Cyber Security Degrees in Louisiana

Cyber Security Degrees in Louisiana

If looking for cyber security degree programs in Louisiana, you have a few options. Information assurance is about the tech skills that safe guard data. It is an available major in Louisiana, but one not found in all schools. According to the U.S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard, there are 113 colleges in LA. Of them, only 1 awarded a cybersecurity degree in 2018. In order of the number of graduating students, these are: 

  • Tulane University of Louisiana – 1
  • Bossier Parish Community College – 9 (certificates, not degrees)
  • Delgado Community College – 32 (certificates, not degrees)

To help you choose the perfect cyber security degree program, here is a quick look at the levels of degree programs you are likely to see:

  • Associate’s degree programs tend to award an associate of applied science degree (AAS). Many AAS in cyber security programs focus on computer science (CS). As such, you may find information technology classes that frame key tactics. For example, how to set up secure computer networks. In general, AAS programs span about 60 credits and two years. Once you graduate, you may find entry level computer systems jobs to apply for. 
  • Diploma and technical certificates in cyber may be available too. These tend to cover a few classes in information systems. You may be able to enroll as a high school grad.  
  • Bachelor’s degree programs tend to award a bachelor of science degree (BS). Many BS in cyber security programs focus on network security. They often cover cyber defense which may have you study pen testing and ethical hacking too. You might also find a CS degree with a cyber security concentration. In general, BS programs entail 120 credits and four years. Once you graduate, many cyber security jobs call for at least a BS or BA degree.  
  • Master’s degree programs tend to award a master of science degree (MS). Many MS in cyber security programs take skills to a next level. That means, they cover security issues that people already working in the area face. And, discuss ways to use cyber technology to solve these problems from a leader lens. In general, a MS spans 30 to 36 credits and about 2 years. Grads may be able to step into a managerial role with this extra credential. 
  • Graduate certificate programs are shorter than the MS in cyber security. That means you take a handful of classes – about 3 or 4. This kind of program may suit you if you have a BS in computer science and want to learn about cyber.

Online Cyber Security Programs in LA

If you want to earn a cyber security degree in LA but find it hard to commute, why not pursue your studies online? Online cyber security programs bring the courses to your computer. Some schools even use virtual labs that simulate operating systems. For those who work, the online format may provide a flexible option, especially when self paced. Here are a few schools with 100% online cyber degrees in Louisiana.

Tulane University of Louisiana

Tulane is a private research college in New Orleans. They offer a range of cyber security programs in online and hybrid formats. If starting out, there is an online BS in Information Technology. It covers IT infrastructure, networks, cyber security, app development, and more. Many classes in the program are asynchronous. So, you log in and follow when able. There are also more than 200 virtual labs for that hands on feel. Through a compTIA partnership, grads may also be ready to take credential exams at a discount.

Going beyond, there are also a few online graduate programs. Many award a Master of Professional Studies (MPS). That means they aim to cater to at work security pros who want to build a portfolio of managerial skills. In particular, Tulane offers a MPS in Cyber Security Management. It aims to help you identify risks to a company’s data security. Then, knowing these issues, be able to devise security budgets and strategy. The program also explores cyber crime and digital forensics. Those who seek an extra skill set in a short term format might want to look into online graduate certificates at Tulane. The three options are cyber defense, cyber leadership and cyber technology.

Cyber Scholarships in LA

To make a cyber security degree in Louisiana more affordable, many students apply for scholarships. These often go to students who meet academic and or financial criteria. Scholarships award a sum of money that offsets the cost of tuition and required fees. Unlike taking out a loan, you don’t typically pay scholarship money back. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.  

Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service (SFS)

The National Science Foundation funds this program at partner schools. Louisiana Tech University is one and they just got a $3.5M grant from the NSF. A main goal of the SFS scholarship is to train new and needed information security professionals. So, in return for the funds, recipients agree to work in a security job for a gov’t agency when they graduate.  

