Cyber Security Degrees in Kansas

Cyber Security Degrees in Kansas

Cyber security degree programs aim to foster tech skills needed to fight internet crime. If you are curious about this field, it is one not all Kansas schools offer. The US Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard lists 71 KS schools. Of them, only 5 offer a cyber security degree in Kansas.

Here is a list of these schools in order of the number of students who graduate with cyber degrees: 

  • Grantham University – 22 students graduated in 2018
  • Butler Community College – 7
  • Friends University – 6
  • Kansas Wesleyan University – 1 
  • National American University Overland Park – 1 

Online Cyber Security Programs in KS

With computer crimes on the rise, many schools offer cyber degrees online. Online cyber security programs are designed to bring the classroom to you in an engaging way. They also offer a schedule that could fit into a busy life. For those want the flexibility, these cyber degree programs use a 100% online format.

Grantham University

Grantham is an accredited college and member of NAIMES. At Grantham, there are online BS programs in cyber security, criminal justice and comp sci. The online BS in Cyber Security studies ways to defend against attacks and threats. It has a strong base in tech areas like digital and malware forensics.

BS students take all their classes online. There are weekly virtual lab exercises to take part in too. Some of these classes prep for certification exams like CompTIA Security+ . Of note, Grantham ranks on a consistent basis with various reviewers. It has also won awards for University Excellence and Quality Education. Awards come from College Factual, Ingram’s, Military Times, and others. Most recent is Grantham’s place as a 2020 Military Friendly College Top 10 School.

Butler Community College

Butler is an NSA CAE school for Cyber Defense Education (CDE). A transfer friendly school, it awards an AAS in Cyber Security through Butler Online. As a student, you may be able to take all courses online. But there are also face to face and blended formats. 

Either way, the AAS may provide a versatile base. For some, this means gaining the skills to pursue a job. Otherwise, Butler has an agreement with Friends University. It allows grads to transfer eligible credits to a BS in Cyber Security program.

Friends University

Friends is the only private university in Kansas with online cyber degree programs. The online BS in Cyber Security studies the practical skills that keep data safe. It uses a broad technical focus. Plus, aims to help students think in a logical way to solve cyber issues. For grad students, there is an online MBA in Cyber Security. A 30 credit program, it looks at cyberlaw, compliance and audits.  

Kansas Wesleyan University

Kansas Wesleyan is a College of Christian Distinction 2018. It does not have online cyber degree programs. But, does have an online BS in Criminal Justice. Cyber enthusiasts open to an in person program may have options. Your classes may take place in the city of Salina. 

One is the BS in Forensic Computing. Rooted in comp sci, it aims to build investigative skills. If you fill out a FAFSA, it helps you know how much aid you are eligible for. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

National American University – Overland Park 

NAU offers a range of online programs from associate to doctorate. BS students study info tech and an option to focus on network security. Doing this brings with it courses in forensics and cyber crime basics. 

MS students have a few options related to cyber. Counter terrorism, for e.g., Intelligence or Strategic Security.  These programs take a deep look at issues, ops, ideas and protocols.  

Cyber Scholarships in KS

A scholarship may be a useful way to help pay for a cyber security degree at a Kansas college. Since it’s not a loan, you don’t typically pay the money back. While colleges are a main source of financial aid information, there are resources to check too. See if you qualify for any of these scholarships from the Kansas Board of Regents.  

Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant

Open to Kansas residents who enroll in a qualified technical program at a KS college. Qualified programs relate to high cost, high demand, or critical industry fields. If the school offers a certificate or AAS in this area, you might be eligible to apply for this Grant. Preference in awarding funds goes to applicants with financial need. 

Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship

Open to Kansas minority residents who enroll in a qualified program at a KS college. Ethnic minority scholarships pay $1,850 per year and renew if you stay eligible. To qualify, you must prove financial need and merit. The criteria for merit are broad, and you need to meet at least one. A 3.0 GPA, ACT score of 21 or SAT of 1060 to 1090 are a few. 

Kansas Military Service Scholarship

Open to those who served in any overseas military op after 9/11/2001. And for which they got hostile fire pay.  The amount of the scholarship varies. But aims to pay tuition and fees for up to four years at an accredited KS college. As long as a student remains in good standing. To qualify, you must send in a copy of DD-214 form or active duty orders. You must also complete a FAFSA and enroll in at least 6 credit hours each semester.

