Cyber Security Colleges in Arkansas

Cyber Security Colleges in Arkansas

For those that have an interest in a degree in tech, a cyber security degree may work well. Cyber security has a focus on tech and security solutions. It is a field that is growing in importance today. That includes in both private and public sectors. To work in the field, pros often need a cyber security degree. Yet, few schools offer it. The U.S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard says there are 82 schools in the state. Just four of these colleges offer a cyber security degree program in Arkansas.

These are the only colleges offering a cyber security degree programs in Arkansas.

  • Arkansas Tech University
  • Southern Arkansas University Tech
  • Strayer University Arkansas

Online Cyber Security Programs in AR

One way to get an education in this field is to do so through an online program. Online cyber security degrees are just as valuable as those obtained on campus. They provide students with more freedom. Students can learn when they want to. They can learn anywhere they desire. Some programs are self paced. That lets a student learn at a rate that fits their life style. For students with families, this can be key.

Not all schools offer an online cyber degree programs. Some may add this field in the future. It is more likely to happen as demand rises. Cyber security work is often done online. That could make learning online very effective. These colleges offer an online cyber security degree program in Arkansas. Each one is a bit different, but offers a chance to start learning.

Southern Arkansas University Tech

Southern Arkansas University Tech has a Computer Information Technology program. This program is an associate’s degree. That is an initial stepping stone into education. The school worked closely with local industry experts to create this program. Much of the work is hands on. Yet, it can be all done from home. Students will learn at a fast rate. However, this program can be taken on a part time basis. This program takes about two years to complete. Students can use it to start working in the field right away. Some students may go on to a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree later.

Strayer University – Arkansas

Stayer University – Arkansas offers another option. This is a program with many start options. Students can earn a B. S. in IT – Cyber Security. This program aims to provide students with the ability to work as an IT specialist. They may work as a data analyst. Some students will work in digital forensics. They will work in private and public sector positions. The degree itself is fully online. This school has classes that run 11 weeks. There are 40 total classes to complete. Students learn modern and up to date industry info. This includes new offensive network security methods. It includes overcoming hackers.

Cyber Scholarships in AR

Choosing the perfect school for you is key. For many, costs are a concern. Even if they are not, finding a way to save on the tuition can be worth while. There are many ways to pay for school. Some students may take out student loans. Both private and public funding is available. Other students may wish to use federal student aid. Some students may qualify for grants. Scholarships are another option. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

From being a senior in high school, students should look into available scholarships. If you are studying computer and info science, cyber security, or related fields, there are options available. Scholarships are available from many schools. This is a first step for many people. Then, look to third parties. Some corporations offer scholarships. The Dept. of Homeland Security, DHS, may offer an option. Some students may qualify for a National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) scholarship.

Students should apply to scholarships soon. Often, there are limited offers available. Students may need to apply each semester. Here is a look at the available scholarships for colleges in Arkansas for cyber security degrees.

Arkansas High Tech Scholarship Program

This scholarship provides students with $2,000, up to $500 per year. It is available to many students who plan to study a tech field. It aims to encourage more people to pursue this area. This program has many requirements. Students must graduate from an AR high school. They must plan to enroll full time in a high tech program. Cyber security qualifies. They must plan to attend a post secondary school in AR. In addition, students need to maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher. They also look at ACT scores and SAT scores. ACT scores must be 19 or higher. SAT scores must be 730 or higher.

To apply, students need to complete an online app. Transcripts are a must. A personal statement is also a must. Students may need to write an essay. The Arkansas High Tech Scholarship is competitive. 

Department of Defense SMART Scholarship

The Dept. of Defense SMART Scholarship is a common option for cyber security students. This scholarship is for students in STEM fields. Cyber security is one of them. If a student qualifies for this scholarship, they may receive substantial benefits. That includes the cost of tuition, health insurance, and books. It may also cover stipends and other needs. This program also provides a summer internship. Students must agree to the internship to apply.

This scholarship is one of the most competitive. It is open to undergrad and grad students. The goal is to fill key positions in the DHS and Dept. of Defense with students. At graduation, students can then work in civilian roles.

To qualify, students need to be at least 18. They must be current enrolled in an accredited school. The school must have a STEM program. Students need to provide ACT and SAT scores. They also need to provide GRE scores for the grad level. They need to submit personal statements. These should show their leadership and team work sills. Also outline volunteer work. Provide insight on professional career goals. This option is very hard to get. It can be well worth the work.

Women’s Cyber Security Scholarship

The Centers for Cyber Safety and Education offers an ISC Scholarship. This program aims to encourage women to embrace tech degrees. The goal is to help to reduce the financial burden education can have one some people. This scholarship offer is available to women who are undergrad students. Each year, this org offers 20 of these scholarships to students. It can provide up to $5,000 for students.

To apply, students need to have a GPA of 3.3 or higher. They must be pursuing a cyber security degree. Info assurance degrees may qualify as well. They must be studying either part time or full time. They also need to be enrolled in a post secondary school. This can be in the U.S. It can also be in an int’l school that is accredited.

