual Tech Summit and Tradeshow sponsored by MTUG focuses on all things tech. It is when MTUG presents its scholarships. It also provides tech pros, including cyber pros, chances to interact with one another.

Cyber Groups and Meetups in Maine

In addition to annual events, cyber pros in Maine can attend regular groups and meetups. These happen often on a monthly basis and provide a less formal networking opportunity. Some worth considering include:

(ISC)2 Maine Chapter

This group meets monthly to discuss IT security issues. It has over 300 members and meets in Portland. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month.

Hacker Club

The Hacker Club meets in Bangor. This is a shared hacking experience. Guests bring their own laptops to work together on projects or explore new ideas in hacking. OWASP Maine. The Open Web App Sec Project (OWASP) has a Main chapter that meets regularly in Portland. This group meets once per quarter. They have networking opportunities, open discussion, and lighting talks. Some meetings have extended presentations.

DefCon Maine

DefCon Maine meets on the second Thursday of the month. These locations change each month, so guests should check with the local group first. Hands on experiences, hacker talks, and free food and drink are part of these events.


DC207 meets regularly in Portland to discuss cyber and play cyber security games. DC207 meets on the second Thursday of the month in Old Port. This group also hosts larger events and workshops from time to time.

Cyber Security Jobs in Maine

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the mean annual wage in 2018 was $82,270. Recent grads can look for work at these companies:


SAIC is a tech company that offers mission support, info tech, logistics, ground vehicle tech, and weapons systems tech. This federal contractor that often needs cyber pros to help with its projects. This facility has a location in Portland.


Humana is a health insurance company. They need cyber pros to help keep their information secure. Humana is a federal contractor with a location in Portland.

American Express

American Express is a credit card company and a federal contractor. They have a location in Augusta that often needs cyber pros to help detect and stop fishing and other cyber threats.

CDM Smith

CDM Smith is an engineering and construction company that needs cyber security professionals to help with their needs. CDM Smith is a federal contractor and has a location in Lewiston, Auburn, Bangor, and Portland.


UNUM is a Fortune 500 insurance provider that serves as a federal contractor. They have a location in Portland and are often looking for cyber security trained professionals.

Martin’s Point Health Care

Martin’s Point Health Care offers primary care and health insurance plans. This Maine company has a Portland location. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Maine by College

Cyber sec degrees may be harder to find in Maine than in other states. Students who are looking for this degree may want to find a quality program to pursue. These nine schools are the ones that offer cyber security or information assurance degrees in Maine, ranked by the number of grads in 2018.


Southern Maine Community College

2 Fort Rd | South Portland, ME 04106

Associate in Applied Science in Cyber Sec

SMCC has an AAS in Cyber Sec degree that had 14 grads in 2018. This was the state’s most popular program. Students graduate ready for several certs, including CCENT, CCNA, and CISSP. The 64 credit hour program takes approximately 4.5 full-time semesters to complete. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Computer Tech – Intro to basic tech used in computers and networks
  • Network Fund – Intro to what makes computer networks function
  • Info Sec and Ethics – The ethical issues surrounding information security
  • Ethical Hacking – How to use hacking techniques to find cyber criminals

More Cyber Degree Programs:  


School Features:


Central Maine Community College

1250 Turner St | Auburn, ME 04210

Associate in Applied Science in Network Sec and Computer Forensics

The AAS in Network Sec and Computer Forensics at CMCC gives students hands on experience working with networks and hardware as they learn how to secure them. This program had nine graduates in 2018, making it the second most popular in the state. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Python – Teaches how to create structured programs with Python
  • Intro to Linux – Explores the features of this popular open source platform
  • Intro to Networking – Intro to networking tech and hardware and keeping it secure
  • Server Admin – Shows how to manage servers

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


University of Maine at Augusta

46 University Dr | Augusta, ME 04330

MS in Cyber Sec

The BS in Info Systems Security at UMA is available fully online. The program, which was developed through UMA and USM, provides hands on training in cyber and takes advantage of the school’s Cyber Sec Range. UMA had two grads in 2018, making it the state’s third most popular program. Course examples include: 