Cyber Workshops, Meetings and Conferences in Kansas

To keep cyber skills fresh and expand your networks, you might take part in some events. Kansas often hosts conferences, workshops and meetups for the info sec community. 

Annual Cyber Security Conferences and Workshops 

Kansas City Cyber Security Conference

Slated for 2020, this one day conference is for the IT executive community. It plans to feature peer led keynotes, breakout sessions, panels, and, the chance to meet and greet.

SecureWorld Kansas City

A regular one day cyber security conference that comes with a chance to earn 6 to 16 CPE credits. Attend featured keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, and networking events. If you miss it this year, the conference travels through the U.S. and Canada. 

Central Plains ISSA

ISSA is the Information Systems Security Association. A nonprofit, it hosts a Zoom meeting on the first Friday of each month. The next meeting is about ransomware, risk and recovery. But when there is no formal theme, members discuss a current cyber topic.

Greater Kansas City 2600

The Greater Kansas City 2600 group meets on the first Friday of each month. Meetings take place in the Barnes and Noble café at Oak Park Mall. They also provide a Zoom meeting link if you prefer to join online. An upcoming topic is Hacker Trade Craft. As a rule, members vote to pick the theme so it changes every time. 

(ISC)2 Kansas City Chapter

If you want to join a group of Info Sec pros, you might check out (ISC)2. Their goal is to advance the profession by sharing what they know. Chapter meetings take place on the first Wednesday of the month. In them, security pros from various sectors come to speak and there are interactive discussions.


For a meetup with an edge, there’s SecKC. SecKC is Kansas City’s longest running monthly security meetup. It’s also a community of hackers, makers, builders and breakers. Or, as they call it, ‘hacker summer camp’. You have to register for their events, so plan ahead.   

Cyber Security Jobs in Kansas

In Kansas, cyber security jobs pay above average annual salaries. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary in KS for an Info Sec job paid $86,160 in May 2018.

There may be cyber security jobs for various types of workers in Kansas. Whether you are an analyst, manager, or ops person. To start you out, here are some possible employers that may look for cyber pros in KS. 

Trace Systems Inc

A supplier of cyber services and solutions to the US gov’t, DoD and its partners. Trace hires Veterans and may have jobs in Kansas.

Honeywell Inc

A federal contractor of hardware and software tech that connects people, assets and processes.  


A staffing firm that recruits in Tech, Finance and Accounting. If you are a cyber pro, they might help you find a job in Kansas. 


A federal contractor that crafts solutions for defense, intelligence, civilian, health care and more.  


A federal contractor with areas of expertise such as cyber risk, forensics, assurance and internal audit.  

Humana Inc

A health insurance company that is also a federal contractor and may look for skilled cyber pros in Kansas.

Cyber Security Degrees in Kansas by College

Kansas is home to many cyber security colleges. So, we narrowed in down to the top five schools. Our methods looked at the number of cyber degree grads in the 2018 school year. Among the dynamic majors these students chose are info assurance, cyber and computer forensics.  


Grantham University

16025 West 113th Street, Lenexa, KS

BS in Cyber Security

Grantham leads in the number of cyber grads (22) in KS for the 2018 school year. This 120 credit program aims to build a broad base of skills in network security. Courses are also aligned to industry standard certifications. Like Network+, Security+ and CISSP. Class examples are:

  • Operating Systems  Learn about servers and networking basics
  • Risk Management – Explores the practices needed to spot and handle threats and risks to data assets
  • Cryptography – All about ciphers, algorithms, and ways to protect sensitive data sent over the internet
  • Computer Forensics – Studies the tools and methods used to gather and keep digital evidence

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • MS in Information Technology


  • American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Scholarship
  • National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) Scholarship 
  • Federally Employed Women (FEW) Scholarship 
  • Enlisted Association of the National Guard (EANGUS) Scholarship 
  • National Organization of Blacks in Government (BIG) Scholarship 
  • David “Bull” Baker Memorial Scholarship 
  • Spencer C. Duncan Make It Count Project Scholarship 
  • Commander Everett Alvarez, Jr. Resilience Scholarship  

School Features: 