Applicants need to post their transcript. They must complete an online app. A letter of recommendation is a must. They also need a resume. An application essay is required. The topic changes often.

Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship

The Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship is another option. It is for women. To apply, students should be working towards a degree in comp sci. Other tech programs, such as engineering, may also apply. Each year, the program provides students with up to $7,000. The funds can be used for all types of tuition and schooling needs. This scholarship is for undergrads.

Students need to complete an online app. They need to submit info on their transcript. Resumes are important. Students also need to show their career path. They need to complete an essay. Personal statements are necessary as well.

AFCEA Cyber Security Scholarship

The AFCEA provides numerous grants. One of them is a STEM scholarship for undergrads. The Cyber Security Scholarship from AFCEA is aimed at helping those interested in pursuing a degree in cyber security. It is available to those who are undergrad students. The funds have to be used towards tuition or other school related expenses. Students need to demonstrate their plans for college. This scholarship offers up to $5,000.

To be eligible, students must have a 3.0 GPA. They must be at least second year students, they need to be attending a four year college. They also have to choose an eligible cyber security major. Students need to supply all transcripts. They need to provide two letters of recommendation. The app also requires answers to a series of questions. The app is available online to complete.

Infosec Cyber Security Scholarship Program

The Infosec Cyber Security Scholarship Program is for those who are studying in this field. The org wants to make it easier for people to enter this field. They want to encourage people to embrace this field with more affordability. The amount awarded differs yearly. Both grad and undergrad students can apply. This offer is done in a partnership with the Computer Technology Industry Association. They offer 12 scholarships each year.

The app process is somewhat long. Students need to provide transcripts. A resume or CV is a must. Students also need to provide letters of recommendation. A personal statement with career goals outlined is also a must. Students also need to provide an essay based on questions asked in some cases.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Arkansas

It is very important to keep studies up in this field. Cyber security is always changing. The only way for students to remain competitive is to keep learning. Some do this by going back to school. They may work on completing a master’s degree. Others will pursue a professional certificate. Some may even obtain a doctoral degree or Ph.d. In all cases, conferences are an important component as well.

Cyber security conferences help to provide pros and students with the latest info. They can learn from people working in the field and from field experts. They also create hands on work shops and labs to encourage people to explore new solutions and they are also good for communication. People in the industry can share their experiences. They can come together to create new solutions for lessening cyber threats.

For students, conferences and workshops offer other benefits. This includes providing a way for students to network. It may help them get an internship. It may help them find a job. Networking is always a benefit in this field.

Arkansas cyber security conferences and workshops are available. Students can also attend programs in other states. Some of the options include these: 


This is a yearly cyber security conference. It is designed to be a bit more light hearted. It often has a theme. Each year, people gather in Bentonville for it. They will talk about info sec. They will discuss trends in the field. There are keynote speakers. There are also panels on innovative solutions. Machine learning and data mining are topics.

Data Connectors Little Rock Tech Security

This is a yearly event. Field experts attend. There are interactive panels. Security discussions include business leaders. Speakers are often available. Vendors are present, too. This is another good event for students. It can provide some chances for networking with others.

Black Hat USA

Black Hat USA is another conference that takes place each year. It is sometimes in Arkansas and brings info security pros to the event. It offers insights on the latest security research and also does a lot with tracking trends in the field. The event includes vendors and high level pros.

Shell on the Border Hacker

This event is designed to connect people who work in the field. It offers a lot of hands on support and guidance. Students are welcome to attend. It is a good option for networking.

Hybrid Identity Protection Tech Day

This is a one day event. It is a workshop that welcomes business owners and security pros. The goal is to teach the latest trends and insights. It is a good chance to interact with others. Students learn in many hands on events. It occurs at least one time a year, but can be more often.

Arkansas Digital Government Summit

This is a gov’t sponsored event. Security pros and students may attend. It aims to bring gov’t agencies together and industry experts. The goal is to learn the risks in the industry. Discussion on lessening threats is common. It is a high level event. That means mostly field pros and business execs attend it. This can create excellent networking options for some students.

Cyber Security Jobs in Arkansas

The goal of getting a degree is to get a job. There are many companies that employ those in cyber security. This includes companies of all sizes and in all industries. Some students also can work in the public sector. This includes for local, state, and federal gov’t agencies. Nonprofits need these pros, too.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average wage for a cyber security earner in Arkansas was $77,220 in 2018. The amount someone earns is based on many factors. This includes positions and the org itself. Experience matters. Having an advanced degree matters, too. These are some companies that higher cyber security pros in Arkansas:


A leading health insurance company, Human employs cyber security pros for many needs. This company offers health insurance and Medicare plans. It is a federal contractor.

Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas

This is a public utility company. It provides power to many areas of the state. They use professionals in cyber security to minimize security risks to data.

American Express

A financial lender in the U.S., American Express provides a range of services. The company is a large investor and financial firm. It has offices in Arkansas and uses cyber security pros to aid in protecting data. It also uses data mining.


Honeywell is a large, global company. It has operations in aerospace and has tech divisions. It uses cyber security pros for research and development.