While in their program, qualified students get full coverage of all tuition and a stipend. For undergrads it’s $22,500 and for grad students the stipend is $34,000. Recipients also get other perks or reimbursements. One for health insurance ($3,000). Another for professional growth and travel ($4,000) and books ($2,000). To be eligible, applicants need to be U.S. citizens who also qualify for security clearance. A GPA of at least 3.0 and interest in a cyber security career are crucial too. 

Louisiana Go Grant

A state funded program, the LA Go Grant is a need based scholarship. It is open to U.S. citizens who are Louisiana residents. And, who are nontraditional or low to moderate income students who need extra aid to afford college.

To apply for the Go Grant, one first has to fill out and file a FAFSA. Only those who receive a Pell Grant may be eligible for the grant. Another criteria is that you be enrolled in an eligible Louisiana college or university on at least a half time basis. Depending on your financial need, you may then get from $300 to $3,000 which is renewable if you still meet the terms. 

Tops Tech Award

This is a state gov’t sponsored scholarship program. The LA legislature created it to boost the skilled workforce and it pays an amount related to need. So, you must fill and file a FAFSA first. Open to qualified high school grads, the award provides up to two years of skill or occupational training. As long as you use it an accredited Louisiana college that offers a vocational or technical education certificate / diploma. To qualify, you must be a LA resident and U.S. citizen who took Tops Tech courses in high school. You must also have a GPA of 2.5 or above and meet some other criteria.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Louisiana

To meet other information systems security students, you might want to attend an event. Major conferences may also allow you to network, take workshops and hone skills.  

Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience North America

This three day conference has a homeland security theme. As such it may bring together cyber security professionals with diverse roles. There are scheduled keynotes around cyber defense and the growth of cyber threats. If coming from far, the venue for the 2020 CIPRNA Conference is the Crowne Plaza New Orleans Airport Hotel.  

Data Connectors New Orleans Tech Security

Upcoming Data Connectors conferences are virtual meetings. It features a CISO panel, and key notes given by FBI / InfraGard, DHS, US Secret Service, NSA, etc. Apart from the full day live event, the entire Virtual Summit is available on demand for 60 days after the event. All registered attendees can interact with virtual exhibit booths, request meetings and demos, and view recorded presentation sessions. 

Sans Org Threat Hunting and IR Summit

The next Summit is a two day virtual event. It brings together information security professionals for in depth talks. These will focus on methods to identify, contain, and eliminate cyber adversaries who target your networks. As an attendee, you may take away new tools and methods. 


This is an Information Security / Hacker conference. It is for info sec professionals and enthusiasts alike. The plan is to hold the event in New Orleans to offer training as well talks and workshops. 

Sans Virtual Cyber Security Training

This event takes place using virtual software to stream live instructors to all registered students. If enrolled, you may take part in community capture the flag events, as well as cyber challenges. Or you may take the classes. These include a cyber bootcamp, ways to handle incidents and digital forensics topics. 

Workshop for Women in Cyber Security Research

This CyberW workshop consists of invited talks by known researchers, a panel, lightning talks, and social events. It is likely to take place virtually instead of in New Orleans.  

ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy

This information security conference will take place online. Some of the issues the keynote speakers discuss are privacy, mobile security, system security, and malware. If you attend, it may help you stay in the know about current research. 

TOLA CSA Fall Summit

This Summit will take place online. A full day event, it will discuss sharing data across cyber security systems. CISOs from a few states including LA with share how COVID has impacted their cyber ops. 

Cyber Meetups in Louisiana

Meetups are less formal and may take place in a local venue.  

Cloud Security Alliance – Louisiana Chapter

This public group has 155 members. They hold Chapter events at various locations throughout Louisiana on a quarterly basis. 

New Orleans 2600 Meetup

2600 Meetings exist as a forum for all tech enthusiasts to meet and talk about events in technology. Meetings are open to anyone of any age or level of expertise. They take place at a local coffeehouse the first Friday of every month. 


A group of over 900 researchers, professionals, students, and hobbyists. Members come from various areas including Computer Security, Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) spaces. There are no memberships or dues and meetings tend to be in New Orleans.