  • Member of The National Association of
    Institutions for Military Education Services (NAIMES)
  • Online BS, certificates
  • Ingram’s 2019 Top Private Universities
  • Military Friendly Top 10 School 2020 – 2021 
  • Best for Vets College 2020  Military Times  
  • Military Friendly Spouse School Award 2019 – 2020 
  • Most Affordable Homeland Security Degrees  
  • College Factual – Top 5% 
  • Most Affordable Degrees in Computer Science  

Butler Community College

901 S Haverhill Rd., Eldorado, KS

AAS in Cyber Security

Butler had the 2nd highest number of cyber security grads (7) in Kansas in 2018. This 60 credit program aims to prep students to take 3rd party certificates. Like CompTia A+, Network+, Client Pro, Security+ and others. Class examples are:

  • ComptTIA A+ – Learn to install and configure devices and software, troubleshoot and replace defective parts
  • Supporting Network Computers – This class aims to enable you to install, configure and maintain computers used on a network
  • Network Servers  All about Microsoft Windows Server operating systems and how to create and oversee domain accounts
  • Digital Forensics – Looks at the ideas and tools needed to track evidence relating to a computer crime

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • AS in Engineering Technology 
  • Cyber Security Certificate


  • Butler Access Scholarships
  • Technical Scholarships 
  • Academic Scholarships 
  • Butler Foundation Scholarships 

School Features:

  • NSA CAE School in Cyber Defense Education
  • Online AAS, Certificates in Cyber Security 
  • Transfer partner w/ Friends University  

Friends University

2100 W. University Ave., Wichita, KS

BS in Cyber Security

Friends graduated the  3rd most cyber security grads (6) in 2018. This 120 credit program includes a CompTia Security+ Certificate. The classes focus on practical computer skills. Especially ones that protect people, systems, apps and tech. Class examples are:

  • Cloud Tech – Learn basics about virtual machines, tech and cloud based services and app
  • Programming – Topics frame algorithms, data structures, iteration, object oriented design and more
  • Cryptography – Apart from how to encrypt data, this class studies hashing and authentication protocols
  • Pen Testing – An intro to white hat hacking with hands on practice to combat credible security threats

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Online MBA in Cyber Security


  • Friends University Scholarships  

School Features:

  • Only Kansas private school with BS in Cyber Security 
  • Online BS, MS in Cyber Security programs  
  • CompTia Security+ certificate included with BS 
  • State of the art lab 
  • Military Friendly School 2020 – 2021 
  • Ranks #5 – Top 60 Online Cyber Security Degrees 2020  
  • Top Online Cyber Security MBA Programs 2019 

Kansas Wesleyan University

100 E. Claflin Ave., Salina, KS

BS in Forensic Computing

Kansas Wesleyan is 4th in number of cyber security grads. This 120 credit program aims to build detective skills. It has a tech core and looks at how to trace evidence of internet crime. Class examples are:

  • Digital Masks – A look at popular social media formats and how to communicate in a digital world 
  • Python  Study the basics of programming. Topics include lists, loops, sets, functions and document code
  • Computer Forensics – Learn ways to recover and analyze digital evidence in civil, criminal and corporate cases
  • Software Eng – This class focuses on solving problems, design and testing software systems

More Cyber Degree Programs:  

  • Online BS in Criminal Justice


  • Presidential Scholarship 
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • University Scholarship 
  • Promise Scholarship  

School Features: 

  • Online Schools Report #7 2020 BS in Emergency Management
  • College of Christian Distinction 2019 – 2020 

National American University-Overland Park

10310 Mastin, Overland Park, KS

MS in Intelligence Management 

NAU is 5th for most cyber security grads in 2018. This 54 quarter credit program takes a deep look at key skills needed in the field of intelligence. Above all, it aims to train students to assess threats to homeland security. And, learn how to use and evaluate sources of intel. Class examples are:

  • Double Agents – This course defines double agents and cases of denial and deception (D &D)
  • Advance Intel – Studies the more complex ways to collect, process and use intel
  • Counterespionage – A class about ways to detect, destroy, neutralize, use or prevent spying
  • Intel Team Management – To learn how to keep an Intel group productive and team minded

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • BS in Information Technology
  • MS in Strategic Security and Protection Management
  • MS in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies


  • NAU Foundation Scholarships 

School Features: 

  • Online AS, BS, MS Cyber Degrees