Cyber Security Degrees in Idaho

Cyber Security Degrees in Idaho

A cyber security degree program trains students to work in the tech industry. They work with all types of businesses. They also work in gov’t orgs. Many people are interested in this field. Yet, only a few schools offer these courses. The U. S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard lists 37 colleges in Idaho. Just 3 of them offer a cyber security degree. These schools include: 

  • College of Western Idaho 17
  • Brigham Young University Idaho 6
  • Idaho State University 2

Online Cyber Security Programs in ID

One option for students who wish to earn a degree in cyber security is to enroll in an online course. Much of what a student learns in cyber ed relates to the internet. That makes it very easy to see the benefits of taking an online course. Idaho students can choose this path. 

Online courses are flexible. Students can learn at their own pace. They can also choose custom courses to fit their needs. Students can work and go to school if they like. Some students with kids go back to school like this. There is a lot of versatility in these programs.

In Idaho, just one school offers a cyber security degree online. Others may offer one or more classes in this area. New classes may be available in the future.

Brigham Young University – Idaho

Brigham Young University offers a B. S. in Applied Technology. It teaches a cyber security path. One of the benefits of this program is that it can be customized. Students can choose a pathway that fits their needs. The program lets students work in areas such as software and network security. Students can take courses at their own pace here.

All of the education is available online. That makes it a very flexible school for cyber degrees. This school offers a technical certificate. It also offers an associate of applied science. Some go on to earn a master’s.

Cyber Scholarships in ID

Pursuing an education in cyber security may offer a good opportunity to find employment. Students need to pay for their education first. There are various ways to do this. Loans are just one option. Many students also qualify for grants. Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for college. These are funds do not typically need to be paid back. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

Many scholarship options exist. Some come from local businesses and industries. Others come from private funds. In the cyber industry, many large organizations also offer them. They enable students to earn their degree affordably. The following are some of the cyber security scholarships for Idaho students. Others may exist as well.

Stokes Educational Scholarship Program

The National Security Agency (NSA) is one of the leading industry experts in cyber security. It offers the Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program to help students to pay for their education in this field. This is one of the most competitive of opportunities available. Those who earn this scholarship will receive to $30,000 in tuition. They also receive additional tuition assistance and an annual salary. It covers most of the educational fees students have. To earn this scholarship, applicants must first apply. They will work during the summer with NSA in the area they choose. Formal application and a written essay are necessary.

NSF CyberCorps Scholarship for Service

Many students work in government offices and positions in the cyber security field. The NSF CyberCorps, Scholarship for Service offer helps pay for that education. It helps cover costs for their education in cyber security programs and related fields. Students will need to apply for the opportunity. Letters of recommendation and a personal essay are necessary. Students also agree to work with the federal government, or a state or local government in the field. They may also work with the Federally Funded Research and Development Center. Here, they may qualify for job placement in the area of cyber security. Cyber defense is another area. Some may work in the Department of Homeland Security. 

Science Mathematics and Research for Transformation Scholarship Program

The Scholarship for Service Program is a part of the Science Mathematics and Research for Transformation program. This scholarship is available to undergrad and grad students. It is specific for those studying in these fields. Students agree to work in a cyber security field upon graduation. If they apply and receive it, the student is also guaranteed civilian employment working with the U. S. Dept. of Defense. The full application includes providing a full essay. Transcripts are necessary, too. Students need to demonstrate their skills and interest. 

ISC Undergraduate Scholarship

The ISU2 Undergrad Scholarship is another avenue for students. It is available just to high school students applying for college or undergrad students. It is designed to help those who want to work in cyber security specifically. Information assurance students can also apply. More than one person is selected. Those who are receive between $1,000 and $5,000. It can be used for any educational expenses. The program considers a person’s needs. Full applications will require personal essays. Transcripts and work history is important. This scholarship is competitive. Many people apply for it. Students also need to apply each year to receive the funds. It can also create inter opportunities for some. 

Malwarebytes $100,000 Scholarship

The Malwarebytes $100,000 Scholarship is a very competitive program. Students will need to be in a STEM program. Only accredited schools count. It is available to undergrad and grad students. Students will need to complete a detailed essay. They must also provide a resume or CV. All high school and college transcripts are necessary. Students will need to show the importance of cyber security in the world. Personal statements are also necessary. Apply early for this scholarship. 

ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship

The ISACA is a large organization focused on cyber security. The Boise chapter specifically offers a $1000 scholarship for eligible students. Students can be undergrad or grad. They need to be in an accredited school. They also need to be a resident of Idaho. They must be studying info security or a related field. Cyber security counts for this. The ISACA Boise Chapter Scholarship is lucrative. To achieve it, students should consider becoming a member of the group. Students can apply for it year after year. 