Cyber Security Jobs in Louisiana

Cyber security jobs in Louisiana tend to pay above average salaries for information security analysts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage in May 2018 was $102,470. When looking for a cyber security job in LA there may be openings for a range of skill levels. Here are a few potential employers who may hire in Louisiana. 

Humana Inc

This health insurance company is also a gov’t contractor. They may hire in Metairie, Louisiana.


A gov’t contractor whose services span cyber, cloud and eng. They may recruit for jobs in Baton Rouge.

Trace Systems Inc

A supplier of cloud and cyber services / solutions to the US gov’t, DoD and its partners.

General Dynamics Information Technology

GDIC is a gov’t contractor whose markets include cyber, defense and intel. They may hire in Bossier City where there is an Air Force Base.

LHC Group

A home health care services company and gov’t contractor. Their HQ is in Lafayette.


A logistics provider to a range of government, military, nonprofit, and public sector clients. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Louisiana by College

Public, private, career and community colleges offer cyber security degrees in Louisiana. Some of these schools may also be a National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE). To earn the CAE status, programs must follow standards. These are from two gov’t agencies. The National Security Agency (NSA). And the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). We compiled a list of 3 colleges in LA with cyber programs. We put these schools in order of the number of cyber grads they had in 2018. 


Tulane University of Louisiana

6823 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA

MPS in Cyber Security Management

Tulane had the highest number (1) of cyber grads in 2018. This 33 credit program is available online. It studies cyber security as a part of business strategy. On the IT side, you study technical areas. Like auditing and cryptography.  And on the leadership side, study risk modeling. And how to use it to craft an IT security budget. 

Sample classes are:

  • Cryptography – Study ciphers, cryptology, and encryption and their use in keeping information and systems safe
  • Sec and Cyber Threats for Mgrs – An overview of attack types, the goals of attackers and analysis of the anatomy of an attack
  • Leadership for CS Pros – This course studies internal and external threats against a network and how to budget for IT security
  • Leadership for CS Pros – This course studies internal and external threats against a network and how to budget for IT security

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Graduate Certificate in Cyber Defense
  • Graduate Certificate in Cyber Leadership
  • BS, MPS in Homeland Security Studies
  • BS in Information Technology
  • MPD in Information Technology Management


  • Tulane Merit Scholarships
  • SoPA Scholarships 

School Features:

  • Online Cyber Degrees 
  • Women in Tech Mentorship 
  • AWS Partnership 
  • CompTIA Partnership 
  • Cyber Competition Team 

Delgado Community College

615 City Park Avenue, New Orleans, LA

AAS in Computer Information Technology

Delgado was the leading grantor of Information Assurance certificates (32) in 2018. The basic CIT courses cover the functions and operations of computer and internet tech. And extra courses in Information Security & Assurance form an add on or stand alone certificate. These classes cover hardware and software, computer networks, and digital forensics.  

Sample classes are:

  • Intro to Information Security – Learn about threats to an information system and the security tactics used to combat them. Hacking, viruses, worms, bombs etc
  • Forensics – An intro to cyber crime and ways in which to uncover, protect, use, and record digital clues
  • Intro to Information Assurance – Study the value of securing data both for employees and for an org

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Technical Certificate in Information Assurance


  • Delgado Scholarships

School Features:

  • ATMAE Accredited 

Bossier Parish Community College

6220 East Texas, Bossier City, LA

AAS in Cyber Technology – Network Security

Bossier granted the second most certificates (9) in Information Assurance in 2018. This program comes with a focus in Network Security. So it aims to build the skills needed to keep network assets secure. At the same time, it delves into forensics, encryption and other key topics. 

Sample classes are: 

  • IT Basics – Learn about hardware, operating system and app software and network connectivity
  • Intro to Scripting – Study Power Shell to learn about permissions and debugging
  • Information Assurance - A look at hacker methods, viruses, worms, bombs, and risk
  • Forensics – Learn about the tools, tech and tasks that gather clues of cyber crime

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Technical Certificate in Information Assurance
  • AAS in Cyber Tech – Programmer Analyst


  • BPCC Scholarships

School Features:

  • ATMAE Accredited