Cyber Security Degree Programs in Florida

Cyber Security Degrees in FL

A cyber security degree provides the education necessary to work in security and tech across a variety of industries. Not all schools offer this field. The US Department of Ed’s College Scorecard shows only 22 schools offer a cyber security degree in Florida. Of those programs, the following schools had the highest number of students graduate with a degree in cyber technology: 

  • Saint Leo University – 41 graduates 
  • St. Petersburg College – 41 graduates 
  • Florida State University – 35 graduates 
  • Keiser University – Ft. Lauderdale – 31 graduates 
  • The University of Tampa – 25 graduates 
  • Pensacola State College – 24 graduates 
  • Florida International University – 20 graduates 
  • Nova Southeastern University – 14 graduates 
  • Broward College – 9 graduates 
  • Hodges University – 9 graduates 

Online Cyber Security Degree Programs in FL 

Online cyber security degree programs focus on computer and mobile connectivity, which is why many programs are available online. These programs allow students to work full time or meet at-home obligations while attending school. The cyber security schools offering flexibility through online cyber degree programs include: 

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University offers an online cyber security degree program that is fully available online. This is a B.S. in Cyber Security. It is taught in a virtual lab environment allowing students to immerse themselves in a mock IT infrastructure that teaches them to use software tools and technologies in real world scenarios. The program aims to create a realistic view of what happens in these jobs. 

Keiser University – Ft Lauderdale

Keiser University – Ft Lauderdale offers a fully online and on campus program of study. This includes a B.S. in Cybersecurity. This program is available fully online to teach students more comprehensive areas of study after earning an associates degree in any computer-related field. It teaches security tools and forensic techniques that many organizations need. It also teaches detection and assessment of system weaknesses. 

Florida International University

Florida International University offers a range of computer-based educational programs, including cyber security. The school’s B.A. in Computer Science is an online-based program that prepares students in areas of computer organization and architecture, algorithms, program languages, and cyber security. In addition, it offers an B.S. in Information Technology that focuses on automation, IT troubleshooting, and data communications. 

Broward College

Broward College offers several degree programs for cyber security, including those available in fully online formats. One option is the Associate of Science in Computer and Network Security. This program, which offers flexible course selection, prepares students to become Information Security Analysts, Computer Network Architects, and Information Systems Managers. A Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology is also available from Broward College. It teaches computer software engineering, administration of complex databases, and network systems administrator insights. 

Hodges University

Hodges University offers both online and in-person opportunities for cyber security including both an A.S. and a B.S. in Computer Information Technology. These programs teach computer languages, data management, infrastructure planning, and cyber risk in a real-world environment. 

Hybrid Cyber Security Degrees in FL 

Some schools also offer a hybrid learning opportunity which combines both in-classroom and online learning courses. These types of courses can be beneficial to those that want a more advanced degree but want to do some learning at home. 

Keiser University – Ft Lauderdale

This school offers two programs as hybrid learning opportunities. That includes the Information Technology and Programming degree, which is an Associates of Science Degree. It teaches skills to help employees adapt to ever-changing workplace challenges. A second program, the Information Security MS is also available as a hybrid course. It teaches practical knowledge of security concepts including secure application development, cryptography, and telecommunications. 

Cyber Scholarships in FL 

Many students pursuing a degree in cyber security in Florida will qualify for scholarships or other types of financial aid. Financial ad may be available to those who qualify. Some specific cyber security scholarship opportunities include: 

AFCEA Cyber Studies & Intelligence Scholarship

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), in partnership with Lockheed Martin and Powertek, offers a $5,000 scholarship to undergraduate students pursuing academic studies in the field. Studies can include computer science, cyber security, cyber attacks, and intelligence. Students must be in a two- or four-year college with an overall GPA of 3.0 to qualify. Other qualifications exist.

DigiCert Internet Security Scholarship

The DigiCert Internet Security Scholarship is awarded to college-bound high school seniors studying internet security. It provides $1,000 annually for education in the field for those who qualify with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher and enrolling in a qualified accredited college.

Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium awards the Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship to students enrolled in a cyber or information security profession. The award is $5,000 and is available to undergraduate studies for those enrolled in a four-year accredited undergraduate program with an overall GPA minimum of 3.5.

