Cyber Security Degrees in Indiana

Cyber Security Degrees in Indiana

A few options exist if you want to pursue a cyber security degree in Indiana. Cyber security programs aim to cover the tech skills needed to keep data safe and private. So, a common major is cyber security/ information assurance. If this interests you, it is a major not all schools in IN offer. According to the U.S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard, there are 100 colleges in Indiana. Of them, only 3 awarded cyber security degrees in 2018. In order of the number of graduating students, these are:

  • Indiana Institute of Technology – 5
  • Indiana University-Bloomington - 4
  • Taylor University – 1

Online Cyber Security Programs in IN

For at work students, online cyber security degree programs may provide a more flexible option. Instead of spending time on a commute, you access coursework via computer. This may allow you to plan your time in a way that fits your lifestyle. Some of the schools with 100% online cyber security programs in Indiana are:

Indiana Institute of Technology

Indiana Tech is a private university in Fort Wayne, IN. Two of their undergrad programs are available in online formats. In them, each class lasts 5 weeks. The first is an Associate of Science (AS) in Information Technology. It focuses on computer science.

Grads may leave with the skills to install, run, troubleshoot and maintain computer systems. And, might use the credits towards a bachelor’s degree. Another undergrad program is a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security. It goes into more details and cyber ops skill sets. One thing you study is digital forensics. This means learning how to sleuth cyber crime and help law enforcement. 

Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana U Bloomington is the flagship campus of IU’s eight campuses. The school offers a range of cyber security programs. Most are for grad students. One is an online Master of Science in Cyber Security. It takes a look cyber from the lens of risk management. Because of this, it may suit mid career pros who want to step into a leader role.  That said, if it’s not a master’s degree you need, there are bachelor’s degree programs. But these take place on campus.

Valparaiso University

Valparaiso is a private, four year college. They offer an online Master of Science in Cyber Security. The program covers a range of topics. From cyber ops and ethical hacking. To network security and reverse engineering.

Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College offers campus programs in IN. But at the moment, many are available online. Of note, the school is a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Edu (CAE-2Y). And, is an EC Council Approved Training Center. Here, one of the options is an Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security/ Information Assurance. 

It covers the key tactics to keep a computer network secure. Perimeter defense and ways to guard against various cyber attacks too. In 2018, the school awarded the highest number (8) of certificates in information assurance in the state. So if you seek a diploma, there are options. 

Cyber Scholarships in IN

If you qualify for financial aid, it may offset the costs of a cyber security degree in Indianapolis. One type you may find useful are scholarships. These awards are like grants and in general, you typically do not repay the funds. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

Indiana Choice Scholarship Program

Also called the Voucher Program, this state funded scholarship is for IN residents. If eligible, the award offsets tuition costs at participating schools. To qualify you must satisfy household income criteria.

Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship

The state funds this scholarship for students who graduate from a public high school one year early. If you qualify, the award pays $4,000 but does not renew. Recipients may use the funds for tuition and fees but not for remedial coursework. 

21st Century Scholarship

A state funded scholarship for eligible IN residents. The program is also the state’s early college promise program. Students enroll in seventh or eighth grade. Then take part in the Scholars Success Program once in high school. Once you graduate, you may be eligible. If so, the award pays up to four years of paid tuition at an eligible Indiana college or university.

You Can Go Back Scholarship

This state funded scholarship is for IN adult students. It aims to help Hoosier adults finish their degree or go back to school. If you qualify, it pays $2,000 and is renewable. The money may help to pay for an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or certificate. To qualify, students must be financially independent as decided by the FAFSA. They must also enroll in at least 6 credit hours and show a lack of funds.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in IN

Many cyber security professionals attend events. These can include local meetups or more formal conferences and workshops. Either way, going to an event may help you earn professional credit hours. It may also be a solid way of meeting new people who share your interests.

CERIAS Security Symposium

An annual event held at Purdue University. It unites people who work and research in information assurance. While not slated yet, it features panels, keynotes and technical talks on many topics. Like cyber security, privacy, digital forensics, and trusted electronics.

CACR Cybersecurity Speaker Series at IU Bloomington

This is a chance to hear cyber experts from around the nation share their research. Including profs from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. All speakers this year will present online. Topics are TBA so make sure to stay in the loop.

Circle City Con

This conference tends to be a once per year event. It blends hacker game shows, free trainings, arcades and villages. Last year there was a Bio Hacking Village. So, you may learn something new all while having some cyber fun. 

Cyber Meetups in IN

Cyber meetups tend to be informal public groups that meet to discuss their field. But often for a few hours and either online or at a local venue.