This company is a large tech company. It provides a range of tech solutions for companies and gov’ts. That includes cloud applications. It also designs infrastructure and uses cyber security pros for in house security. It also uses them for research and product development.

Parsons Corp.

This org provides a range of solutions for gov’t agencies. This includes security and defense services for their data. It develops solutions. Cyber security pros help with that.

Cyber Security Degrees in Arkansas by College

Investing in a cyber security degree may be an excellent opportunity. It may open the door to pursing new careers. It may also provide a service that many companies need. To qualify, students need to earn a degree. The school they go to is important. It may affect who hires them later. It also may affect their ability to enhance their degree down the road. Many students may continue their education. This may include a master’s degree or a doctoral degree. Others may earn a professional certificate.

What is important when you choose the perfect school. Arkansas cyber security colleges and degree options are limited. It is still important to compare each school’s program to others. This may help students choose the school best suited for their needs. A quality education counts in this field.

These are the cyber security colleges and degree programs available in Arkansas. This information is from the 2018 school year. New programs are added often. Many schools are expanding cyber security offerings. Cyber security education is growing in demand from public and private center entities. To make it easier for you to find colleges in Arkansas with cyber security degrees, we compiled a list of schools. We put these schools in order of the number of students who graduated in the 2018 year. Take a look at these options.


University of Arkansas Community College – Batesville

2005 White Drive, Batesville, AR 72503

Assoc. in Computer Information Systems

The U of Arkansas Community College – Batesville offers one option for students. It is an A.A.S. degree in Computer Info Systems. This program is diverse and offers a range of topic options. Cyber security training is one of them. Students can learn at their own pace here. They can earn a degree designed by local industry experts and professors. This degree program teaches hardware and software topics. It also includes an internship for students. That allows them to work in the field quickly. Some students will follow this degree with a computer science degree.

This A. A. S. degree requires a total of 60 credit hours. Of those, 45 credit hours are in computer and tech areas. Students will complete the degree in two years. Some students may take longer. Part time education is an option here. This degree offers classes such as:

  • Networking
  • Computer maintenance
  • Network defense
  • Cyber threats detection

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Industry certifications
  • Certificate programs available
  • Internships provided

Arkansas Tech University

1509 N. Boulder Avenue, Russellville, AR 72801

B. S. in Cyber Security

A bachelor’s degree is a good starting point for cyber security students. It opens the door for new job options. This school offers one. They offer a B. S. in Cyber Security. This degree is a must for those who wish to work as cyber security specialists. It is also provides students with skills to work as data analysts. They can work as IT specialists. There are many options available. This course teaches a wide range of topics. That includes data breaches and malware risks. It teaches software vulnerabilities. Students learn how to detect threats. They also learn how to prevent them. This program includes courses in wireless tech and math. Information assurance is also included. Networking concentrations are available. Students also learn through hands on experiences. They use real world tools they will use later. 

This degree program requires four years of study. Students can complete it on a full time or part time basis. The course work includes:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Cyber Defense
  • Computer architecture
  • Operating systems

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Advanced degree options
  • Certificate programs available
  • Graduate programs available

Southern Arkansas University Tech

6415 Spellman Road, Camden, AR 71701

Associates of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology

The A. A. S. in Computer Information Technology is a technical degree. The Southern Arkansas U Tech program may one of the best choices for some students. It deals with computer networks and also includes info sec. It also has many class options. This can help students to shape their education and degree program. Students will be able to work in IT fields upon graduation. This may include in the private sector. Some gov’t positions may be available, too. Some students work as a cyber security analyst. They may work to reduce cyber attacks. Many provide systems security solutions.

This degree program takes two years to complete. Students will be able to complete numerous certifications. This may include Network+, A+ and Security+ programs. The course work can be challenging. It can includes classes such as:

  • Computer system admin
  • Information science
  • Computer system networking
  • Computer system analysis

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Online degree programs
  • Industry certifications
  • Certificate programs available

Strayer University – Arkansas

10825 Financial Centre Pkwy #400, Little Rock, AR 72211

B. S. in Information Technology – Cyber Security

Students who want to earn a bachelor of science degree can do so at Strayer U – Arkansas. The school offers a B. S. in IT – Cyber Security. This program is one of the most up to date. It is also one students can complete fully online. Much of the insight comes from industry experts. Students will learn how to run digital forensics. They will explore how to protect data. This includes prevention of risk. Students will also learn about data networks. They can use these skills to work in public sector positions. Some may work as IT specialists. They may work as a network administrator. Others will work in product development. This program will include network defense courses. It will also focus on hacker access. Risk mitigation across all platforms is a component here.

This degree program starts at various times during the year. The courses are 11 weeks long. There are 40 total to complete. Students can pick from a variety of topics. This allows students to specialize in areas that interest them. Many will use start with this degree and then earn a Ph.D. Some of the classes include:

  • IT capstone
  • Network server admin
  • Perimeter defense techniques
  • Network pen testing

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Online degree programs
  • Industry certifications
  • Certificate programs available
  • Graduate certificate programs available