Idaho Opportunity Scholarship

The Idaho Opportunity Scholarship aims to help encourage students to focus on tech. It aims to help students be ready for this area of the workforce. To qualify, students need to have a GPA of 2.7 or higher. They have to live in Idaho. They also need to provide transcripts from high school or college. Students need to attend an eligible school. They need to submit an application with an essay. Letters of recommendation may be a requirement. Those who earn it can receive up to $3,500 for their college education. They can apply for it each year.

Rural Technology Fund Cyber Security Scholarship

The Rural Technology Fund offers the Rural Technology Fund Cyber Security Scholarship. This is available to just Idaho residents. It is to help students in rural Idaho pay for their education. Just one award is given. It is worth $1,000. The student will need to complete a full application. They need to provide a personal statement. They also need to meet GPA requirements. High school transcripts are important. The person who earns this scholarship should be studying computer tech in some field. They must focus their education on security. 

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Idaho

Learning is critical in cyber security. This is a fast changing industry. There are many job opportunities. Yet, those who understand up to date insight are important to companies. Keeping your knowledge high is an ongoing process. That could mean attending cyber security workshops. Cyber security conferences are also important. Both provide a way to learn and grow as the industry changes.

In addition, these conferences also provide opportunities for networking. Connecting with others in the field is important. Students who attend may find companies in the industry. This may allow for finding jobs in the field later. Networking is an ongoing process. Many people who attend conferences get to know each other. They share insight and support.

BSides Boise

The BSides Boise events are community organized. They are smaller conferences. They are a bit different from a workshop. They bring in people from around the industry. The focus here is on information security. The goal is to spark conversations about cyber security. By talking and connecting, the goal is to help everyone benefit. A nice benefit is the small business focus. Any organization can be a part of this. There are lively discussions. There are numerous interactions with those who come. The event often has various industry pros. Demos are also common. The latest software is often on display. 

Cyber Security Symposium

Each year, the University of Idaho costs this event. It is done through the Center for Security and Dependable Systems. This conference is important. It brings together industry experts along with people in academics. It also encourages government officials. Everyone attends to share insight and information. Students are able to attend, too. It is an excellent networking opportunity. It also has a number of workshops and training components. There are presentations. Key note speakers are available. The event draws a large group from in the state and out of it. Research presentations are also on display here.

Idaho Cyber Security Interdependencies Summit

This event is hosted by the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security. It is also sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Economic Region Center for Disaster Resilience. Many things make it unique. It is a large event. Anyone can attend. It draws government officials. It brings in small and medium businesses. It also brings in tech workers. Everyone has the goal of sharing insight. The benefit is to help everyone to share knowledge to better the industry. The event has workshops and seminars. There are conversations. There is a lot of focus on government safety and security. 

Interface – Boise

This event is a valuable one for both students and industry pros. Because cyber security is always changing, everyone needs this continued education. The event focuses on current challenges. It talks about risk management. It also talks about infrastructure in the industry. IT security is another topic. Enterprise communication is yet another. Vendors are present. There is a lot of shared info here. Industry experts from around the world are welcomed. Local businesses typically attend. Students will find it ideal for networking as well.

Cyber Security Workshops in Idaho

Cyber security workshops are local events. They take place more frequently than conferences. Many of them are opportunities to connect with people who are local pros. This may create new opportunities for students. Cyber security workshops are low key. They are less formal. Yet, they create more networking options for members. Many workshops require membership. This may require a small fee. Students are welcome to be a part of most of these opportunities.

Boise ISSA

Students and graduates can join the Information Systems Security Association. Each month, it hosts the BOISE ISSA event. It is an opportunity to connect with others in the industry. This Boise chapter focuses on network security. Information assurance is a big topic, too. The discussions are moderated. Experts speak at each one. There are various presentations provided. Information technology topics are common. Local pros and industry experts come together. The topics vary. The networking here is excellent. Students are welcome to attend.


The Information Systems Audit and Control Association has workshop in Boise. This is also called the ISACA. This group offers local chapter meetups each month. Students want to attend for many reasons. One is because there is a scholarship awarded to a member studying in the field. These meetups are usually luncheons. There are presentations on many subjects. Workshops offering hands on training are a common service. In addition, students can continue to earn professional education credits through this workshop. This is also a strong networking opportunity.

Cyber Security Jobs in Idaho

The goal of getting an education in cyber security is about getting a job. The industry is highly competitive. Even small companies need to think about their security today. That is why new positions are becoming available across the industry. As demand increases, those with the education will often get key positions. In Idaho, the average wage for people in a cyber security job was $80,610. These are figures for 2018. They are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Students may find career opportunities in various areas of the industry. Education plays a big role in the job they land in. Jobs in Idaho may be available in business and government positions. Having a masters degree in cyber security is better than a bachelor’s degree. Some students may have a computer science degree. They may then have a cyber security certificate. This type of concentration may help. It is even more beneficial for those who have a work history.