  • Intro to Computer Science – Explores basic computer science topics
  • Intro to Data Science – Takes a look at the science behind data and data analytics
  • Sec Policy and Governance – How to create and oversee policies to keep systems secure
  • Sec Monitoring – Now to monitor security networks

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


University of Maine at Fort Kent

23 University Dr | Fort Kent, ME 04743

BS Cyber Sec

The BS in Cyber Sec at UM Fort Kent is available entirely online. This program works to prep students to pursue graduate training or start a career in cyber. The program includes 27 credits in the degree field. It had two grads in 2018, making it the third most popular program. Course examples include: 

  • Cyber Defense – How to defend against cyber attacks
  • OS Sec – How to keep common OS secure
  • Network Sec – Explores security in networks
  • Computer Programming Java – Explores this popular programming language

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


Northern Maine Community College

33 Edgemont Dr | Presque Isle, ME 04769

Associate in Applied Science in Network Admin and Cyber Sec

The AAS in Network Admin and Cyber Sec at NMCC aims to prepare students for a number of certs, including Network Pro and Security Pro. Course examples include:

  • Network Admin – A basic overview of overseeing and controlling networks
  • Intro to Linux – An intro to the popular open source platform
  • Intro to Computer Forensics – An intro to using computers to fight crimes
  • Sec.+ Cert – Prepares students for this popular cert exam


School Features:


Purdue Global University

14 Marketplace Dr | Augusta, ME 04330

BS in Cyber Sec

The BS in Cyber Sec from Purdue Global is an online degree program students may complete at their convenience. It is an 180 hour program and offers a fast track bachelors to master’s option. It had no grads in 2018, but its flexible course options landed this degree as one of the options for cyber. Course examples include:

  • Ethical Hacking – Explores how to use hacking to track down cyber criminals
  • Digital Forensics – A look at digital crime fighting techniques
  • Python Programming –  Intro to this popular programming language
  • Intrusion Detection and Response – Teaches how to find cyber intruders and respond to them

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


University of Maine at Presque Isle

181 Main St | Presque Isle, ME 04769

BS in Cyber Sec

UM Presque Isle offers a BS in Cyber Sec that covers all of the important topics in the field. It had no grads in 2018, but provides a solid program so it earned a spot on this list. Course examples for the 120 credit program include:

  • Network Sec – Explores how to find and fix security issues in networks
  • Cyber Sec I – An intro class to the cyber field
  • Network Concepts – Intro to what makes networks work
  • Intro to Cyber Forensics – Intro to forensic topics that relate to the cyber world

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features:


University of Southern Maine

96 Falmouth St | Portland, ME 04104

BS in Cyber Sec

USM offers a BS in Cyber Sec that preps students for a fast-growing field. This program is a newer program and had no 2018 grads, but it provides a rich education in the field and deserves a spot on this list. The course requires 121 credit hours including core classes and cyber classes. Course examples include:

  • Computing Tech – Explores the tech surrounding computing and computers
  • OS Sec – Intro to the security issues of the common computer OS
  • Computer Systems Forensics – How to use forensics and computers to fight crimes
  • Cyber Laws, Policies, and Ethics – A detailed look at the laws and ethical issues surrounding cyber

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:


Washington County Community College

1 College Dr | Calais, ME 04619

Associate in Applied Science in Computer Tech Network Sec Computer Forensics

The AAS in Computer Tech has a Network Sec and Computer Forensics focus. This 60-credit program prepares students for industry certs. Though it had no grads in 2018, it is one of the state’s options in cyber and aims to prepare students for CompTIA-A+, Network+, Server+ and Security+ exams. Course examples include:

  • Intro to Linux. Intro to the popular open source platform and its security issues
  • Computer Forensics I. A basic look at computer forensics topics
  • Intro to Network Sec. An intro to the basics of networks sec
  • Server Admin. Teaches how to oversee servers with a focus on security

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Undergrad Certs available


School Features: