Cyber Security Degrees in Alabama

Cyber Security Degrees in Alabama

A cyber security degree allows people to work in the tech industry. This degree may help students qualify for jobs in the security portion of computer tech. They can work for many types of companies. Gov’t orgs use them, too. The industry is fast growing. Demand for qualified pros is growing. Yet, not many schools offer it. The U. S. Dept. of Ed’s College Scorecard says there are 77 colleges in Alabama. Just 6 offer cyber security degree programs in Alabama. Because there are so few, many students may not know they have options. These are the schools based on the number of grads they had in 2018:

  • University of Alabama in Huntsville – 32
  • Columbia Southern University – 21
  • Auburn University at Montgomery – 11
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham – 7
  • Strayer University – Alabama
  • Talladega College

Online Cyber Security Degree Programs in Alabama

Some schools offer online education. Online cyber security degree programs in Alabama offer many benefits. Students may be able to learn at the rate they like. Self paced programs are often an option. Students may learn and work at the same time. For students with family obligations, this might be very important.

Because cyber security degree programs are internet based, they do well in online courses. These programs are versatile. Some are more flexible than others. These are the Alabama online cyber security degree program options:

University of Alabama in Huntsville

The U of Alabama in Huntsville is one option. It offers a M.S. in Cyber Security. This is an advanced degree option. Students need to have a bachelor’s degree to pursue it. Yet, students can work in the field and learn through the online program. This allows students to gain access to advanced education. This may make them more in demand in their jobs. This program teaches data science and digital forensics. This school is well respected. It offers online degrees completed all from home. Some classes may require lab work.

Southern New Hampshire University

  • Take advantage of some of the nation’s most affordable tuition rates, while earning a degree from a private, nonprofit, NEASC accredited university
  • Multiple term start dates throughout the year. 24/7 online classroom access.
  • Cyber Programs Include:
    BS in Cybersecurity – General Track, Data Analytics or Project Management Track
    MS Cybersecurity – General Track or IT Management

Columbia Southern University

Another option is Columbia Southern U. This school offers a B.S. in Cyber Security and Info Systems. It may be perfect for those who want to enhance their education. They do not need to have any prior education in computers to get started. The degree may prep students in system security analysis. They may learn how to use forensic tools. They may create disaster recovery plans. This is a 120 credit hour program. It is completed online. It is also available on an ongoing basis.

Auburn University at Montgomery

An M.S. in Computer Info Systems is available from Auburn U at Montgomery. This program includes a cyber security part. Students learn to be leaders in the field. They learn how to develop and manage secure systems. They also focus on new threats. Students can later work in homeland security or info tech. They may work for the Armed Forces or private companies. This degree requires 33 credit hours.

Auburn U – Montgomery is a top rated school. The org also ranks it as #79 in Regional Universities South. Students and take many courses online here. This includes self paced learning. Each program is a bit different

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Students just starting out may do so here. This school offers a B. S. in Info Systems. This is fully online. It incorporates cyber tech in it. This is done through the Collat School of Business. It takes aim at students working and looking for a change. The degree program is fully online. There is a 24 hour staff desk to provide help. Transfer credits may be accepted. There are also options to network to help. This program received accolades. This includes from the Princeton Review. It was listed as one of the top schools in the country for diversity. This program is also AACSB accredited.

Strayer University – Alabama

Another online school that offers a cyber security degree in Alabama is Strayer U – Alabama. This program is unique. Every 11 weeks, students take a new course. They can take courses part time. They can work quickly on courses to wrap up sooner. It offers an online B. S. in Cyber Security. This is done through the Info Tech program. This program is all online. Courses are updated often. This program takes 40 courses to complete.

Cyber Scholarships in AL

Paying for your education can seem hard to do. There are many solutions. You may use loans. Some schools offer grants. Federal student aid can help cover the costs. One route to consider is scholarships. They provide funds for a wide range of needs. Students do not pay them back. The funds can be used for most types of education. Financial aid may be available for those who qualify.