St. Luke’s Health System

All industries need cyber security pros. St. Luke’s Health System is one of them. This is a large medical center. It is located in Boise. It uses cyber tech pros for many types of tasks. That includes analyzing data. It also uses pros to protect against patient information being stolen. Cyber security analysts are in demand here. It has numerous campuses across the state. It focuses on meeting health needs. It also has a strong research department. St. Luke’s Health System is also a federal contractor.


Humana is a well known health insurance provider. The company has offices in Idaho. It provides health insurance and life insurance to residents. It works with businesses to provide health care. It offers health plans for many needs. They use cyber security pros as well. They use them to analyze data. They also use professionals to manage private data. It also plays a role in their outreach programs. Humana is a federal contractor.

U. S. Dept. of Energy

In Idaho, the U. S. Dept of Energy uses cyber tech pros for many needs. It works closely with local agencies. It is always working on continuing research. The cyber pros this agency use protect data. They work on designing solutions to minimize risk. They are often focused on designing new solutions as well.


This company is one of the largest business consulting services. It is an international organization. It works in areas of security. Deloitte handles a variety of services. That includes data analysis. Security solution development is also an area of expertise. The company hires cyber pros to help with research, admin, and much more. It is a federal contractor.


Oracle is an American tech company. It designs databases and software. The company does a lot of work in cloud management. It also creates enterprise software products. It uses cyber security pros for a range of tasks. That includes risk mitigation. It also hires analysts and experts to design security solutions. Oracle is a federal contractor. It has offices in Idaho.

Idaho Power Company

This company enables power solutions for Idaho businesses and customers. It regulates power access. It also invests in energy research and development. The organization uses cyber security pros to protect its operations. It also uses them for data mining. Research components also are a part of some jobs here. This company is a federal contractor. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Idaho by College

Idaho cyber security degree options are limited. Still, there are a few options to think about and compare. Students may wish to choose these programs. Here are the top cyber degree programs in Idaho based on graduates and available programs for the 2018 school year.  


College of Western Idaho

5500 East Opportunity Drive, Nampa, ID 83687

AAA in Cyber Security

The College of Western Idaho graduated the most students in Idaho in its cyber security degree. In 2018, 17 students graduated in from this school. One of the main program options is an A. A. S. in Cyber Security. This program teaches about hacking. It also provides insight into computer tech use in organizations. Students will learn network security.

They also learn how to prevent attacks. This is a complete program. It prepares students to work in a range of fields. That includes in admin positions. It also includes high level positions in companies. Some students go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in this area later. Some may move to a master of science as well. This degree program has a minimum of 63 credit hours required. Some of the classes students will take include these. 

  • Network fundamentals
  • Intro to programming
  • Linux
  • Basic network routing
  • Digital forensics 
  • Control systems 
  • Micron technology
  • Security technologies 

More Cyber Degree Options: 


School Features: 

  • Cert. programs available
  • Some online classes
  • Flexible learning path
  • Intermediate technical certificate 

Brigham Young University – Idaho

525 S. Center Street, Rexburg, ID 83460

B. S. of Applied Technology

Brigham Young University – Idaho offers a cyber security option. The school’s B. A. in Applied Technology – Computer Science provides students with access to this insight. In 2018, 6 people graduated with a degree in cyber security. This degree is versatile. There are several learning paths students can choose from for their education. The school offers several certificate programs and an associates degree in this area. Students who complete the bachelor degree program may work in network security. They may help to work on designing security solutions.

Many also learn system admin. This degree is competitive. Students can use it to get into an internship. It also offers numerous elective options. This degree path, specifically, requires 120 to 125 credits. It is available in person. Students can also take it all online. That can provide more flexible learning. Some of the classes include: 

  • Analytics
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Linux
  • Cisco networking 
  • Ethical hacking 

More Cyber Security Degrees: 


School Features: 

  • Industry certifications
  • Certs. Available
  • Advanced technical certificate available
  • Fully online program available

Idaho State University

921 S. Eighth Avenue, Pocatello, ID 83209

B. S. in Computer Science

Idaho State University is a third option. This school has a B. S. in Computer Science degree. In 2018, the school had 2 people graduate with a cyber security degree. It allows students to take courses in cyber security. Some may wish to enhance to the master’s degree in computer science as well.

This flexible setup lets students learn what is important to them. The classes are up to date. They also change often to add more advanced insight. This degree program lets students learn everything in advanced computer science. That includes machine learning. Students may take courses in data mining, too. This degree requires 120 credit hours. Advanced courses include artificial intelligence. They incorporate data penetration and bioethics. Some of the students include: 

  • Linux
  • Cisco
  • Secure networks
  • Digital forensics
  • Computer security

More Cyber Degree Options: 


School Features: 

  • CAE – CD 2014 -2020
  • Some online classes 
  • Industry certifications
  • Flexible course path