Microsoft Cybersecurity Essay Scholarship

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Essay Scholarship awards $2,000, $3,000, or $5,000 scholarships to three students enrolled in an accredited college in the U.S. who are pursuing a degree program in internet security. A long-form essay is a requirement for this program.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Florida

These annual events provide cyber security professionals to build their networks and gain ongoing insight into the field. Key workshops and conferences in Florida include:

FutureCon Tampa Cyber Security Conference

Taking place each year, this event is specific for CXO Level Professionals looking to advance their skills. It’s focus is on the advancing of cyber threats and what security leaders need to know to remain on top of these risks.

Florida Cyber Conference

The Florida Cyber Conference focuses on presentations and speakers from industry leaders. The 2020 event will be held in Orlando (this can change year-to-year). Topics include cybersecurity, C-Suite security, social engineering, and emergency trends and technology. 

InfoSec World Conference & Expo

This digital format security conference is designed to provide individuals with refined experts and continuing knowledge on cyber security and disruptive technologies. It also focuses on tools for prevention and skill enhancement.

Data Connectors Jacksonville Tech-Security

The Data Connectors Conference provides hands-on education and training for senior executives and practitioners. It’s lineup changes each year to include the latest trends and threats.

Acronis Cyber Summit

This annual event brings industry leaders and lecturers together to discuss data protection strategies and opportunities for the digital world. Speakers discuss new solutions and industry insights for business leaders and practitioners.

Executive Alliance’s National Security Leaders Symposium

An annual event and webinar, this event focuses on critical security challenges putting companies at risk today. It also works to expand future-forward technology solutions through speakers and interactive groups. 

Cyber Security Jobs in Florida

In Florida, the mean annual wage for cyber security careers in 2018 was $91,950, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Numerous companies offer cyber industry jobs in Florida. Some companies to consider looking for a cyber security job include: 

Raytheon Technologies

Located in Pensacola, this company is a federal contractor. Raytheon Technology is recognized in the area of intelligence and space. It holds contracts with state and federal agencies including those related to national defense, supply chains, and deep space research.

General Dynamics Information Technology

A federal contractor located in Tampa, aims to be at the frontline of emergency technology. It offers a range of IT jobs including cyber security solution development positions. It is one of the largest aerospace and defense companies in the world.  


A federal contractor operating throughout the state including at MacDill Air Force Base, provides government services in information technology support. This includes jobs in information technology, program management, analytics, mission-specific tasks, and engineering.  


An international company, Deloitte is a federal contractor operating out of Lake Mary and Tampa. Deloitte develops cyber security and offers consulting work for companies, states, and federal governments. The company also works in areas of tax, enterprise risk management, financial risk assessment, and data computing solutions. 

Lockheed Martin

This company, a federal contractor, operates out of Orlando. It offers a range of IT jobs in fields such as defense, aerospace, and security. Lockheed Martin is a tech-focused organization. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Florida by College 

Where a person goes to school matters. When choosing a cyber security degree program in FL, it is important to choose one that has a proven track record of helping students excellent. Here are the top 15 schools based on the number of students graduating in 2018.  


Saint Leo University

3371 State Road 52, Saint Lego, FL 33374

BS in Cyber Security

Saint Leo University graduated 41 students in cyber security in 2018. That makes it the highest ranked school in the state in the field. The BS in Cyber Security degree program requires 120 hours. It provides students with a wide range of cyber security and assurance skills with courses such as: 

  • Systems Analysis and Design 
  • Software Engineering 
  • Management of Information Security 
  • Network Theory and Design 

More Cyber Degree Programs:



School Features: 

  • Online Cyber Degrees for BS 
  • CAE-CD 2016-2021 
  • SACSCC accredited 

St Petersburg College

6605 5th Avenue N. St. Petersburg, FL 33710

B.A.S. Degree in Computer Programming and Analysis

St. Petersburg College is ranked #2 in Florida by graduating 41 students in cyber security programs in 2018. The B. A.S. in Computer Programming and Analysis is a 120- credit hour program. It provides the start of a student’s education in the field teaching programming languages and application management. Courses include: 