Most scholarships have requirements. This may be things like application requirements. There could also be rules about how you can use the money. Many have limits on who can apply. Meet these to secure substantial savings.

Scholarships are sometimes available from the school. Cyber security companies may offer them as well. It is also possible to find options through third party orgs. Any of them can be worth looking into to help save money. Here are a few to think about. These are cyber security scholarships for Alabama students.

Pixel Plex Bi Annual Scholarship

Students can earn up to $2,000 with the Pixel Plex Bi Annual Scholarship. It helps students in science, tech, engineering, and math. Cyber security fits this area. Students must meet many requirements. This includes writing an essay. A formal app is required. Info about past experience is important. This option is open to under grad students. High school seniors are encouraged to apply. It is a competitive scholarship. There are limited offers each year.

Alabama Student Grant Program

This scholarship program is provided to Alabama students with financial need. It is just for under grad study. Students must be a citizen or a resident to apply. They should be in a course related to tech. Students will need to complete a formal transcript. They also need to provide additional info. The Alabama Student Grant Program has financial requirements.

Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service

The Scholarship for Service program is from Cyber Corps. This is a division of the U. S. gov’t. Students can receive savings on their education by completing this program. Students can receive up to three years of support. They must study cyber security. They can be an under grad or a grad student. The funds come from the National Science Foundation. Students will need to complete a formal app. An essay is a must. Students also need to spend summers working as part of an internship. The program awards this service to a select number of people each year. It is very competitive but can be well worth it. It can also open the door for jobs later.

ESET Women in Cyber Security Scholarship

The ESET Women in Cyber Security Scholarship is another option. This program aims to encourage women to pursue a degree in tech. Specifically, this offer is for cyber security. It offers students up to $5,000 for educational costs. Three women can receive the award each year. They must be studying in the field of cyber security. They must be at under grad or grad programs. Students will need a GPA of 3.0. They must be a U. S. citizen or resident. Essays are a part of the app process. Transcripts are a must, too.

Purdue Global

  • Experience world class education online!
  • Purdue Global offers 180 programs at associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels
  • Competency-based ExcelTrack™ Programs may allow you to earn your degree faster and for less money
  • Cyber Security Programs Include:
    BS in Cyber Security
    MS in Cyber Security Management
    Graduate Certificate in Information Security

IAFIE Scholarship

The International Association for Intelligence Education Scholarship is an option. It aims at cyber security pros. It has an intelligence focus to it. Students need to write an essay. It needs to focus on intelligence in security. They need to provide a work history. This is highly competitive. Select options are available.

SWSIS Program

The SWSIS Scholarship is a choice for women in the field. It promises up to $10,000. It is available to bachelor and master degree fields. The focus is on info sec. Cyber security can qualify. Students need to be in an accredited program. It is only available to U. S. schools. Apply during junior or senior year. A full app is a must. Essays are a must as well.

Cyber Workshops and Conferences in Alabama

Cyber tech is always changing. It is hard to keep up. Even with an advanced degree, the industry is growing. Cyber workshops in AL could help. They are used by pros and students and may open the door for insight into what is going on in the field. They also create a chance for students to network.

Use cyber workshops and events wisely. They may be a good way to find internships and jobs. They also aim to provide knowledge that many employers appreciate. It is also a good way to stay up to date on the industry. These are some events in the state of Alabama. Consider those outside of the state, too.

National Cyber Summit

This is a yearly event. It is one of the largest in the field. It takes place in Huntsville. The most innovative cyber security tech pros come together during it. There are options for education. Guest speakers are available. There are also many vendors on hand. Students learn and network. This is also a research heavy event. It tends to offer the most innovative solutions.

Alabama Digital Government Summit

This event is all about best practices. It aims to encourage private sector innovation. There is an advisory board that leads it. The goal is to bring people together to talk about the industry. There are many tech discussions. Networking is a big focus here. Students and pros come together. There are many educational sessions. This is a very hands on experience. It is good for students to create new relationships. This is a yearly event.

Alabama Cyber Now

This event happens each year. It brings in top pros in the field. That includes experts from the FBI and cyber tech companies. There are workshops here. Students also will work in breakout sessions to open the dialogue.

