Cyber Security Degrees in Alaska

Cyber Security Degrees in Alaska

The cyber security industry is growing. There is more demand for people who can work in this field. The industry deals with security of computer systems and connections. Cyber security degrees are the best way to learn to do this. They teach modern methods of computer security. They provide students with a high level of training. Yet, these degrees are hard to find. The U.S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard says there are nine colleges in Alaska. Of them, just three offer a cyber security degree in Alaska or in a related field. This can make it more difficult for students to find the education they need. Yet, jobs are available. Which means it may be worth seeking out these opportunities. The schools offering a cyber security degree in Alaska include the University of Alaska at:

  • Fairbanks
  • Southeast
  • Anchorage

Online Cyber Security Programs in AK

Learning cyber security may be easier to do than some realize. That is because students could learn online. The industry is computer related. Much of it has to do with the internet. That is why online cyber degrees may be so helpful. Students are learning in the same way as they will work later.

Cyber degrees online are helpful to many. They let people learn while working. Some have a family to care for while learning. Some may be working in a related field. They can use an online degree program to advance their education. Classes can be taken anywhere. Students just need an internet connection. For many, online learning is the best route for cyber security training.

Not all schools offer cyber security degrees online in Alaska. Yet, some schools are adding on to their programs. The school options may change over time. Some schools outside of the state may allow Alaska students to attend as well. This can be done through online programs. These are the available cyber security degrees online in Alaska. 

University of Alaska Fairbanks

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is one option. It is a Graduate Certificate – Cyber Security Management. This program allows students with a bachelor’s degree to apply. Students will learn how to manage cyber security within companies. Some may work as cyber security admins. They may work in computer tech positions. Some companies are sending back their employees to obtain this type of grad cert. UAF offers a range of different learning paths for students. This includes other comp sci degrees.

University of Alaska Anchorage

The University of Alaska Anchorage is another choice. This school has a few options for students. That includes a B. A. in Computer Science. It also has a B. S. in Computer Science. Students may also minor in the field. They may take cyber classes in these degrees. This allows them to pursue a higher level of education. Students may learn at their own pace in this degree program.

This school has much to offer. They offer a range of new programs often. This may include new cyber security degrees in the future. 

Charter College in Anchorage

The Charter College in Anchorage offers yet another route for students. This school offers a B. S. in Computer Information Systems. It is a fully online program. Students may learn at their own pace. A part of this is cyber security. Students do not earn a degree in cyber security. Yet, they could learn the skills that they need to compete in this field. They can then choose to focus their education in other ways. This may be getting a minor in cyber security. Some may pursue a master’s degree in cyber security from another school. Some may wish to take another route. This may include a certificate in business admin.

Cyber Scholarships in AK

Paying for school may be hard for some people. Yet, this degree opportunity may be worth it for many of them. That is why there are a range of ways to reduce costs. Some options can help make school more affordable right now like federal student loans. Loans often offer low interest rates. They are also easy for most to get. Federal student aid is another route. It helps reduce costs based on financial health. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

For others, there are grants. These are funds provided by many orgs. Often, they are not repaid. Scholarships are like this, too. Many orgs offer them. This includes many schools. Those tend to be from endowments. However, many third party orgs outside of schools also offer scholarships. Each one is a bit different from the next. They all have many requirements.

Here are some of the scholarships for cyber security in Alaska. Be sure to read all of the details. Many students can apply for each one of these. Some need to be applied for each year.

ISA Alaska Section Scholarship

The ISA Alaska Section Scholarship provides up to $5,000. It is for undergrad students only. They must be in an IT field. This includes cyber security. Students need to be a member of the ISA Alaska Section. They can also be related to a member. To apply, students need to complete an application. They need to submit transcripts. They also need to provide letters of recommendation.

Department of Defense SMART Scholarship

The U.S. Department of Defense SMART Scholarship is another option. This helps to cover the full cost of tuition. It also covers health insurance, book allowances, and other costs. Students will need to agree to work summer internships. They will work for the Dept. of Defense during these times. The goal is to help the gov’t get support in key areas.

To apply, students must be U.S. citizens or one of the U.K, New Zealand, Australia, or Canada. They must meet certain goals for ACT and SAT scores. They must also submit GRE scores if they are a grad applicant. This is a very competitive application. Students need to submit a resume. They also need to show demonstrated leadership. They need to have experience as a volunteer. Students will need to provide a full essay. They also have to outline what their professional goals are. All of this is done on an online app. Just a few people are chosen each year.

Undergraduate Cyber Security Scholarship

The Centers for Cyber Safety and Education offers an Undergraduate Cyber Security Scholarship. It awards up to $5,000. There are up to 20 offered each year. It is aimed at undergrad students. Students should be planning to work in cyber security. They may also plan to work in info assurance. They should have a GPA of 3.3 or higher. Students can use the funds for online education.

