Cyber Security Degree in Kentucky

Cyber Security Degrees in Kentucky

Cyber security degree programs study the tech skills that keep data safe. If you want to learn how to prevent security flaws, not all colleges in Kentucky offer this major. The US Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard lists 82 KY schools. Of those, only two offer cyber security degree in Kansas.  

Listed by the number of cyber grads in the 2018 school year these are:

  • University of the Cumberlands – 511 
  • Sullivan University – 15

Online Cyber Security Programs in KY

As computer crimes rise, many schools offer cyber security degrees online. Online cyber programs tend to fit the needs of busy adults. They are flexible, so you might earn a cyber degree at your own pace. These programs have 100% online formats. 

University of the Cumberlands

The University of the Cumberlands is both accredited and an NSA CAE in Cyber Defense School. At the undergrad level, there are online associate and bachelor’s degrees. In light of cyber crime, they study info tech through the lens of security. 

There are a few choices at the master’s level too. Like digital forensics or info systems security. These online programs map courses to NSA and DHS guidelines.

Sullivan University

Sullivan U is an accredited school. Apart from campus life, there are online cyber degree programs. Some of these are short, targeted cyber security certificate programs. For those who prefer more depth, there are AS and BS programs. These feature broader study plans that cover network and systems security. 

Cyber Scholarships in KY

To help pay for a cyber degree in the Bluegrass State, you may qualify for scholarships. Cyber scholarships are like grants. The money is yours and typically doesn’t need to be repaid.

Imagine America Foundation Scholarships

The Imagine America Foundation was the Career College Foundation. IAF offers various scholarships at partner schools in KY. Imagine America High School Scholarships are open to eligible KY seniors. Applicants need a GPA of 2.5 or above, financial need and record of helping others. Amounts vary as does the deadline each year.

Military Award Program

Another IAF program, the MAP Scholarship is for military veterans. It is open to active duty, reservist, retired or members who got an honorable discharge. Applicants must also show a level of financial need. And enroll in a partner college including those in Kentucky. More than 100 career colleges in the nation take part in Military Award Program. Award amounts and deadlines vary. 

Cyber Security Scholarship

Every year, the Rural Technology Fund offers a Cyber Security Scholarship. To qualify for this $1,000 award, there are a few criteria to meet. Applicants must plan to pursue a college degree in computer security. And, must answer a series of essay questions to explain their cyber interests and goals. Preferred essays show a sense of citizenship and pride in their rural community. 

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Kentucky

Taking part in cyber workshops may expand your networks while keeping skills new. Here’s a snapshot of the cyber event scene in Kentucky.

Data Connectors Louisville Cyber Security Conference

The Cyber Security Conference is an event chock full of keynote speakers. Here you might learn about current tech security issues. Like email security, VoIP, LAN, wireless and USB security. In case they reschedule it, the conference runs every year and is a one day event.

ISC2 Kentucky Triangle Chapter

This member org is a forum to share ideas and knowledge of info sec. Members are pros with credentials who want access to industry resources and training. Meetings tend to take place in Fort Knox, KY. If you can’t make it, there may be an option to take part via the web. 

ISSA Kentuckiana Chapter

The Information Systems Security Association is ISSA. A member org of Info Sec pros, it keeps a presence in KY through the Kentuckiana Chapter. As a rule, there are monthly lunch meetings. Other events may provide the chance to connect with people, products and new ideas. 

Kentucky Digital Government Summit

Slated for some time in 2020, this summit brings together IT leaders. The agenda is full of keynote speakers who talk tech. Topics include digital gov’t trends, cyber, cloud services, data and analytics. There also promises to be discussion and networking events.  

Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky

This year, the TALK Cyber Security Summit will be a virtual event. It is open to college students and anyone working in tech and business. The conference will kick off with a networking event. Then move onto topics such as “good security hygiene” and “verified software”.  Audience members will also join in discussions. Facilitators include pros in end user management, data analytics and incident response.