Rocket Secure

This event happens each October. It is sponsored by Calhoun Community College and NAC – ISSA. It aims to be a high impact conference. There are chances to meet industry pros. Students and pros are welcome to sit in for guest speakers. The event style changes often. The goal is to bring interest. That may help draw in business leaders. That creates a chance to network for many people.

BSides Huntsville

This event takes place each year. It is one of many BSides events taking place in the country. It aims to get people talking about the industry and risks. The goal is to spur ideas. There are vendors. There are guest speakers. Many talks are held. The event is also very good for networking. Students will learn from each other and industry pros.

Cyber Hub Summit Birmingham

This org is led by women. It aims to bring C Level execs into the conversation. This is an education focused program. It happens each year. Students learn with hands on workshops. There are also guest speakers. It has a national flare to it. Yet, it also brings together local business owners.

We Rock IT

This is a two day event. It is a new conference. It brings together people in many fields. The focus is on cyber security in real life situations. Topics include big data and web dev as well. There are keynote speakers, panel discussions. There is also lots of networking.

Cyber Security Jobs in Alabama

Getting a job is key. Many options exist. The cyber security job options include private companies. It also includes the Armed Forces and gov’t agencies. Some students also can work in orgs. What a person earns depends on many things. That includes the company or type of org they work for. It also includes their experience. The type of degree matters, too.

The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the median wage in cyber security in Alabama was $89,410. This is for 2018. There are many companies to choose from for education. These are some of them in AL.


Dynetics is an info tech company. They focus in areas of cyber security. The company is based in Huntsville. It does defense work for the U. S. gov’t like the intelligence community. The company’s work includes providing consulting. It creates software solutions, too and also handles unmanned air systems. It uses cyber security pros for most needs. This is a federal contractor.


Humana is a federal contractor. They provide health insurance products for consumers and also provide these services for businesses. They focus on health insurance plans and also have a Medicare division. Humana uses cyber security pros to help with data protection. Also, they need to spot threats as soon as possible.

General Dynamics Information Tech

This company deals with U. S. aerospace. It is also a defense company. At one point it was the fifth largest defense company in the country and sixth in the world. They have a strong cyber defense division. It works in research and development. This is also a federal contractor.

Lockheed Martin

This company is a tech company. It has many divisions. That includes aerospace and defense. They also have a strong security division. They work to provide protections and minimize threats and are a federal contractor. Also, they use cyber security pros for many types of jobs.


Another info tech company is Leidos. They have offices in AL. They focus on info tech. This includes biomedical tech. They do a lot of research. This company also provides American defense services. They offer system integration. They also focus on engineering solutions. The company is a federal contractor.


A global company, Vectrus has a focus on IT. It also works to develop logistics solutions for companies. This is a tech company. It hires cyber tech pros to lessen risks. It also uses them to handle data protection and data mining. The company is a federal contractor. 

Cyber Security Degrees in Alabama by College

Earning a degree is a stepping stone to getting a job. Where you go to school matters. The quality of education is very important. There are many cyber security degrees in Alabama. Each school is a bit different in what it offers. Comparing them can help. It is key to look at many factors. This includes the degree options. It also includes available scholarships. Some schools have features that help them stand out.

These are the top cyber security degree schools in Alabama by graduating students. There were a total of 32 grads in 2018. They schools are ranked by the number of grads in that year. As the stats do change every year, be sure to check out all options before deciding.


University of Alabama in Huntsville

301 Sparkman Drive, Huntsville, AL 35899

M. S. in Cyber Security

The U of Alabama in Huntsville offers a few options. Many programs start with a comp sci degree. Students who earn it may go on. The M. S. in Cyber Security is a grad level program. It aims to let students learn cyber security at their own pace. Students without a comp sci degree may still qualify. To do so, they need to have data structures and operating system (OS) experience. This program requires 30 credit hours. Electives are available.