Indianapolis IAM User Group

This group of 200 plus is vendor neutral. They discuss usage of Identity and Access Management frameworks. Either virtually or in person.

OWASP Indianapolis Chapter

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a global nonprofit. This chapter has over 400 members bent on improving the security of software.

Indianapolis 2600 Computer Security / Info Sec Group

A monthly meeting for people who like to discuss computer security and related topics. With over 200 members, they often get together in a local restaurant.

Cyber Security Jobs in Indiana

Cyber security jobs in Indiana tend to pay above average salaries for information security analysts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage in May 2018 was $80,080. When looking for a cyber job in Indiana there may be openings for many kinds of skill sets. 

Humana Inc.

A health insurance company and gov’t contractor that may hire in Indianapolis, Ft Wayne and Evansville.


A gov’t contractor, Deloitte’s expertise is in cyber risk, forensics, assurance and internal audits. They may hire in Indianapolis.

Danaher Corp

A Fortune 500 science and technology innovator that contracts for the gov’t. They may recruit in Indianapolis.

Franciscan Health

A hospital with roots in the Catholic faith that serves Beech Grove and other areas in Indiana.

Goldman Sachs

A global investment bank and financial services company with offices all over. They may hire in Indiana or recruit for other places.

Booz Allen Hamilton

A gov’t contractor with services that include cyber, IT strategy, technology, and engineering.

Cyber Security Degrees in Indiana by College

In Indiana, public and private colleges offer cyber security degree programs. Some of these schools may also be CAEs or National Centers. The title Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) means there is an extra level of approval. This approval is from two U.S. gov’t agencies. 

One is the National Security Agency (NSA). And the other is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). To help your search for cyber security degrees in IN, we compiled a list of 3 schools. We put these schools in order of the number of students who graduated in the 2018 year.


Indiana Institute of Technology

1600 E Washington Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN

BS in Cyber Security

Indiana Tech had the highest number (5) of cyber grads in 2018. This program entails 120 credits. It covers a broad set of topics about information security. Some of these relate to network security and risk. While others touch on the tools and tech used to be a digital detective. Class examples are: 

  • Cyber Security I – An overview of access control, cyber terrorism, and cyber crime laws
  • Forensic Psych – A look at how the criminal profile process used by forensic psychologists
  • Forensic Psych – A look at how the criminal profile process used by forensic psychologists
  • Network Security – Learn about risk and how to balance security with usability

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • AS in Information Technology


  • Indiana Tech Merit Scholarships

School Features:

  • Cyber security operations center
  • Digital forensics lab
  • Interactive data center
  • Online Cyber Degrees – AS, BS

Indiana University Bloomington

107 South Indiana Ave., Bloomington, IN

B.S. in Cyber Security and Global Policy

Indiana U Bloomington had the second highest number (4) of cyber grads in 2018. This program entails 120 credits. The focus is to understand security issues on a global scale. As a result, the study plan looks at the technology behind cyber and networked systems. And its meaning in terms of global social policy. Class examples are:

  • Intro to Cyber Math – An overview of number theory, group theory and analysis
  • Intro to Cyber Security - A wide angle lens of the ideas and issues in information security
  • Topics in Informatics Tech – This class covers ways to problem solve using tech
  • Policy – Learn about privacy, cultural, legal, and security issues

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • Cyber Security Graduate Certificate
  • BS in Cyber Security and Global Policy
  • Cyber Security Law and Policy Graduate Certificate
  • MS in Cyber Security Risk Management


  • Accelerator Scholarship
  • Computer Science Student Fund
  • Luddy Current Student Scholarships
  • Dean’s Advisory Council Senior Scholarship
  • Intelligent Systems Engineering Scholarship

School Features:

  • Online Cyber Degrees – MS, Grad Cert

Taylor University

236 W Reade Ave, Upland, IN

BS in Computer Science / Cyber Security

Taylor had the third highest number (1) of cyber grads in 2018. This program entails 128 credits. It blends theory, research and hands on experiences. Technical classes study network ops, software and computation. While other discussion based classes weave in faith and the ethical issues of tech. Class examples are:

  • Computer and Network Security I & II – Learn the basics of security design, risk, cryptography, and defensive ops
  • Digital Forensics - A look at the tools, and methods used to investigate an internet crime
  • Software Reverse Eng – Learn how to spot and assess malicious software and weak areas in systems
  • Data Comms – About networks and how they transmit data as well as how to safeguard these channels

More Cyber Degree Programs:

  • BS in Computer Science


  • Taylor U Scholarships
  • Dollars for Scholars

School Features:

  • 100K grant from Lockheed Martin for computer virus research