  • Programming in C++ 
  • Computer and Information Technology Concepts 
  • Web Foundations and Essentials 
  • Emerging Topics in Software Engineering Technologies  

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Campus learning only 
  • CAE-2Y 2019-2024 
  • SACSCC accredited 

Florida State University

600 W. College Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32306

BS in Cyber Criminology (Computer Science)

Florida State University graduated 35 students in cyber security fields in 2018, making it the #3 in the state. The BS in Cyber Criminology is one of several computer science majors offered. This is a 120-credit hour program that blends criminal justice and computer science together to teach students information-related crime and cyber-forensic skills. Some of the courses include: 

  • Introduction to Research Methods in Criminology
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Computer Security Fundamental 
  • Cybercrime Detection and Forensics

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Classroom-based education 
  • CAE-CD 2014-2021 
  • CAE-R 2014-2021 
  • SACSCC accredited 

Keiser University – Ft Lauderdale

1900 W. Commercial Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

B.S. of Cyber Forensics and Information Security

Keiser University – Ft. Lauderdale graduated 31 students in 2018 in cyber security fields. One of the programs of study offered is a B.S. Cyber Forensics and Information Security Program. This is a 120-credit hour program teaching information security techniques and tools necessary to detect and assess system weakness. Courses include: 

  • Information Technology Planning 
  • Network Defense and Countermeasures 
  • Security Policies and Disaster Preparedness 
  • Digital Medial Forensics

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

School Features: 

  • Online and on-campus based cyber security programs
  • SACSCC accredited

The University of Tampa

401 W. Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33606

M.S. in Cybersecurity

In 2018, The University of Tampa graduated 25 students in computer science and cyber security associated fields. The M.S. in Cybersecurity is one of those programs teaching contingency planning, risk assessment, and in-depth digital forensics. It is a 120-credit degree program. The program’s courses include: 

  • Cybersecurity Research  
  • Information Systems and Operations Management  
  • Secure Software Design 
  • Managing the IT Organization 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:

  • On Campus Only Learning
  • SACSCC accredited 

Pensacola State College

1000 College Boulevard, Pensacola, FL 32504

B.A. in Cybersecurity, Information Security

Pensacola State College graduated 24 students in cyber technology programs in 2018. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity and Information Security is a 120-credit hour program offer a focus in both cybersecurity risk management and IT management for individuals with an Associate in Science in Cybersecurity or other qualifying courses. The courses in this program include: 

  • Operating Systems Security 
  • Laws and Legal Aspects of Information Technology 
  • Computer Forensics and Investigations  
  • Advanced Security Practitioner  

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Online and on campus educational paths 

Florida International University

1120 SW 8th St., University Park, Miami, FL 33199

M.S. In Cybersecurity

In 2018, Florida International University graduated 20 students in cyber security-related educational programs. Its only offering is a Master of Science in Cybersecurity Degree. This program is a technical degree teaching advanced topics on cybersecurity management and applications. This is a 30-credit hour degree program. Courses include: 

  • Secure Application Programming
  • Practical Applied Security
  • Principles of Data Mining
  • Secure Telecommunications Transactions Telecom 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • CAE-R 2016-2021
  • Bachelor and Masters programs available online
  • SACSCC accredited 

Nova Southeastern University

3301 College Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314

B.S. in Computer Science

In 2018, Nova Southeastern University graduated a total of 14 students through its computer science and cyber tech schools. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is one of the most important as it is a stepping stone to both a Masters and Doctoral program. Accredited by the Computing Accreditation Communication, this course uses software tools to teach design and development for real-world applications. This 120-credit hour program includes courses such as: 

  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Computers 
  • Software Engineering 
  • Design and Analysis Algorithms 
  • Organization of Programming Language  

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features: 

  • Campus-only  
  • CAE-CD 2014-2021 
  • Network Security Engineering 
  • SACSCC accredited 

Broward College

111 East Las Olas Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

B.A.S. in Technology Management

Broward College graduated 8 students in 2018 in cyber security and tech management degree fields. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management is one of the core programs here. This is a 120-credit hour course with ample flexibility in educational offerings. It is designed specifically for students with an Associates degree in some area of computer science. Courses offered include: 