To apply, students need to submit all transcripts and a resume. They also need a letter of recommendation. There is a formal essay to complete. This is also another highly competitive scholarship opportunity for students.

ISSA Education Foundation Scholarship

The ISSA Education Foundation Scholarship offers $2,000 to $3,500 in funds. The funds go to those who study info sec. It aims to reduce the financial burden of careers in this industry. It is available to undergrad and grad students.

Those who apply must be in a full time field of info sec education. They will need to have a GPA of 2.5 or higher as an undergrad. They need to have a 3.0 GPA for a grad degree. It is also key to show volunteer work and any security work experience on the application. A personal letter is also required.

Microsoft STEM Scholarship Program

One of the most sought after scholarships is the Microsoft STEM Scholarship Program. It is available to those in comp sci. This includes cyber security. It is designed to help under represented student groups to get an education in this area. The program is available for undergrad students. It prioritizes those who have leaderships skills in some STEM field.

Students will need to be a full time student to apply. They must be planning to enter or be in a four year institution. That school must be accredited. It also must be in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA. There are application requirements. This includes an essay. It also includes demonstrated financial need.

SAIC CyberWarrior Scholarship

The SAIC CyberWarrior Scholarship is aimed at returning military vets. It is for those who plan to start cyber security careers. The award depends on many factors. Students can apply by completing an online app. They must provide answers to three essay questions. A resume is also needed. A letter of recommendation can also be helpful.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Alaska

Learning is an ongoing process in cyber security. Every year, new threats occur. Those working in the field need to be ready to act. The best way to do that is to stay current on education. Going back to school could help. Some do this through a masters degree. Others pursue a PhD. For some, the best route is to engage in cyber workshops and conferences. These are programs set up by a range of orgs.

Cyber conferences are held often. They are done as a way to keep the community up to date on risks. Students and industry pros can attend. These conferences may offer a range of solutions. They can cover new risks. They can also talk about the future of cyber security. Many people come together to network as well. Vendors display new cyber solutions. Companies also sponsor these events to ensure gov’t agencies stay up to date.

Cyber workshops are more hands on. They let you interact and communicate one on one. They are also good networking events. The following are some of the cyber workshops in Alaska. These are also cyber conferences. Any of these can be ideal to attend. Some may wish to attend other conferences in the U.S. to further their experience.

ArcticCon Anchorage

This event is for all IT fields. Students and pros can attend. Industry experts discuss new cyber security solutions. They also talk about new ways to protect companies. It aims to make IT protection more accessible. Even small businesses can benefit from it. The event happens each year. It is a collaborative experience. That means panels discuss key topics. There are workshops.

JBER – AFCEA Alaska Tech and Cyber Security Day

This event is just a day long, but it happens each year. It looks at communications and computer systems. It is hosted by the AFCEA. The goal is to provide up to date info. It also offers chances at high level training. It is done through Alaskan Command.


This is a modern and growing event. It is focused on web design. It also includes cyber security components. The goal is to help companies to get the support they need in these fields. They also work with even smaller companies. The event is smaller. Vendors are available. There are options to network here, too.


This org works to keep the community level communication in this field up to date. It hosts a yearly conference. There may be local events as well. The goal is to bring together people who know the field to discuss threats. Panelists discuss topics. Many keynote speakers from the field attend. The goal is to keep people up to date on the field’s risks.

Needles in Haystacks – Using Tech for Good

This is an interesting conference that happens yearly. The goal is to ensure security is a big part of the tech industry. This applies even as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning grow. The event is newer but has attracted a lot of attention.

KNOW Identity Summer Government Digital Forum

This is a digital workshop. It aims to bring people together to talk about public risks in cyber. There are conversations on privacy law. There are insightful panelist discussions. The focus is on digital identity from a public sector point of view.

ICS Lockdown

This is another annual event. It operates more like a workshop. It is an extension of ICS / SCADA cyber security events. The goal is to learn ways to defend against cyber threats.

Cyber Security Jobs in Alaska

Pursuing a job in cyber security is the goal. There are also many public sector orgs that hire these pros. Working full time in this field is possible, even more so for those with higher education completed.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found the average person that works in cyber security in Alaska earned an average of $98,210 in 2018. Many factors can impact the pay and job options for cyber security students. For example, those with certificate programs may be paid less than those with a PhD. Also, the role in the company can range widely. Here are some of the companies that may offer cyber security jobs in Alaska.


Humana is a health insurance company. It provides insurance plans for individuals and companies. This includes Medicare plans for seniors. The company is a leader in digital applications in the cyber industry. The company hires cyber security pros to work to protect client data. They also use them to prevent fraud and access to data bases. The company has offices in Anchorage. It is a federal contractor.