Students learn a variety of topics. That includes risk mitigation. It includes digital forensics. Students will complete info system courses in many areas. Courses may be:

  • Cyber security management
  • Business intelligence
  • Computer networks
  • Mobile networks
  • Database mgt system

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • CAE – CD 2014 – 2021
  • CAE – R 2014 – 2021
  • Online master’s degree program

Columbia Southern University

21982 University Lane, Orange Beach, AL 36561

B. S. in Information Systems and Cyber Security

Students may obtain a B. S. in Information Systems and Cyber Security from Columbia Southern U. This program is available online and in person. Students may learn prevention and response strategies. They may learn data recovery. Students may learn how to gather evidence. They may also learn how to use forensic tools. Some in person work may enhance education. The degree program does not require it. This degree had 17 grads in 2018.

This degree program requires 120 credits. Students can get started throughout the year. It works well for students with other degrees. Students will work as info sec analysts. They can work in data mining and other fields. There are some electives. This allows students to have a custom degree. Some of the classes may be:

  • IS Security
  • Cyber security law
  • IS disaster recovery
  • Cyber warfare
  • IT ethics
  • Risk management

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Online bachelor’s degree program
  • Certs. Available
  • Industry certifications

Auburn University at Montgomery

PO Box 244023, Montgomery, AL 36124

M. S. in Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security

Auburn U at Montgomery offers many comp sci programs. It had 11 grads in 2018. The M. S. in Computer Info and Cyber Security is one. This master’s degree is flexible to allow students who work to complete it. This program is available to those with a comp sci background. A bachelors degree is a must. This program, the CSIS aims to turn pros into leaders. Grads will gain access in managing secure systems. Students will also work in assessing risk. They can find jobs in info tech or gov’t agencies. They may also work in homeland security.

This program offers many course options. They are a part of the info sec program. Some are available online. A total of 33 credit hours is needed. Students will take classes such as:

  • Structured software systems
  • Network security
  • Computer system modeling
  • Secured software systems

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Online programs
  • CAE – CD 2014 – 2020
  • CAE – R 2019 -2024

University of Alabama at Birmingham

1720 2nd Ave S., Birmingham, AL 35294

B. S. in Information Systems

The U of Alabama at Birmingham offers a cyber focus option. This is through the B. S. in Information Systems program. Students will learn about computer security. This is a fully online program. Other options are available in person. Students can focus in data, security, networks, or management. The program includes advanced communications systems info. It also includes system analysis. Info sec and assurance is a part of it, too. This program takes four years to complete. Students can find classes such as: 

  • Systems analysis
  • Info systems
  • Data networks
  • Penetration testing
  • Info security

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • CAE – R 2019 -2024
  • Online bachelor’s degree program
  • Industry certs.

Strayer University – Alabama

3570 Grandview Parkway, Suite 200, Birmingham, AL 35005

B. S. in Information Technology – Cyber Security

Strayer U – Alabama offers a B. S. in Info Tech – Cyber Security. This is a four year program. It teaches students about digital threats. The program is fast paced. Courses take place every 11 weeks. This course is available online and on campus. It teaches advanced security and training. Data mining and analysis is a component of it. This defense focused program uses up to date info.

This program looks at the most modern threats. Students can expect to complete 1 course every 11 weeks. A total of 40 courses are available. They may be:

  • Computer forensics
  • Network Server Admin
  • Perimeter defense
  • Penetration testing
  • Data analysis

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Online degree program
  • Certifications
  • Advanced programs

Talladega College

627 W. Battle Street, Talladega, AL 35160

M. S. in Computer Information Systems

Talladega College offers a bit of a different program. For those who are working, it can be perfect. The M. S. in Computer Information Systems is available. It provides up to date education on the field. Cyber security is a part of this program. Most often, students will complete this while working. They can take it part time. The program focuses on the latest threats in the industry. It also incorporates other options for students. That includes a health informatics option. Numerous electives are available. This degree requires 30 credit hours. It can be completed in just 18 months. The courses studied include: 

  • Data communication
  • Network security
  • Ethics in cyber security
  • Data networking
  • Cyber security engineering

More Cyber Degree Programs:


School Features:

  • Some online courses
  • Certificate programs