  • Applied Data Integration & Manipulation 
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI 
  • Data Analytics Technologies 
  • Cybersecurity Analysts Applications 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 

School Features: 

  • Online and on campus learning 
  • SACSCC accredited 

Hodges University

2655 Northbrooke Drive, Naples, FL 34119

B.S. in Cybersecurity and Networking 

In 2018, Hodges University’s Fisher School of Technology graduated 9 students in cyber and computer technology degree programs. The B.S. in Cybersecurity and Network Degree program provides a hands-on approach to providing network solution and cyber detection skills through 105 credit hours of learning. Students learn through real-world applications using virtual machines. This allows them to create mock network configurations. Courses here include: 

  • Networking Essentials
  • Advanced Computer Applications  
  • Data Management Systems  
  • Programming Concepts 

More Cyber Degree Programs:  


School Features:  

  • SACSCC accredited 

Northwest Florida State College

100 College Boulevard, Niceville, FL 32578

Associate in Science in Cyber Security 

Seven students graduated from Northwest Florida State College in its cybersecurity educational programs in 2018. The school offers an Associate in Science in Cyber Security program. It prepared students for entry-level employment or additional education in areas of computer security, network systems, and internet structure. Courses within this 60-credit-hour course include, with significant ability to customize coursework and load: 

  • Digital Forensics
  • Fundamentals of Network Security 
  • Advanced Database Concepts 
  • Advanced Network Security 

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:  

  • Online and on campus learning 
  • SACSCC accredited 

Rasmussen College – Florida

9160 Forum Corporate Parkway, Ft. Myers, FL 33905

B.S. in Cyber Security

In 2018, Rasmussen College’s Florida campuses graduated 6 students from its cyber security programs. The B.S. in Cyber Security degree is the foundation of this. It teaches language certifications, hands-on learning in system security best practices, and real-world training through virtual programs. The courses are updated routinely to provide more advanced opportunities. This is a 180-credit hour course. Some of its courses include: 

  • Systems Security Certification 
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate training 
  • CompTIA Cybersecurity Analysis  
  • Information Systems Auditing  

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:  

  • Online programs 
  • SACSCC accredited 

Strayer University – Florida

2307 W Broward Blvd Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

B.S. in Information Technology

With 5 students graduating from cybersecurity programs in 2018, Strayer University – Florida is one of the top schools offering programs. What makes it unique is the flexibility in customization of courses taken and concentrations. Cybersecurity is one of those concentrations for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology. Courses prepare students to enter the field as an Information Security Analyst or a Cybersecurity Engineer. Courses of study in this 180-credit hour program are very flexible but include: 

  • Relational Database Management Systems 
  • Object-Oriented Computer Programming I 
  • Computer Forensic Technology 
  • Perimeter Defense Techniques  

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:  

  • Online education available
  • SACSCC accredited 

University of Phoenix – Florida

2400 SW 145th Avenue, Miramar, FL 33027

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

In 2018, The University of Phoenix – Florida graduated 5 students from its cybersecurity programs in Florida. The Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree program is 120 credits in length. The course provides students with a focus on computer infrastructure assessment, risk management, penetration testing, and computer forensics. Students can then focus their degree with a Cybersecurity Policy and Governance Certificate to potentially become more desirable to employers. Courses offered in this program include: 

  • Information Systems Rick Controls and Auditing Management  
  • Project Cybersecurity Policy and Governance 
  • Security Analyst Network Threat Testing 
  • Security Analyst Procedures and Methodology  

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:  

  • Online Format 
  • SACSCC accredited 

Florida State College at Jacksonville

101 West State Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Associate in Science in IT Security

In 2018, Florida State College at Jacksonville graduated 5 students through its cyber security and computer science programs. The Associate in Science IT Security degree is one primary degree program offered through the school. This is a 60-credit hour degree teaching students penetration testing, scripting, networking, intrusion detection, and digital forensics along with a number of certifications in computer languages. Courses within the program include: 

  • Data Forensics  
  • Intrusion Detection Systems and Auditing  
  • Offensive Security – Advanced Penetration Testing 
  • Techniques of Computer Hacking and Incident Handling 

More Cyber Degree Programs: 


School Features:  

  • Online and campus learning 
  • SACSCC accredited