CDM Smith

This company provides computer solutions for companies. This includes creating smart, security systems. They work in engineering and construction. This includes areas of water and transportation. Many projects are completed for the U.S. gov’t. The company offers cyber roles such as network security pros in its Juneau and Sitka locations.

M. C. Dean, Inc.

This company is a federal contractor. It designs electrical systems for companies. It also handles gov’t projects. This includes designing electronic security solutions. That may include cyber security. It aids in management of these systems, too. This company has a strong intelligence focus. It hires cyber security pros in its Anchorage locations.

Bering Straits Native Corporation

This org works to promote the responsible development of the region. It is headquartered in Nome. It hires cyber security pros to manage security and works in both commercial and public sectors. Also, it is a federal contractor.

University of Alaska

This college hires cyber security pros to help with minimizing threats to their systems and data. They also hire for their Homeland Security and Emergency Management divisions. This includes pros to work to lessen risks to the campus computer systems.


This company operates in a range of fields. SAIC provides IT modernization services. It aids in analytics, creates logistics solutions and has a formal cyber division. It also hires cyber pros to work in many of these roles.

Cyber Security Degrees in Alaska by College

Choosing a school is a big part of the process of earning a degree. Alaska cyber security degrees are limited. Yet, not all schools offer the same type of program. Employers want to know what you learned. They need to know where you learned it. That helps them to learn the type of education a person has. It also helps them to learn what job you could do.

Cyber security degrees in Alaska include many options. Students should also be on the look out for new opportunities. These programs change often. There is demand for these skills. That may make more schools start to offer the degree programs. The following are the currently available cyber security degree programs in Alaska. School rankings are based on available programs and are ranked by the number of grads they had in 2018.


University of Alaska Fairbanks

1731 South Chandalar Drive, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775

Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Management

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Management may be one option for some students. This program is from the U of Alaska Fairbanks. It may require students to have a bachelor’s degree in place. That degree may be in areas of networking or IT. They may also apply for it if they have work experience in cyber security. Some students may wish to take this program to advance current skills. Some working in computer science could use it to concentrate their skills in cyber security. The program may be available fully online. Students could work through it at their own pace as well.

This program is designed in accordance with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It was also designed with support from the National Security Agency (NSA).

This program has 12 credit hour requirements. It may be completed in a year to 18 months. Some flexibility may exist here. Students may also focus their degree in many ways. One way is to take various courses. Also, this is a fully online program. Students may learn anywhere. Some of the class options include:

  • Network and cyber security
  • Risk assessment
  • Cyber security resilience

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Fully online degree programs
  • Graduate certificates programs

University of Alaska Southeast

11066 Auke Lake Way, Juneau, Alaska 99801

Certificate in Computer Information and Office Systems (CIOS)

The U of Alaska Southeast offers a program with some aspects of computer security. The Certificate in Computer Information and Office Systems program is a good option for some. This program may allow students to learn computer fundamentals. This includes learning about various applications. They may gain some insight into running reports. They may learn about computer security. This is a very entry level program. It may be a good stepping stone for many students. They may use this to determine if they are interested in cyber security. If so, they may pursue other degree options. This may include an Associate of Applied Science.

This program provides a range of topics and coursework. Some of them include:

  • Databases
  • Formatting
  • Computer science intro

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Certificate programs available
  • Certifications available

University of Alaska Anchorage

3211 Providence Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99508

B. S. in Computer Science

The U of Alaska Anchorage offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This degree may offer some course in cyber security. Students may learn a great deal in computer related topics. This includes topics such as operating systems. Students also may learn computer languages. They may gain insight into computer programming as well. These are not all related to cyber security. However, cyber security classes may help improve the outcome for students. Students may also use it to get into a Master of Science in cyber security in other areas. Students with an associate’s degree in a related field may apply. They may then earn a grad degree after completing a bachelors.

Students taking this degree may need to complete 120 credits, at least. There are many electives to choose from at UAA. The program allows for fully online learning. Some of the classes include:

  • Ethical hacking
  • Computer science
  • Computer networks

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Fully online degree programs
  • Certificate programs available

Charter College in Anchorage

2221 East Northern Lights Blvd #120 Anchorage, AK 99508

B. S. in Computer Information Systems

The Charter College of Anchorage provides a B. S. in Computer Information Systems. Students may learn online for it. The program aims to offer a few classes in cyber security as a part of this degree. Students may also learn things like information systems project management. They may learn Cisco and also learn data management skills. They may be able to complete certifications and exams here. Students may find this is a very versatile degree. They may be able to customize it in many ways. Students may be able to work as computer network architects. Some may work as information security analysts. Still, others may work in computer network support specialist positions.

The degree program requires at least 120 credit hours of study. It could take about two years to complete it. Some may complete it sooner. Some of the classes include:

  • Ethical hacking
  • Linux
  • Cisco

More Cyber Degree Programs:


  • None found

School Features:

  • Fully online program
  • Certificate programs available
  • Industry certifications available