Cyber Readiness Institute

The Cyber Readiness Institute brings together global business leaders. Their goal is to help enterprises build resilient cyber programs. One of the resources CRI offers are webinars. Past events were about ransomware and managing cyber risk. Members also have access to trainings. One is the Cyber Readiness Program. It is a step by step guide for small and medium businesses.      

Cyber Security Jobs in Kentucky

Some cyber security jobs in Kentucky bring in above average annual salaries. People in KY work in different areas of cyber including analysis and cloud services. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2018, Info Sec pros earned an annual mean wage of $83,890. Take a look at some potential employers who may recruit for cyber jobs in KY. 

Trace Systems Inc

Supplies cyber services and products to the US gov’t, DoD and its partners. They report that they hire Veterans.

Exeter Government Services

A privately held veteran owned business. The services they offer are in cyber security, software and systems integration.


As a federal contractor, Deloitte’s expertise is in cyber risk, forensics, assurance and internal audits.

Humana Inc

A health insurance company and federal contractor that may hire skilled cyber pros to protect health data.


100% employee owned, MTSI’s expertise covers aviation, Intel software, and algorithm design for threats.

S & K Technologies Inc.

Owned 100% by the CSKT of the Flathead Nation, this company also contracts with the federal gov’t. Their areas of expertise are aerospace, engineering and security. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Kentucky by College

Both public and private schools offer cyber security degree programs in KY. Among the majors are digital forensics and info assurance / technology. As an interested student, you may find cyber programs at all levels. Associate, bachelor’s, master’s and PhDs. To start you out, we created a list of these Kentucky colleges. Our method uses the number of cyber degree grads in the 2018 school year.  


University of the Cumberlands

6191 College Station Drive, Williamsburg, KY

MS In Information Systems Security

Cumberlands leads in Kentucky for the most (515) cyber grads in the 2018 school year. In this 31 credit program, classes follow NSA and DHS guidelines. It also serves as a study guide to prep grads to take the CISSP exam. Class examples are:

  • App Security – A look at how to use code to thwart attackers. Side topics explore the software lifecycle and database security
  • Cryptography – Learn how to conceal data for security reasons
  • Info Security – Studies the practical ways to asses level of risk and develop security budgets
  • Business Continuity – A tactical course about how to create a disaster recovery plan

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

  • AS in Information Technology Sciences 
  • AAS in Information Technology 
  • BS in Information Technology Sciences 
  • BAS in Information Technology 
  • MS in Information Technology  
  • MS in Digital Forensics  
  • Executive MS in Digital Forensics 
  • PhD in Information Technology 


  • Presidential Scholarship 
  • Transfer Scholarship 
  • Army ROTC Scholarship 
  • Christian Leader Scholarship 
  • Athletic Scholarship 
  • Lewis Appalachian Scholarship 
  • Patriot Scholarship 

School Features: 

  • Online cyber degree programs (AS, BS, MS, PhD) 
  • NSA CAE in Cyber Defense 
  • SACSCOC Accredited

Sullivan University

3101 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY

BS in Cyber Security

Sullivan is second in KY for the number of cyber security grads (15) in 2018. This program entails 180 quarter credits. It also explores a broad set of technical and practical cyber topics. From digital forensics to visual programming and more. Class examples are:

  • Forensics – Study the investigative tools and practices that track evidence of cyber crimes
  • Cybersecurity Threats – Learn about current hacking methods and defense tactics
  • Mobile Forensics – Learn how to collect evidence on mobile devices that may be useful in a court of law
  • Network Pen Testing – A practical course to understand how to detect security risks

More Cyber Degree Programs:  

  • AS Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Certificate


  • Sullivan University Ambassador Scholarship
  • Partner with Imagine America Foundation Scholarship 

School Features: 

  • Online cyber degree programs (AS, BS) 
  • SACSCOC Accredited
  • Military Friendly School 2017